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gq india

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Che Kurrien MANAGING EDITOR Maniza Bharucha ART DIRECTOR Mihir Shah PHOTO DIRECTOR Gizelle Cordo DEPUTY EDITOR Shikha Sethi DEPUTY ART DIRECTOR Vivek Surve CULTURE EDITOR Nidhi Gupta STYLE DIRECTOR Shivangi Lolayekar SENIOR COPY EDITOR Vritti Rashi Goel ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR Richa Khonde COPY EDITOR Jeena J Billimoria ASSISTANT COPY EDITOR Janice Fernandes FASHION STYLIST (LONDON) Ravneet Channa FASHION BOOKINGS EDITOR Megha Mehta FASHION ASSISTANTS Selman Fazil, Shaeroy Chinoy PHOTO ASSISTANT Nidhi Marwah SYNDICATIONS MANAGER Michelle Pereira SYNDICATIONS COORDINATOR Shobhana Parmar DIGITAL EDITOR Saurav Bhanot ASSISTANT DIGITAL EDITOR Shabdita Pareek SENIOR WRITER – DIGITAL Aarthi Baliga DIGITAL WRITERS Abhishek Nair, Radhika Agrawal, Shikha Talwar ASSISTANT SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR Vrutika Shah SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER – DIGITAL Anita Dake PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Amit Navarange ASSOCIATE PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Sunil Nayak COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION MANAGER Sudeep Pawar CONTRIBUTING EDITORS & PHOTOGRAPHERS Abhishek Bali, Abhishek Mande Bhot, Adil Hasan, Anish Trivedi, Anisha Rachel Oommen, Annie Zaidi, Arun Jaitapkar, Bikramjit Bose, Errikos Andreou, Jignesh Jhaveri, Karina…

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style statement

The influential Savile Row designer Hardy Amies wrote in 1964 that it’s “easy to think of fashion as frivolous. Clothes are, however, very much a part of our lives, and should be used to make our lives easier,” unpacking his thoughts in his wonderfully snobby, wickedly funny book, ABC Of Men’s Fashion. Ten years ago to the day, we debuted our list of the 50 Best-Dressed Men in India. This very unique story garnered a great deal of media attention, for a very simple reason: Indian men had a reputation for being decidedly sloppy, and there was a great deal of curiosity about just who these 50 dapper guys were. This was before India’s smartphone explosion (we were tapping away at our BlackBerries then), so there’s no trace of the original…

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who’s the best-dressed person on the planet?

RHYS FRAMPTON WHO: Fashion photographer who lives in London and is currently working on an exhibition called Compton Cowboys. Instagram @rhysframpton WHAT: “House of Lord’s”, page 168 WALKING THE SACRED GROUND: “It was amazing to be surrounded by such cricket history! I especially loved getting to see the Real Tennis Court favoured by Henry VIII, it’s a must-visit.” “Ryan Gosling always has great style, even on dress-down days!” ALEX PAPPADEMAS WHO: Writer and dog-walker based in Los Angeles. Twitter @pappademas WHAT: “The Legend of Keanu Reeves”, page 154 THE KEANU THEORY: “I really want to believe that he’s immortal, and that he once ruled the Carolingian Empire as Charlemagne, king of the Franks.” “Donald Glover. He’s always doing some wild open-necked shirt, velvet jacket Teddy Pendergrass thing that shouldn’t work but always does.” MANASI SAWANT WHO: Mumbai-based photographer obsessed with documenting…

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day tripper

“Icannot imagine a world without Radiohead,” Himesh Patel says. “They’ve been through a very interesting musical journey. The world would be a lesser place without their music. “And AR Rahman,” adds the British actor. “I grew up listening to him. It was so amazing to witness his crossover moment with – in fact, hey – Danny Boyle.” He sounds mildly elated, as if the coincidence had just then dawned on him. This coincidence is also why we’re having this conversation about the musicians we can’t live without, over a phone call from London this summer morning. In Oscar-winning film-maker Danny Boyle’s next, Yesterday, Patel plays a struggling musician “who gives up after playing empty rooms for too long, gets hit by a bus and wakes up in a world that has never…

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floating by

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Peter Cat Recording Co. first shuffled its way into the indie rock spotlight, a scruffy group of 20-somethings in kurtas and jeans playing music I once described as the sounds of a “terminally depressed circus troupe” (in a good way). The Delhi-based band’s 2011 debut album, Sinema, marked it as an act to keep your eye on, with its unique amalgamation of gypsy jazz, soul, swing, post-punk and 1970s Bollywood into a sound that evoked a melancholic nostalgia for a time that never was. Frontman Suryakant Sawhney cut a particularly enigmatic figure – a tall, gangly young man with a sardonic wit and a penchant for surreal lyrical imagery. Ever since, it’s been a band perpetually in motion, experimenting with noisy lo-fi jazz punk on…

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venice calling

Should you feel up to braving the summer crowds in Venice, pencil in a visit to the 58th Biennale Arte 2019, whose theme this year is “May You Live In Interesting Times”. While the multimillion-dollar yachts lined up along the Viale Giardini Pubblici might bring you Insta numbers, do check out the Central Exhibition and stop by the Indian Pavilion: The first in eight years, it will celebrate 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi through the works of Atul Dodiya and Jitish Kallat, among others. Also visit the Italian Pavilion, where curator Milovan Farronato takes inspiration from the influential thinker Italo Calvino for his show Neither Nor: The Challenge To The Labyrinth. On site will be works by three of Italy’s greatest artists: Enrico David, the late Chiara Fumai and Liliana…