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i bought an iphone 12 pro—what about you?

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every area of our lives, and Apple tech is no exception. Due to coronavirus-related production delays, for the first time ever Apple announced new iPads and Apple Watches before debuting the iPhone 12 series in an uncharacteristic October event. Despite setbacks, Apple has delivered new iPhones with 5G support as their flagship feature. 5G promises near real-time streaming and communication and incredibly fast download speeds in regions with a 5G network (see page 10 for details). Improved cameras for low-light and portrait photography, OLED displays, and a flat-edged design are all hallmarks of the new iPhone lineup as well. In October, Apple also added the HomePod mini to its roster, the $100 evolution of its smart speaker. September brought an update to the classic iPad…

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DID YOU KNOW? You Blink up to 60 Percent Less When Looking at a Computer The average adult blinks ten to twenty times per minute, but, according to a 2005 study published in Survey of Ophthalmology, when reading, looking at a computer screen, or doing other activities that require intense focus, that number drops by over 60 percent! This is why your eyes might feel dry after a period of focus, even if it’s for relaxation. Blinking is important to help lubricate the eyes, reduce strain, and maintain the overall health of your eyes, so the next time you’re spending a day behind your computer or scrolling through your phone, remember to take a break and blink a bit. ONLINE AT IPHONELIFE.COM Listen to Audiobooks on an Apple Watch bit.ly/2N24XYg The Audiobooks app on the Apple…

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what’s new? everything apple announced at its october event

Despite a turbulent year and coronavirusrelated production delays, Apple managed to deliver an impressive 2020 iPhone lineup. At the October event, Apple debuted standout iPhone features such as MagSafe rapid wireless charging, 5G capabilities, and serious camera improvements, plus the long-anticipated announcement of a smaller, less expensive HomePod mini. Here’s all the iPhone 12 series and HomePod mini details you need, including prices and availability. HOMEPOD MINI Priced at $99, the long-rumored next generation smart speaker is the high-tech, budget-conscious answer to the many drawbacks of the original HomePod. The new globe-shaped smart speaker is considerably smaller than its predecessor, standing short at just 3.3 inches, but that doesn’t mean it won’t pack a punch. The heart of the mini is the S5 chip, which works with advanced software to fine-tune your…

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the 2020 ipad line: what it means for you

Apple fell short of the four new iPads we expected in 2020, but it did come through with the 8th-generation iPad and 4th-generation iPad Air. So now we ask: is it worth it to upgrade? Would either of these make a good holiday gift? Is this the time to become a first-time iPad owner? Let’s take a look at these new models and see if we can get some answers. THE 8TH-GENERATION IPAD—WHAT’S NEW? If you were given two iPads to inspect, one 7th generation and one 8th generation, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them (provided you didn’t read the model numbers on the back). That’s because this year’s base model iPad is identical to last year’s in every regard, except for one major difference. What’s New with the…

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6 reasons why i love my apple watch series 6

The new Apple Watch Series 6 is an awesome upgrade, especially for someone going from the OG Apple Watch. I am that someone. I loved my old watch. I used it daily until it exploded while I was hiking in Colorado. Apparently, it didn’t love the altitude. It was officially time to upgrade. Now I have the Series 6, and I’m excited to share why it’s become a crucial part of my lifestyle. 1) IT SUPPORTS FITNESS AS A LIFESTYLE Exercising is a lifestyle choice for me. I find my day goes smoother, my mental health is better, and I enjoy life a little more when I am regularly exercising, which usually means lifting weights for me. Though there are many fitness trackers on the market, I find that the Apple Watch is…

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the iphone life buyer’s guide 2020 edition

Our editorial team has been busy testing cases, headphones, speakers, smart home products, and more to bring you the very best recommendations for our annual buyer’s guide. Your Apple devices are capable of incredible feats. Add the right gear, and you’ll enter a whole new universe of possibilities. THE HIGHLIGHTS Enhanced Audio From crafting the ultimate home entertainment system (page 38) to splurging on your dream pair of headphones (page 32), this audiophile-approved gear will turn your iPhone into a surround sound experience. Cases & Essentials Apple devices are a big investment. From cases (page 25) to screen protectors (page 24), find the gear that will keep your iPhone and iPad running smoothly for years to come. Mac Gear Deck out your home office and transform it into a hub of productivity with accessories for your MacBook…