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editor’s message

It’s been a year of change for Apple. Within months of the tech giant departing from its legacy as a hardware company to focus on services, its chief designer of 30 years Jony Ive made a departure of his own, leaving Apple and launching his own design firm. Amid all of this, iPhone sales began declining year over year, signaling the iconic smartphone has become a mature product. Given the trends, it makes sense that Apple is expanding into new areas by building a TV streaming, gaming, and magazine platform. After the services announcement in March and Ive’s unexpected farewell, many of us at iPhone Life have been having conversations about how these changes affect the way we see Apple as a company. What Sort of Company Is Apple Now? With a…

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stuff the iphone life team is loving

Jaime Thatcher, Art Director My Garden This is the second year that my girlfriend and I have planted a vegetable garden, and I love it. We’re growing several kinds of greens, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, and basil, among other things. Last year we made and froze tomato sauce and pesto, and this year we are going to try making sauerkraut. Leanne Hays, Associate Editor Sole Mates Socks ($20) I’ve admired Sole Mates socks for years but never bought them because of the price. Last Christmas, I treated myself to a pair and have worn them at least twice a week all year. They’ve held up fantastically, and the bright colors and mismatched pattern make me smile. Tamlin Day, Web Writer Eight Cup Classic Chemex ($45.50) I wouldn’t be able to live without my Chemex 8-cup coffee pot. I refer…

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Pivo Action-Tracking Phone Mount Review bit.ly/2kRfj2w The Pivo Tracking Photography Mount ($179) is a remarkable rotating phone or camera mount that automatically follows your movements by tracking your face and actions through a companion app. You can set it up on a tripod and record yourself performing skateboarding tricks or making a newscast while you walk around, and it will follow you and create a recording. Visit iPhoneLife.com to get our full review of all the features the Pivo offers. Tropico for iOS Game Review bit.ly/2jZpKk4 Feral Interactive has set the bar high with its previous efforts to bring classic PC games to iOS. Did Feral’s latest project, a port of the decade-old PC game Tropico, rework enough of the original mouse and keyboard controls into a touch interface for smooth gameplay? Would players who…

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hey, sarah

Need iPad and iPhone help? Sign up for iPhone Life Insider and Sarah will help you with all your iPhone and iPad troubleshooting issues. To learn more, go to iPhoneLife.com/GetInsider. How do I make a mirror image from a photo saved on my iPhone? For example, in a photo I am looking left and want to change it so I am looking right. Sincerely, Flip It Dear Flip It, Prior to iOS 13, the only way to do this was with a third-party photo editing app such as Flipper. In the newest version of iOS, you can create a mirror image of a photo right in the Apple Photos app. Tap on the photo you wish to flip and then tap Edit in the upper right corner. Tap on the crop tool in…

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what our team is downloading

The New York Times Digest (Free with Audible subscription) Audible offers a free daily digest of the New York Times for members. The whole podcast lasts about half an hour, perfect to supplement my morning routine. Current events, now part of this complete breakfast! -Cullen Thomas, Producer & Writer Hadestown (Album available on Apple Music) I love musicals. Every year, I make sure to download the latest Tony award-winning soundtracks. Currently, I’m listening to the workshop version of Hadestown at least once a day. I love the blend of New Orleans sound and Greek mythology. -Tamlin Day, Web Writer A People’s History of the United States (Book available on Amazon Kindle or Audible) I’ve been listening to this audiobook for over twelve hours now and have learned American history that I never encountered as a student. The…

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apple’s fall announcement roundup

In the last two years, Apple has focused its iPhone hardware upgrades primarily on the camera. Better lenses, better zoom, and higher clarity have been the highlight of Apple’s recent announcements. While these changes are definite improvements, Apple has been perfecting advancements made by competitors instead of leading the charge with innovation. This isn’t necessarily Apple’s fault; the iPhone is an amazing product that seems to have matured. “ADDITIONAL CAMERA LENSES AND INCREASED STORAGE CAPACITY WILL ONLY TAKE A COMPANY SO FAR WITHOUT INNOVATING NEW FEATURES.” The future of Apple’s growth will likely be lateral. Additional camera lenses and increased storage capacity will only take a company so far without innovating new features. This is probably why Apple has been focused on paid services. In August, Apple released the Apple Card for…