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sustainability in everything

“Whether it’s wind, solar, or hydrogen, these solutions bring good-paying jobs and an opportunity for American entrepreneurship to lead the world.” As we began putting together the Summer issue of Innovation & Tech Today, I found myself thinking harder about what sustainability means to me. I guess the first thing that comes to my mind, and likely yours, when someone mentions sustainability is carbon emissions. I think of smokestacks, pollution, and the many things that have damaged our planet and affected our health. But, in reality, sustainability is the exact opposite. It’s how we’re finding solutions to those long-term problems. Scientists and innovators worldwide are actively seeking creative and highly technological solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues like climate change. Sustainability is happening, and it is clever, bottom line-oriented, and it’s…

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since last issue

It’s been an interesting quarter here in the U.S. We started the year wading through the same old pandemic. COVID-19 continued its rampage across the globe, but numbers began improving in late spring as vaccines started really ramping up. The vaccinations have been largely uneventful aside from a brief scare with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. While most continue to work remotely, some people are heading back to the trenches. The healthcare sector continues to explode, and not just with COVID tests. The telemedicine sector exploded in 2020 as people hunkered in their homes but needed healthcare more than ever. Telemedicine companies were left to upscale their businesses and entire infrastructures overnight. Essentially, business projections for five (or more) years out became the projections for the next week. We chatted with a group…

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follow. like. share. win

#innotechtoday innotechtoday innotechtoday innotechtoday innotechtodaymagazine For print or digital subscriptions, visit, or find us on popular digital newsstands and readers. Published by: INNOVATIVE PROPERTIES WORLDWIDE, INC 1750 Wewatta Street, #1821, Denver CO 80202 | (720) 476-4920 | INNOVATION & TECH TODAY – Issue 31, Summer 2021. Innovation & Tech Today is published quarterly for $19.95 per year by Innovative Properties Worldwide, 1750 Wewatta Street, #1821, Denver CO 80202 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to INNOVATION & TECH TODAY, 1750 Wewatta Street, #1821, Denver CO 80202 All trademarks, service marks, photos, and logos contained within this publication are the property of their respective owners, and may not be individually identified in this publication.…

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event wrap-ups

Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference Spring 2021 The event featured a variety of speakers including Salvador Santana, Montel Willams, and Dr. Chanda Macias. The event is held 100% virtually inside the Hyperfair platform. Attendees and exhibitors design custom avatars that allow them to interact with one another. Emerge took place March 30-April 1 and welcomed more than 2,500 attendees. Over three days, attendees could participate in more than 30 sessions and see 50+ exhibitors. “The Emerge conference allows me to learn about new facets of the industry and connect with experts in different sectors,” said Patricia Miller, managing editor of Cannabis & Tech Today. “I always leave feeling informed and inspired.” Stay tuned for their announcement of their next follow-up show. It’s definitely worth your time. CES 2021 The first-ever, all-digital CES 2021 made history as the…

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by the numbers

It’s pretty crazy to think that we have space-age backpacks, but when it comes to stowing our hygiene products, we’re forced to throw all of our toiletries into a Dopp kit — many of which have just one compartment and one zipper to hold things together. How … antiquated. Fortunately, the Tortoise brings the toiletrybag genre into the 21st century with a futuristic “lunchbox” design, 12 pockets and pouches to help organize your items, and padded exterior panels to protect your travel-sized containers. Moreover, it comes packed with clever features: a hanging hook (for when there’s no sink or counter), a removable zippered hygiene pouch (for more sensitive items), and a detachable mirror (which can double as a signaling device in a SHTF situation). MAKING SUSTAINABLE CHOICES FACTS ABOUT RECYCLING There is no…

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quick bytes

USPS is Monitoring Social Media A branch of the United States Postal Service has been quietly monitoring social media, according to documents obtained by Yahoo News. The memo shows that USPS has been both tracking and collecting social media posts. The surveillance effort is known as the Internet Covert Operations Program (ICOP) and is managed by the USPS’ law enforcement branch. The memo stated they are searching for inflammatory posts and then the information gathered is sent to various government agencies. The program was developed so they could monitor activity surrounding planned protests in March 2021. Groups were expected to gather in cities around the globe for the World Wide Rally for Freedom and Democracy. The USPS report to Homeland Security showed a variety of posts suggesting violence. Nextdoor Will Keep You From Being…