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In her interview on page 98, Amanda MacFarlane says: “Artists are a little bit like sleuths. Every character they draw is a mystery and they have to figure out what makes them tick.” To me this quote neatly encapsulates how much work an artist puts into creating worlds and telling stories so that others can engage with and enjoy this art form. Each line on a drawing represents a hard-fought decision made on that character’s personality type and back-story. Initial thought processes and tiny incremental decisions are constantly being made to help build and grow a character until they become real and relatable. This issue is – in part – an homage to that process. Artists such as Kun Vic, Brittany Myers, Sarah Webb, Jackie Droujko and more provide a glimpse into…

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Just visit WORKSHOP VIDEOS Capture an autumnal scene in watercolours See how Sarah Webb redraws her loose sketch using a light box, before masking areas off and bringing her artwork to life with watercolours. Turn to page 92 to read her in-depth workshop. Four video workshops to boost your animation art skills! Learn from Disney artist Mingjue Helen Chen, veteran character designer Randy Bishop, Disney environment artist Nick Kennedy and Aardman animation director Bader Badruddin!…

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julia metzger

LOCATION: Germany MEDIA: Photoshop WEB: 1 THE DREADFUL SUMMONER “One of my favourite personal paintings – and I’m still surprised how the mix of ideas came together, especially with the skull tree.” 2 EROS & PSYCHE “I followed the challenge to distil the classic Greek love story down into a single illustration, arriving at this interpretation.” 3 THE SUN “The idea of having paintings within paintings is something I like to explore, to add layers of symbolism and/or story.” 4 FIEND ARTISAN “This is my answer to the isolation of lockdowns – your friendly neighbourhood artist stuck somewhere, painting away.” 5 THE MOON “This one feels almost like an excuse to use some of my favourite colours, and dig into the play of light and shadow.”…

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LOCATION: England MEDIA: Photoshop WEB: 1 ZENITHA “I’ve always admired images of people wearing big headpieces, so wanted to attempt something similar myself.” 2 FRACTURED FAIRYTALES “Fan art of Zora from the band Blackbriar. She’s reading Fractured Fairytales, inspired by one of their EPs.” 3 AIR I aimed for a dreamy effect for this portrait, so tried to limit the harder edges and small brushstrokes to the face area only.” 4 BLOOM “Stepping out of my usual comfort zone of dark themes, I painted flowers and butterflies to tie in with a bridal look.”…

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kaining wang

LOCATION: US MEDIA: Photoshop WEB: 1 ENCOUNTER The little girl accidentally found a living baby behemoth while hunting. It’s the first time in history that humans have encountered the living behemoth.” 2 UNA’S FUNERAL “A girl’s sister passed away. The village decorated her body with glorious ornaments that would suffocate a living human.” 3 HUNTER SEASON “In the distant future, on a planet that’s similar to Earth, a sacred creature called Behemoth has fallen from the sky.” 4 THE ARRIVAL “In the end, she arrived in front of the whole village, bringing groups of the living behemoth in front of them.”…