Illustrate with Photoshop Genius Guide

6th Edition

Providing the most inspirational and challenging tutorials, the new Illustrate with Photoshop Genius Guide is the best way for illustrators and designers to test their skills. Suitable for professionals and advanced Photoshop enthusiasts, this book provides helpful advice and step-by-step tutorials that are sure to fill in that gap in your skill set, or polish up your weaknesses. The guide caters to a range of specialties and interests, from graphics to typography, teaching you to adapt and apply your skills to push yourself even further. Featuring: Illustration - Illustration reaches a new dimension with these amazing Photoshop techniques. Graphics - Graphics are amongst the most versatile of skills in Photoshop. Typography - Get your message across in new and exciting ways with these typography tips. Mixed Media - Combine styles, concepts and skills in this mixed media section.

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welcome to illustrate with photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly the most popular image-editing software around. The appeal of Photoshop lies in the fact that it is simple enough for a beginner to use to re-touch images as well as for a professional who wants to manipulate and add advanced finishing touches to their work. With its plethora of tools and capabilities, it’s a software that gives the user an infinite level of autonomy and control. Illustrate with Photoshop Genius Guide is written for advanced users who are looking to take their Photoshop skills to the next level. This second volume is jam-packed with new content to feed your creative curiosities, opening with top tips for illustrators from experts in the field, followed by our diverse illustration section. Photoshop also lets you experiment with typography and…

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SIMON BRADER WWW.SIMONBRADER.CO.UK Brader is an established UK freelance illustrator. He has over seven years of experience working within the industry. ARMANDO MESIAS WWW.ARMANDOMESIAS.COM Mesias is a Colombian artist and designer currently working out of the UK, with a focus on digital illustration and art direction. MAXX BURMAN WWW.MAXXBURMAN.COM Burman is a freelance matte painter who’s worked on over 100 projects. Recent credits include Godzilla, Riddick and Iron Man 3. MARTIN PERHINIAK WWW.YESIMADESIGNER.COM Perhiniak is a certified Adobe design master, instructor and video tutorial author. He has worked for Disney, Cartoon Network & Sony. GAVIN CAMPBELL WWW.THEWHITEHAWK.CO.UK Gavin Campbell is a digital artist most drawn to lighting effects & compositing, with clients that include Sony Music, the BBC and McDonalds. ANDREAS PREIS WWW.DESIGNERPREIS.COM Preis is an artist and designer. After studying communications design in Bavaria, he’s currently living in Berlin and Barcelona. LEE HOWELL WWW.LEEHOWELLPHOTOGRAPHY.COM Award-winning photographer Lee Howell lives…

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the illustrator’s masterclass

MIXED MEDIA Although Photoshop is an incredibly diverse and multifaceted tool, capable of producing an infinite variety of images, sometimes it’s not enough to achieve the desired look solely by itself. Many artists like to incorporate a variety of media into their work, such as hand-created paintings or drawings, which can then be scanned into the computer and augmented using Photoshop’s digital capabilities. “For me, mixed media means having no fear of using every possible thing for your work that you can find,” says designer and artist Andr eas Preis. “That might mean using differ ent programs such as Photoshop and Illustr ator as well as drawings and paintings, but also stuff like photos, glass, dirt, potato stamps… whatever you can find! Anything can come in useful at some point. I once took…

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go traditional with digital

Know your brushes: Don’t just download random brushes; first imagine what kind of effects or results you wish to achieve, then explore. Tweak the parameters in the Brushes window and experiment to get to a brush you can call your own. Mistakes don’t matter: To give your work a more organic feel, remember to focus on being precise, but also on letting go. It’s not just about trying to make it look real; it’s also about letting the chips fall where they may. Paint the adjustment layers: Painting over the masks on adjustment layers can also help create that handmade look. Rather than just applying overall adjustments, take the time to be specific and emphasise particular areas.…

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digital illustration tips and techniques

1. Spend time with your initial sketch. You’re more likely to end up with an image you like if you have a clear idea of where you’re going from the outset. 2. Go beyond the obvious. Photoshop tools offer an almost infinite range of possibilities for image editing, so spend time getting to know them, and then mastering the ones that are the most useful to you. 3. Do weird tutorials, even if the example has nothing to do with the type of images you’re trying to create. Try to do tutorials that are somewhat unfamiliar to you. You’ll end up with a more varied set of skills that will transform your work in ways you didn’t imagine. 4. Never stop traditional drawing. The computer is an amazing tool, but it’s also a…

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5 steps to perfect lighting

1. Create a new layer, choose a strong colour with a soft, circular brush, click once to create a single blur, and then use Hue/Saturation to increase the saturation if needed. Change the blend mode to Screen and place the layer in a suitable position. Duplicate the layer for increased effect. 2. Use Levels to increase the dark and light areas to achieve your desired look. 3. Create a new layer and choose your soft brush size and colour. Set the blend mode to Soft Light and paint over your target area. 4. Download some custom brushes, like a set of galactic star brushes for example. Use one click to create the star, hold down the Opt/Alt key, then duplicate the layer three to four times, making sure you have 100% Opacity to…