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GQ Style Holiday 2017

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1. When we launched GQ Style, there were only two things on the bucket list. One was a shoot with André 3000. I can’t tell you what the other one is ’cause we’re trying to make it happen next issue. (PHOTOGRAPHS JASON NOCITO)2. A$AP Rocky in London. (ANDREW DOSUNMU; LOAFERS: GUCCI.)3. Artist Friedrich Kunath lives in a world he created with his own imagination. To me, that’s the ultimate luxury. (COURTESY OF WILL WELCH)4. His paintings make me feel the best kind of feelings: ones you can’t quite put into words. (MICHAEL SCHMELLING)It’s a joyous day. I just got word from senior editor Noah Johnson that the GQ Style family has expanded: Noah’s wife, Jayne, gave birth to baby Bea Drost Johnson. I met her a minute ago via video:…

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what to wear now

1. Ties for the Tieless EraWe’ll be honest: The reason we’re feeling ties right now is because no one else is wearing them. In keeping with that spirit, we found nine unlike any we’ve ever seen before. Keeping your style interesting isn’t rocket science— when everyone zigs, zag. - tie Etro $225 + shirt BurberryDrake’s $175Richard James $135Ermenegildo Zegna $195Caruso $320Tom Ford $260Brioni $230Isaia $225Ralph Lauren $235 (SEE ADDITIONAL CREDITS)Believe it or not this coat is vegan, just like all the leather Stella McCartney uses. It’s also extra-fly, just like everything Stella McCartney makes. (ERIK MADIGAN HECK)2. Shearling Car CoatsThe hierarchy of jackets starts at the bottom with the windbreaker, then rises steadily through truckers and M65s until it reaches the pinnacle: the shearling, woolly as a lamb and…

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3 labels on fire

When it comes to luxury shopping, there’s what you see on the runways and in the stores. Then there’s what you don’t see—the ultra-premium, no-limits bespoke programs designed to satisfy the insatiable. From custom couture suits and embroidered denim jackets to bridle leather interiors for exotic cars and yachts, gucci, hermès, and dolce & gabbana are taking exclusive, one-of-one shopping to decadent new heights. ■…

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gucci diy

With Gucci DIY footwear, tennis sneakers and horsebit loafers are available with embroideries and dress shoes come in an array of exotic leathers and a rainbow of hues.Alessandro Michele hasn’t completely relinquished creative control for the DIY program: Every customizable option on offer has been approved by the designer.DIY usually means offthe- clock dads building backyard decks and grandmas decoupaging picture frames. At Gucci, it means a shearling-lined embroidered stonewashed denim jacket handmade for you. The white-hot Italian brand calls its expansive offering of customizable goods—from tiger jacquard silk bomber jackets to hibiscus red crocodile double monkstraps—Do It Yourself, and it’s the kind of subversive twist on luxury we’ve come to expect from Alessandro Michele, the mastermind behind Gucci.“This collection is dedicated to those women and men who are in…

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hermès sur-mesure

A man walks into an Hermès store. Let’s say it’s in Monte Carlo, but he could be anywhere in the world. He looks around but can’t find exactly what he needs: a bag to hold his daily apple. So he sits down with one of the store’s sales staff and drafts up a proposal. That proposal is sent along to the Hermès Sur- Mesure team, and so begins one of the most innovative and sophisticated made-to-order processes in the world. The proposal will be reviewed by a design team, sketches drawn up, prototypes developed, and finally, with the client’s approval, in the careful hands of Hermès’s highly skilled craftsmen, the apple bag will become a reality“I like to give an artistic and sometimes twisted answer to an object’s functionality,” says…

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dolce & gabbana alta sartoria

Alta Sartoria clients get fit for their custom wares in a studio at the ornate Palazzo Labus in Milan, which Dolce & Gabbana restored to its 16th-century grandeur. (SEE ADDITIONAL CREDITS.)When most guys need to visit their tailor, they hop in the car or on the subway. But every July a couple of hundred savvy dressers in need of new threads instead hop on their jets and yachts to visit the men who make their clothes. Because their tailors are Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, and they are Alta Sartoria clients.Alta Sartoria is Dolce & Gabbana’s hyper-exclusive, überopulent line. Since 2015, the designers have invited their most committed clients to an exotic Italian location for a weekend of shows and parties— palazzi in Portofino, Naples, and Palermo have played host—and…