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finally, it’s ice season

Another winter is upon us. No matter how much we try to hold on to summer and warm weather, the seasons keep changing year after year. Some folks in Northern climates lament this annual occurrence it seems as soon as Labor Day has passed by on the calendar and the leaves begin to change. To some, it’s all doom and gloom until March and April save them from winter’s horrid grip. Well, let them whine and gripe, because they’re the ones missing out on some great outdoor adventures and a prime chance to soak up the sunlight and breathe in the cool, crisp air of winter. Wintertime is the primetime to get out on your favorite and new lakes to see what can be reeled in from the frigid depths. Most…

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mad flash walleyes

SO OFTEN WITH FISHING, WHAT IS OLD BECOMES NEW. Presentations that have been around for an awful long time run the course and get forgotten. Something new always comes along. What is new works great… until everybody starts using what that may be. So often, the best fishing, and I dare argue, the best anglers are zigging when most are zagging. The reason is simple, you catch more fish and encounter more aggressive fish when you are fishing for fish that aren’t getting as much pressure, with a presentation that the fish haven’t seen as much of. A hot presentational trend that just keeps reappearing in our travels is the emergence of flutter spoons to catch walleyes. Looking back, some of the first spoons I ever used to catch walleyes were…

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jigging minnow resurgence

MINNOW-SHAPED JIGGING BAITS, ALSO CALLED JIGGING MINNOWS OR SWIMMERS, ARE SOME OF THE MOST CONSISTENT LURES FOR PUTTING FISH ON ICE. Rapala and Nils Master have long produced baits, while Northland Fishing Tackle entered the game more than a decade ago. Lately, there has been a surge of newcomers featuring next-generation innovations from ACME, Custom Jigs & Spins, Freedom Tackle and Lunkerhunt, to name a few. Here is a snapshot of some noteworthy baits, along with tips from pros on fishing these deadly lures. Bye-Bye Line Twist One trend witnessed in a couple new baits is a feature designed to reduce line twist, which is warranted given jigging minnows are notorious for twisting line with their trademark darting and gliding action. One example is the Freedom Tackle all-metal Turn Back Shad that…

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for great ice adventures, look close!

WHILE INTRIGUING, ICE ADVENTURES NEED NOT CONSIST OF FAR-REACHING, EXOTIC DOGSLEDDING EXPEDITIONS INTO ISOLATED REGIONS OF SIBERIA IN SEARCH OF FIRE-BREATHING DRAGON FISH. For those willing to look close, adventures are much closer than you might first think. Be it a little-known, back-40 farm pond, river backwater, gravel pit dug in the ‘60s, stocked in the ‘70s and nearly untouched since, a small, back-country walk-in lake locked deeply within state or national forest property, or simply isolated waters requiring lengthy hikes to access — overlooked opportunities await adventurous anglers. I learned this as an adventurous youth. There was a mysterious, isolated knoll located well past the end of a seldom-traveled, dead-end country road, across two expansive farm fields followed by a mile of rugged, overgrown gravel road blazed through an otherwise soggy,…

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ice fishing “the walleye capital of the world”

When it comes to ice fishing adventure, Lake of the Woods in Minnesota is hard to beat. As one of the top ice fishing destinations in North America, LOW offers anglers world-class walleye and pike ice fishing action. Full-service resorts offer heated transport to heated fish houses on the big schools of walleyes. Some choose to do overnights on the ice by renting a sleeper fish house. Others prefer a cushy resort with all the conveniences. Whatever way you prefer, the ice fishing is great, the season long and the adventure unforgettable! For more information contact: Lake of the Woods Tourism P.O. Box 518 Baudette, MN 56623 1-800-382-FISH (3474) — Joe Henry…

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western gold rush

FISHING FOR BIG YELLOW PERCH WAS SOMETHING THAT WAS INGRAINED EARLY IN RAPALA ICE FORCE MEMBER ANDY FIOLKA. HE GREW UP ON THE PRAIRIES OF SOUTH DAKOTA DURING THE WET CYCLE THAT FLOODED THE STATE’S NORTHEASTERN GLACIAL LAKES. Taken fishing by his father as a child, Fiolka fished big perch in a state known for them through his teenage years and through college, staying in-state and fishing during his post-secondary education. By 2012, Fiolka was married and presented with a big promotional opportunity in Idaho. He left South Dakota for Idaho, and found a perch fishery like no other. “I left everything I knew behind, fishingwise. I didn’t know what the heck was in Idaho. Through message boards, Facebook and other places online, I tried to network and learn the area…