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welcome to… no.1 for digital artists imagine fx

You can’t avoid our cover art. Dave Keenan reveals how to create a vintage fantasy style painting on page 52 using Dune as inspiration. The books and films have caught many artists’ imaginations, and we meet the pros who love to paint Arrakis, starting on page 18. Our Dune coverage continues as the design team behind the new hit movie reveal what it took to bring Frank Herbert’s book to the big screen. Being inspired to draw and paint is what spurs us all on to improve, and it was fantastic to sit down with famed illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi and discover the artists that inspired him growing up. It’s all because Tony was asked to create a new D&D card in the style of the 1980s, which sent him on a journey…

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WORKSHOP VIDEOS Use shadows to create a sense of drama Watch as illustrator, art director and teacher Cynthia Sheppard uses cast and core shadow shapes to take her fantasy portrait to another level. Her workshop’s over on page 74. How to produce better sketches In his workshop video Erik Ly shows how he considers colour, brush choice, focal points and more to give his digital sketches greater visual impact. Turn to page 66 for his tutorial. Make the most of Oil brushes Isis Sousa explores the Oil brush sets in Corel Painter 2022 in her video. More on page 58. Prepare your oil painting Patrick J Jones kicks off his series on creating a fantasy painting in oils. Turn to page 92. PLUS 12 CUSTOM BRUSHES, INCLUDING… HARD EDGE BRUSH Cover artist David Keenan uses this brush for refining details in…

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the art of endwalker® final fantasy® xiv online

All this… and more! Mech design masterclass Learn to speed-paint bold and colourful robot designs with Ubisoft’s Kobe Sek. Learn a new workflow Concept art pro Thomas Scholes shares his unique modular process. Paint a boss… like a boss! Indie game artist Tristan Tait crafts an end-of level boss character. Concept a game environment Master the basics of Blender to render a procedural scene of many possibilities. ISSUE 208 ON SALE 26 NOVEMBER IN PRINT & DIGITAL All images and logo © 2010 - 2021 SQUARE ENIX CO.,LTD. All Rights Reserved.…

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Jessica Fong LOCATION: US MEDIA: Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint WEB: Jessica is an illustrator and co-founder of Lonely Egg Studio. She paints surreal subjects that lurk in our dreams, and flows between independent, collaborative and freelance ventures. 1 PORCELAIN SNAKE “‘It slithered, writhed and twisted… and it was beautiful.’ An exploration in the idea of the terribly sublime”. 2 COMMUNION “‘Something vicious this way comes…’ A spirit caught between the mortal world. Inspired by the Chinese tale The Wolf of Zhongshan.” 3 ECHEVERIA “A character from my Tea & Succulent series, influenced by the plants growing over rusted debris.” 4 PACT OF THE SEA “‘Do you hear the hungry rumbles of the sea?’ An Eldritch scene of a mermaid inspecting an ominous pollutant.” Scotty Poquerusse LOCATION: France MEDIA: Photoshop, Procreate, Blender WEB: “I started to take art seriously in 2015 after…

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how dune shaped a generation of artists

Back in 1984, a sci-fi movie called Dune, based on a 1965 novel by Frank Herbert, was released… to muted response. It did poorly at the box office, was damned by critics, and director David Lynch disowned it, after being forced into making savage cuts to shorten it. And yet 37 years on, as a major reboot hits the multiplexes, Lynch’s ambitious creation has been widely reappraised. You’ll find die-hard fans everywhere, and many artists see it as a big influence on their careers. Alongside the original book, which offers just enough detail to inspire but not enough to swamp the imagination. “Dune has influenced my art, and the art of many artists,” says Gary Jamroz, a freelance senior concept artist with Gunzilla Games. “Its intricate world building make it easy to…