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Happy Paws

Spring/Summer 2020
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This high-quality issue of Happy Paws magazine provides the tools you need to help your dog or cat live a happy, healthy life. Enjoy inspirational articles—written by the pet industry’s leading experts—that help you shop for dog food, gain insights into how a cat thinks, survive the first 30 days with a new puppy, enrich your senior dog’s life, realize how a dog’s senses differ from your own, and train your dog how to walk better on leash. Plus, check out “The Pet-Lover’s Howliday Gift Guide”; it’s packed with spot-on presents for your favorite four-legged friend.

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8,47 €(TVA Incluse)
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welcome to happy paws

Ever notice how many pet adoption posts on social media use the language of dating and romantic love? You see it all the time: perfect match, soul mate, true love. And why not? Whether we’re drawn to a potential human partner or a sweet kitten at a shelter, many of the feelings and questions are the same. Are we compatible? Will this bond stand the test of time? When it comes to human romance, the answer to that last question is far from a definite yes. But when it comes to our pets, a lifetime of loyalty is pretty much guaranteed. We’re in forever relationships with our pets, and it’s the best deal humanity has ever made. To paraphrase the late Roger Caras, who served as president of the ASPCA: We give our…

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JOE BARTGES DVM, PH.D., DACVIM, DACVN Dr. Bartges, a professor at the University of Georgia, is interested in internal medicine with an emphasis on nutrition, urinary tract diseases, and minimally invasive procedures. MARTY BECKER DVM, FEAR FREE FOUNDER A companion animal vet for 30+ years, Dr. Becker lives on an Idaho ranch with his wife, Teresa; two dogs; two cats; two horses; and a tank filled with fish. He co-wrote the book From Fearful to Fear Free. MIKKEL BECKER CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, CDBC Certified trainer Mikkel Becker lives with Indiana Bones and Otis, pug mixes who help her champion reward-based training. She co-authored From Fearful to Fear Free. HAYLEE BERGELAND CPDT-KA, RBT Haylee Bergeland, a certified trainer and behavior consultant, is the founder and executive director of the Iowa Human-Animal Bond Society (IHABS). She also consults with Happy Paws magazine. STEVE DALE CABC Steve Dale,…

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meet ferdinand and haylee

Ferdinand, an Australian shepherd, volunteers as a therapy dog with his owner and handler, Haylee Bergeland, the founder and executive director of the Iowa Human-Animal Bond Society (IHABS). Ferdie is also training to become a certified crisis intervention and response canine with IHABS, where his duties will include providing comfort, support, and assistance to individuals impacted by crisis, trauma, and critical incidents. Ferdie is proud to have earned the Canine Good Citizen award from the American Kennel Club. Cover photo: JASON DONNELLY THANK YOU TO ALL THE AMAZING PETS WHO WERE PHOTOGRAPHED FOR THIS ISSUE (AND THEIR OWNERS TOO)!…

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get the scoop

Q I WANT MY DOG TO BE A VEGAN, JUST LIKE ME. IS THAT OK? A Dogs are carnivorous omnivores, but it is possible to provide a complete and balanced vegan food to a dog (although nearly impossible to make such a diet for a cat). There are commercial dog foods that are vegetarian/vegan; those would be good to start with, as any food sold must be complete and balanced according to nutrient profiles from AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). Homemade vegan diets are harder to balance but not impossible; however, the diet should be formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist. —JOE BARTGES, DVM, PH.D., DACVIM, DACVN Q WHY DOES MY CAT PEE ON MY LIVE-IN BOYFRIEND’S/GIRLFRIEND’S DIRTY LAUNDRY BUT NOT ON MINE? A Your cat may be overmarking the odor of…

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best pet care hacks from a vet

HYDRATION STATION Keep your cat hydrated with a cat fountain. The splashing water will attract his attention and encourage him to drink. LET YOUR CAT TRY DIFFERENT TYPES OF LITTER TO FIND OUT WHICH ONE SHE LIKES BEST. EVEN IF SHE CHOOSES A PRICIER BRAND, IT WILL PAY OFF IN THE END, BECAUSE IF SHE LIKES IT, SHE’LL USE IT. CALENDAR CAT Schedule your kitty’s veterinary visits at a time of day when she hasn’t just eaten. That way she’ll be more interested in getting treats from the clinic staff. FRESH & ODOR-FREE ➜ Clean your dog’s fur with a dog wipe between routine baths to help keep pet odors from building up. Your home will thank you! WASH AND WEAR ➜ To calm your allergies, put a clean pet T-shirt on your clean dog or cat. The…

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trauma-free nail trims

Want to keep your dog’s feet in good running order? Keep the nails trimmed. Long nails can snag on carpet or affect the joints in a dog’s paws. They can make it more likely that a dog will slip and hurt himself. You’ll know it’s time to trim those nails when you hear them tapping on the floor. You can do it yourself with the right tools and a little patience. Dogs don’t love having their paws touched; they like having their nails trimmed even less. At first, your dog may jerk his paw away or start to cry when he sees the clippers. But don’t worry; you can condition him to accept a proper pedicure every two weeks without stress (for him or you). MAKE IT A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE Whether it’s introducing…