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Guns of the Old West

Guns of the Old West Fall 2019

Guns of the Old West is for the tens of thousands of Americans involved in our fastest growing shooting sport, Cowboy Action Shooting, the Old West is as alive today as it ever was, and especially so in any number of competition shooting matches East and West,

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living legends

I have always thought that Deadwood ended too abruptly, even though series creator and executive producer David Milch and his writing team crafted an emotionally draining third season finale, being almost certain there would be no fourth season of the HBO series to continue the story. But the series was recently revived as a feature-length film, and in this special issue of Guns of the Old West, author Peter Suciu takes us behind the scenes for a closer look. Deadwood: The Movie debuted this past May 31 (and should be out on DVD soon), and takes place a decade later, bringing answers to questions about what happened to the town and the people who made Deadwood one of the best Western sagas in recent years. Truly classic Westerns, like John Wayne’s…

6 min.
a bird’s head in the hand

Redemption at one’s own hand was often the last thing a cowboy or lawman did in the American West. Law by the barrel of a gun often ended badly for all concerned, but having a prisoner taken, either by an angry lynch mob or an outlaw gang hell bent on getting their man back, well, that was a different story. In the 1870s, it was hard enough for lawmen to track an outlaw across great distances, let alone bring one back alive. Worse still, depending upon the offense, it could be just as daunting to keep a man locked up awaiting the circuit judge. The tougher the town, the harder the job, especially in cattle towns when the offense was cattle or horse rustling. If a lawman was prepared for the…

5 min.
single-action salute

I recently found a pair of Colt Model 1860 Army “Sam Colt” Signature Series cap-and-ball revolvers at a Missouri Arms Collectors Association gun show. They were inexpensive because someone had modified them. The loading lever and rammer assemblies had been removed and the barrels shortened to approximately 5 inches. Dovetail-mounted blade front sights had been installed, and the two exposed frame screws for mounting a removable buttstock were missing. I felt these two percussion sixguns were perfect candidates for a “belly gun” conversion. After a bit of haggling, I was able to purchase one of the guns at what I felt was a great price. The previous owner had removed one of the nipples from the cylinder so that only five chambers could be loaded safely with the hammer resting on…

2 min.
the jess hazzard chronicles

Looking back over the years, it’s clear to me now that I was a voracious reader as a teen. The Western novelists I chased down were inspirations provided by libraries and occasional hints from grownups. Names like Zane Grey, Luke Short and Max Brand were common fare. Eventually, that list included Ernest Haycox. Then came a game-changer. The world tumbled beneath my feet when I read Hondo by Louis L’Amour. I read it because I had just seen the movie. And when great talents like John Wayne and Louis L’Amour have you in their clutches, you never really escape. Nor do you wish to. L’Amour’s 89 novels and countless short stories have millions of readers today. And John Wayne’s Western movies have millions of viewers. Their equals in fiction and film do…

6 min.
deadwood returns

While the fictional world of Game of Thrones hogged the TV spotlight this past spring, another HBO series made a return with a bit less fanfare, yet it fulfilled the hopes of its fans. Deadwood: The Movie debuted on May 31, offering a short but sweet return to the mining camp that was populated by rogues, bandits, prospectors, prostitutes, opportunists, immigrants and even the occasional good spirit simply looking for a better life. For the show’s faithful fans, it was so much more than just a reunion special. Thirteen years have passed since the show ended abruptly after its third season, with more of a whimper than a bang, which in some ways exemplified how this wasn’t the archetypal show about life on the frontier. The good guys—if you can…

2 min.
the guns of deadwood

The movie takes place 10 years after the show ended. Did the firepower change? That was considered, but while it was a decade later, we didn’t think things would have changed too much. One example is that we didn’t include any cartridge conversion firearms and felt there was no need to include those. How important are specific guns to the characters? The first thing to remember is that Deadwood wasn’t really a gunslinger show. So there wasn’t a lot of emphasis on changing things up or presenting anything flashy. We wanted to stay pretty traditional with most of the guns. There were mostly the same type of firearms that we had in the series, but we changed the belts and holsters to show some of the characters’ progress. For example, Bullock used the same…