Horoscope Guide July 2021

Horoscope Guide offers day-by-day forecasts for every sign as well as timely feature articles by top astrologers about different aspects of astrology and how they apply to the world around us. Each issue also includes regular features such as Lucky Numbers, Action Guide, Lunar Forecast, and much more.

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A week-by-week overview for your sign ★ ARIES: Family reunion…comfy and cozy…physical fun…lifestyle changes. ★ TAURUS: Mending fences…time management…off the beaten track…balancing act. ★ GEMINI: High priority…money fixes…unexpected contact…up–grading skills. ★ CANCER: From the heart…cultural exchange…financial health…loving reminder. ★ LEO: Passionate presentation…confidence…creative collaboration…relationship alert. ★ VIRGO: Cultural activities…express yourself…artistic beginning…step up your workout. ★ LIBRA: Sharing your skills…strengthening talents…group exercise…after-hours social. ★ SCORPIO: Coming up for air…team synergy…something for everyone…appreciation. ★ SAGITTARIUS: New purpose…brainstorming session…exciting gatherings…strong viewpoint. ★ CAPRICORN: Quality time…intense living…money management…enjoying life. ★ AQUARIUS: Healthful choices…best shape possible…love and appreciation…negotiation. ★ PISCES: Journey to the past…techno help…love and romance…ups and downs.…

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editor’s note

Though astrologers all seem to have different opinions about the exact timing for the birth chart that marks this country’s birth, almost all of them agree that the day of America’s birth is July 4, 1776, the day when the final wording of the Declaration of Independence and was issued officially by the Second Continental Congress. Our lead article, on page 32, celebrates that birthday this year with an astrological look that includes a summary of last year and a look at the astrological indicators for a year ahead. Our second feature article takes at look at the Pluto-Scorpio connection in both fiction and fact, first with a look at a TV episode entirely centered on Scorpio, and next with a tragic event that provides a lesson on how not to…

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For more puzzles see page 44 ACROSS 1. TV series for CANCER Valerie Cruz: “__/Tuck” 4. Monogram of the 29th US President 7. Signal 10. Wide-width shoe 11. Character from “The Walking Dead” 13. “Name That __” with CANCER Randy Jackson 14. Tolstoy’s “__ and Peace” 15. CANCER director Vittorio De Sica’s “__ di Napoli” (2 wds.) 16. October birthstone 17. CANCER Ariana Grande’s duet with Justin Bieber (3 wds.) 20. CANCER Oliver Starks’ “9-1-1” coworker 21. CANCER Forbes who wrote “Johnny Tremain” 25. CANCER Epps 27. Song by CANCER Solange: “Stay __” 28. Poet’s “before” 29. CANCER fashion designer Jean 30. Monogram of sci-fi author Lafferty 31. Former talk show for CANCER Tamera Mowry: “The __” 32. Knee ligament 33. __ Lingus 34. Belonging to CANCER actress Harris 35. CANCER actress Priyanka 37. CANCER actor Bannen 38. CANCER Tom Cruise’s “Mission” 43. CANCER singer Malone 46. CANCER Harrison Ford’s co-star in “Return of the Jedi” 47. “(__)…

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book reviews

Tecumseh’s Curse: Indigenous Wisdom, Astrology and the Deaths of U.S. Presidents, by Karen Christino, karenchristino.com, 204 pages, paper, $12.99. Kindle edition, $5.99. There are few people in astrology who are not aware of the legend (and to some extent the reality) that is the subject of this book. If we look back over the history of American presidents who have died in office, there at first seems to be a pattern marking those deaths as favoring (or perhaps I should say disfavoring) those who were first elected in a year ending with a zero. “First elected” is important here, as otherwise some deaths (notably Franklin D. Roosevelt) would break the pattern. Based on astrology alone, we could mark this pattern as having something to do with Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions, as their well-known…

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by the numbers

According to the principles of numerology, the year 2021 reduces to 5 (2+0+2+1=5), a number that is associated with socializing, group activities, and interacting with people who are from different backgrounds, make different lifestyle choices, and have varying viewpoints. This is a year to broaden your outlook, create lasting relationships, and fix the ones that may have been broken. You will want to make a difference in the world, so giving back to the community completes this year’s goals. We add the number for the current year to the month number (January is 1, December is 1+2=3) to your own birthday number (1st=1, 31st=3+1=4) to calculate your vibration for the month. FOR THOSE BORN ON THE 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of any month Saturn-4 vibrations remind you to set a schedule you…

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your july birthday horoscope

1 Altruistic, ambitious, daring. Your ambitions and position in life are in the spotlight. Be willing to make positive changes. Try to resolve problems with your peers, parents, and superiors. Ruling planet: Sun. Gem: Diamond. (Dan Aykroyd, actor) 2 Bright, capable, responsible. You will acquire new skills that make your personal life more rewarding. Don’t let lazy people take advantage of your kindness. Bring more stability into your finances. Ruling planet: Moon. Gem: Pearl. (Lindsay Lohan, actress) 3 Insightful, revealing, penetrating. You are intelligent and enjoy learning new things. You can succeed if you do your work to the best of your ability. Choose companions who enhance your self-esteem. Ruling planet: Jupiter. Gem: Amethyst. (Tom Cruise, actor) 4 Influential, intelligent, reliable. Many people admire your attitude and personality. You are good at doing…