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ImagineFX is the only magazine for fantasy and sci-fi digital artists. Each issue contains an eclectic mixture of in-depth workshops from the world's best artists, plus galleries and interviews, community news and product reviews. ***Please note: From September 2012 onwards our digital version feature links to download video tutorials and Q&A workshop resource files. Issues prior to September 2012 do not feature this additional content.***

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welcome to…

Staying connected online is vital for the art community to have a place to share ideas, get helpful critiques and to network. Recently, many artists have eschewed the old social media stalwarts, such as Facebook and Instagram, and are joining new online networks in the hope of finding bespoke groups that are better spaces for artists. Turn to page 18 for our full story. On another note, it’s the end of an era for me because this is my final edition as editor of ImagineFX. What an honour and a privilege it has been to be at the helm of ImagineFX and also a part of this supportive and wonderful art community for so many years. I have travelled the world, met countless numbers of talented artists and have worked with…

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Just visit WORKSHOP VIDEOS Learn new art skills using Paint Tool SAI Watch as Angela Wang paints two figures from Greek mythology using colour to set the tone and lighting to support the story she’s telling. Turn to page 74 for her workshop. Paint over a 3D base See how FeiGiap builds an anime-inspired scene using SketchUp. More on page 66. Explore watercolour effects In her video Anna Sokolova paints a kawaii character from a Netflix show. See page 92. PLUS 11 CUSTOM BRUSHES, INCLUDING……

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Mandy Jurgens LOCATION: US MEDIA: Photoshop, Procreate WEB: Mandy is fascinated by how colour and texture can influence our emotions: “I aim to create a little magic through portraits of people both real and imagined.” Heraldo Ortega LOCATION: Chile MEDIA: Photoshop, Procreate, Clip Studio Paint WEB: Heraldo is an illustrator, graphic designer and musician. From a young age he has painted using traditional media, but now works digitally, too. “I’m inspired by fantasy and try to create little stories,” he says. Tom Cross LOCATION: England MEDIA: Photoshop WEB: Previously an artist for a major Formula One team, Tom decided to hang up his airbrush in pursuit of his real passion; fairies, goblins, swamp monsters and giant alien mechs! Dan Volbert LOCATION: Germany MEDIA: Photoshop, Procreate, Blender WEB: As a lead artist at Cooperativa Creativa, Dan has been driven to reach a harmony of colours and…

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alternative social networks for artists

Tired of Twitter trolls, vile comments on YouTube and Instagram narcissism? You’re not alone. Thousands of artists are flocking to alternative social networks that offer something a little different. Take Discord. Founded in 2015, this web and mobile app is focused on hanging out with specific communities, rather than just a sea of random followers. And in the Covid era, it’s really taken off. “I became an avid Discord user once everyone started working from home,” says LA-based concept designer and illustrator Airi Pan. “It offers voice, text options and streaming options, so it’s perfect as a ‘virtual hang spot’ for friends or coworkers. “I use it in voice format, to mimic working alongside them, as we hunch over our tablets drawing. It’s like a virtual common room! It also acts as a…

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miranda the hybrid

Who should watch your TikTok channel and why? Anyone with a knack for silliness and art learning should watch my channel, especially people who need to learn art tricks and the basics. Has anything surprised you about using TikTok? The sheer potential for going viral. I have never, ever seen anything like it on any other platform. Also, the sheer unpredictability of whether a video will go viral or not. There are a few things I’ve found to be steady view-getters, but for the most part the algorithm is still a bit of a mystery. I have 550,000 followers, and for the most part, my videos don’t get above five to 15,000 views. The view count is not based on your follower count, but on your exposure in the algorithm, which makes it…