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tumbling across america’s sublime backyard

At GQ Style, we see ourselves as an American magazine that’s international in scope. Since we launched in May 2016, we’ve shot features in Jamaica, Zermatt, Tokyo, Paris, and Milan, with more far-flung adventures in the works.But this summer, we felt called to shift gears and explore the exotic wonders of our own backyard. At a moment when the country’s psyche is stratified and stressed-out, it felt like the right time to find some common ground. Common ground like the gypsum dunes at White Sands, for instance.So we decided to do a summer cover story shot in three of America’s great national parks. And our first call was to the great photographer Ryan McGinley.I first encountered Ryan when I started hanging around downtown N.Y.C., in 2003. He was making a…

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what to wear now

1. Turquoisebird necklace $225 Lawrence Juniper wide cuff $595 bolo tie $175 belt buckle $350 Turquoise Kingdom cuff (center) $1,900 David Yurman cuff (top right) $349 Indian Summer by Cartography link bracelet $1,795 ring $595 John HardyWhen in Vancouver, hit up the aptly named Turquoise Kingdom—which in just three years has become one of North America’s premier dealers. (They have sick Navajo rugs, too.) When anywhere else, you can always find stones on Etsy.suit $4,025 Hermèsshirt Hermès ring David Yurman2. Tonal SeersuckerOUR GUY JESSEThroughout this section you’ll see roguishly handsome and thoroughly woke actor Jesse Williams, who’s eight seasons deep on Grey’s Anatomy and headed to the silver screen this summer in the rom-com Band Aid. For more on him, see page 50.overcoat $2,300 Thom Browneshirt BossThe most summery suiting…

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» the japanese brand that’s shaking up american streetwear

The spring-summer ’17 collection combines American and Japanese influences with Shimizu’s own eclectic, vintage-inspired taste. (THESE PAGES: SEE ADDITIONAL CREDITS.)Even for those keeping close tabs on what the young and influential stars of after-hours parties and fashion Instagrams are wearing, Needles seems to have come out of nowhere. The Japanese label has been around since 1997, but until recently it’s not something you’d have spotted in the DJ booth at a Parisian nightclub or worn by A$AP Rocky in paparazzi photos.Founder and designer Keizo Shimizu launched the line 20 years ago with one piece: a simple loose-fitting suit jacket inspired by one a young Miles Davis wore in the 1960s. “That intrigued me tremendously,” he tells GQ Style, “so I tried making one like that myself. Hence the birth of…

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» evolved gear for the enlightened adventurer

Patagonia began as a backyard blacksmithing business—hence the O.G. tag.Now Patagonia’s swim line is the first ever to be 100 percent Fair Trade Certified.Patagonia’s Worn Wear tour brings the “radical” act of repair (rather than replace) straight to customers, like here in Smith Rock State Park, Oregon. (SEE ADDITIONAL CREDITS.)The folks at Patagonia don’t spend much time thinking about what’s cool. Instead, for over 40 years they’ve focused on making easygoing highperformance gear that leaves the tiniest footprint possible. Authenticity, thoughtful design, strong ethos—wait, isn’t that everything a brand needs to be cool in 2017? That’s why these days, you’re just as likely to see the iconic Monte Fitz Roy logo in downtown N.Y.C. as you are on West Coast beaches.Founded in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard as a rock-climbing outfitter…

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» the pinnacle of low-key french luxury

Looks from Lemaire’s spring-summer ’17 runway show, which was held at the Palais de la Femme in Paris.Lemaire designers Sarah-Linh Tran and Christophe Lemaire are partners in business and in life. (SEE ADDITIONAL CREDITS.)Lemaire makes fashion that is suspiciously quiet. Each collection is a rigorous exercise in restraint, precision, and ease. Not that the clothes aren’t interesting—they are. But they lack the spectacle that most designers stir up for attention. There’s rarely a concept, an identifiable impetus, or any scandal. These are not clothes for red carpets or for flaunting in front of street photographers. “We are not thinking about fashion from a spectacular point of view,” designer Christophe Lemaire has said. “It is more about proposing good clothes.”Together with his partner (in both life and work), Sarah- Linh Tran,…

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the tasteful man’s guide to low-key summer status symbols

It looks unwieldy, but the ceramic BGE is so precise you can use it to cold-smoke an egg. (SEE ADDITIONAL CREDITS.)Last fall I was with a few friends on a golf trip and I noticed something interesting happening with my buddy Aaron. Each day, when we got to a new course, the caddies would crowd around him, asking him questions about his new clubs. They were excited and engaged in a way I had never seen before. It got me thinking about the value proposition behind the things we buy and how they represent us. This is apparent when you purchase a new car or build out your wardrobe, but aren’t there some less obvious corners of your life that can be dialed way up? It became obvious on that…