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The spring months are a sleepy time of year for tech enthusiasts; we don’t hear much about what Apple is creating behind closed doors. Starting with the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, however, Apple unveils the next version of iOS, and rumors of new iPhones begin to swirl. This year’s busy season is now in full swing—iOS 13 made its debut, and Apple released an operating system for the iPad, which could move the tablet toward becoming a more viable laptop replacement. iPhone 11 rumors tell us to expect a potentially unsightly triple-lens camera that will boast a more powerful optical zoom. To be honest, iOS 13 is a bit disjointed (page 12) compared to the more coherent updates we’re used to. However, this year’s OS for the iPhone is full of…

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readers weigh in:

Re: The iPhone 11 is rumored to have a triple lens camera; do you care how it will look or just how it will function? I am going to wait until I see an iPhone 11 in the flesh, as I have many times found myself saying, ”I don’t like the new Mac Pro or iPhone X,” only to be bowled over when I see it at an Apple Store. For me, the problem is the closeness of the three lenses to the Apple logo; they interfere with each other. Of course, Apple might change the iPhone 11 design and surprise us all. But if it is an improved camera, why all the carping about the design? -Simon K. Re: How do you feel about Dark Mode coming to iOS? I have been…

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stuff the iphone life team is loving

Raphael Burnes, CTO Fiddle Leaf Fig I’ve been loving my ever-growing collection of houseplants. I caught the bug and have completely filled the south-facing windows of my house with them. I especially love my Fiddle Leaf Fig for its huge, striking leaves and my Calathea Medallion, which has beautiful, intricate foliage. David Averbach, Publisher and CEO Pony the Great Dane Puppy My fiancé and I recently adopted a puppy from a Great Dane rescue in Texas. We named her Epona (we call her Pony)! She was 12 weeks old at the time of this writing and enjoys napping, cuddling, and chewing. Tamlin Day, Ad Specialist and Web Writer The Sims 4 ($39.99) As a graphic designer, I can’t get enough when it comes to making digital art, but sometimes I want to create something just for fun. The…

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Logitech Charger Review bit.ly/2LEufxG Wireless chargers are so plentiful these days, how can manufacturers build one that stands apart from the rest? The folks at Logitech believe they’ve figured it out. Their Powered for iPhone ($69.99) is a stylish, rounded-edge, Apple-esque phone stand that holds any modern iPhone in both portrait and landscape mode while charging. Read the full review to find out how this charger stacks up to the competition. Udemy: Online, Self-Paced Learning bit.ly/2HkM0MR Have you ever wished you could take a college class just to learn about something more in depth? With Udemy, short for You Academy, you can watch instructional videos on almost any topic—from how to make your own sourdough bread to how to use a new coding program. This article explores how this online learning service works and whether…

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hey, sarah

Need iPad and iPhone help? Sign up for iPhone Life Insider and Sarah will help you with all your iPhone troubleshooting and iOS-related issues. To learn more, go to iPhoneLife.com/GetInsider. My Photos app has several People albums, but the albums are missing a significant number of pictures of those people. How do I add them? Sincerely, Gone Missing Dear Missing, You can easily add more pictures to the People albums. Open the person’s album, tap the circle with the three dots, and tap Confirm Additional Photos to be taken through a series of photos your iPhone recognizes as being of that person. If you later come across a photo of them that hasn’t been added, tap on the photo and then swipe up. Below the picture you’ll see a circle with the person’s face.…

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unveiling ios 13

Apple has revealed iOS 13, which means it’s time to look at all the features and upgrades coming to our iPhones this fall. This year’s iOS felt like a mashup of everything Apple didn’t quite have ready for iOS 12. While iOS 13 includes a lot of improvements, it doesn’t have a cohesive theme. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot to be excited about. From privacy and security improvements, to Dark Mode, to the revamped Maps app with street-level viewing, here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s new mobile OS. Siri Apple is taking a new approach to Siri, incorporating a deep learning computer algorithm that will sound much more natural than what we’re used to. The demo provided at the keynote was an improvement, although Siri still stumbled when…