Horoscope Guide December 2020

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★ ARIES: Seeking knowledge… lifestyle change…turning point…virtual celebration. ★ TAURUS: Downtime break… perfect solutions…changing priorities…a unique celebration. ★ GEMINI: Quality time…the extra mile…joy of learning… breathe deeply. ★ CANCER: Teamwork.. extra planning…express your feelings…enjoy yourself. ★ LEO: Creative planning…on the town…change of direction… balancing act. ★ VIRGO: Family tree…share memories…staying healthy… holiday giving. ★ LIBRA: Financially strong…house proud…creative arrangements…recognition. ★ SCORPIO: Fun and romance…pace yourself…virtual connection…donating time. ★ SAGITTARIUS: Practice multitasking…high energy… money rules…innovative and original. ★ CAPRICORN: Make a difference…generosity…party time…enter laughing. ★ AQUARIUS: Express your–self…giving back…don’t look back…celebrate together. ★ PISCES: Communication skills…networking events…safe mingling…simple pleasures.…

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editor’s note

If there is a key mood that promises to unite the various celebrations that will mark this holiday season, it comes from the fact that two quite different planets, Jupiter and Saturn, leave Capricorn and move into Aquarius. In doing so they mark a new path, a turn away from the sometimes tumultuous events we’ve all experienced over the last 12 months. A new day has its promises, but also has its challenges. How we can meet them is explained in the lead article on page 32. Many people are familiar with the story of two talented actors, Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner, from their lives together to its tragic finale, told in a recent HBO documentary and a book by Natasha Gregson Wagner. The astrological side of it (page 38)…

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ACROSS 1. Tide type 4. SAGITTARIUS comedian Conway 7. Song for SAGITTARIUS Jimi Hendrix: “The Wind Cries __” 11. Region 12. “If I __ a Hammer” 13. Garfield’s pal 14. No. 1 song for SAGITTARIUS Jay-Z: “Empire State of __” 15. Medical pros 16. Actress Talbot 17. Writers of SAGITTARIUS Dionne Warwick’s hit song “Heartbreaker” (2 wds.) 19. “Horrible” cartoon Viking 20. Abu Dhabi loc. 21. SAGITTARIUS Tina Turner, born Anna __ Bullock 22. Works by SAGITTARIUS Noel Coward 25. Unhappy 26. Oscar-winning title role for SAGITTARIUS Jamie Foxx 29. “Dead to Me” role for SAGITTARIUS Christina Applegate 30. SAGITTARIUS Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the __ Kind” 32. “Avengers: __ of Ultron” stars SAGITTARIUS Samuel L. Jackson 33. TV movie starring SAGITTARIUS Lucy Liu: “__ It Up” 34. Time 35. “__ This Much Is True”, Mark Ruffalo is a SAGITTARIUS (2 wds.) 37. Genetic material 38. Cinder 39. SAGITTARIUS Taylor Swift sings of “Bad…

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book reviews

The Draconic Bowl, by Alan Annand. Sextile.com, 368 pages, paper. $21.95. Kala Sarpa, by Alan Annand. Sextile.com, 369 pages, paper. $21.95. If you are familiar with the name Alan Annand, a prolific author who has written numerous astrology books and mystery novels in which the detective uses astrology to solve the crime, it is because several of his texts have been favorably reviewed in this magazine. For that reason, I am pleased to review The Draconic Bowl and Kala Sarpa both of which focus on the North and South Lunar Nodes, but from the different standpoints of Western and Indian astrology. The Draconic Bowl takes its name from the bowl shape, which is one of seven chart patterns popularized by the late astrologer Marc Edmund Jones. It is formed when all the…

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by the numbers

According to the principles of numerology, the year 2020 reduces to 4 (2+0+2+0=4), a number that is associated with concentration, hard work, and applying your best efforts to getting the job done. This is a year to be introspective and reflect on how you can become a better person and live up to your goals. You can use your talents and skills to pay it forward and give back to the community in the form of mentoring, volunteering, and generally doing good deeds. We add the number for the current year to the month number (January is 1, December is 1+2=3) to your own birthday number (1st=1, 31st=3+1=4) to calculate your vibration for the month. FOR THOSE BORN ON THE 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of any month Mars-8 vibrations will get you…

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your december birthday horoscope

1 Daring, ambitious, productive. Your finances, pleasures, and personal life are in the spotlight, so work on improving your income and relationships, whether emotional or professional. Ruling planet: Sun. Gem: Diamond. (Richard Pryor, comedian) 2 Creative, dynamic, passionate. Your charm, talents, and good looks can bring you enormous success. Stay aware of the people around you. Make sure your loved ones know you care about them. Ruling planet: Moon. Gem: Pearl. (Gianni Versace, designer) 3 Expansive, ambitious, dedicated. You are learning the value of self-discipline and an orderly life style, and can find fulfillment through doing your best work. Ruling planet: Jupiter. Gem: Amethyst. (Katarina Witt, ice skating champion) 4 Friendly, optimistic, independent. You are capable of great achievements if you can refine your originality. An activity you enjoy could become a source…