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It’s been a year since many of us packed up our computers, office chairs, and desk plants and set up camp at home to weather the storm of the coronavirus pandemic. Fast forward one year, and COVID-19 is still with us, but with major signs of progress and plans to return to close-to-normal life on the horizon. For all of you reading this, I hope being part of the iPhone Life community has helped you discover ways to use your Apple devices to stay healthy and connected with your loved ones, even in these tough circumstances. In this issue, we focused on some of the interesting trends that have emerged during the pandemic, from Airstream travel to online learning, that can allow you to live a full life while continuing to…

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stuff the iphone life team is loving

Rheanne Taylor, Senior Video Producer “When the First Became Divine,” Limited Edition Print by Lauren Marx ($100) I follow a bunch of small businesses on Etsy and love to support them. Recently, I purchased this print from one of my favorite artists and I could not be happier. Her work focuses on nature and celebrates both life and death in a really beautiful way. Donna Cleveland, Editor in Chief Uber Eats (Free) My new favorite way to treat a friend is to surprise them with a delivery from Uber Eats. The app made it easy to send my best friend her usual Honey Oat Milk Latte and croissant from Starbucks, even though we live more than a thousand miles apart. Leanne Hays, SEO Content Specialist Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Bar Soap ($4.79) Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Citrus Bar Soap is…

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# trending

DID YOU KNOW? The First Video to Play on an iPhone Was from The Office When Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone in 2007, the video clip he used to display its video capabilities was the cold open of Season 3, Episode 7 of The Office, entitled “Branch Closing.” Both have shown amazing longevity: in the 13 years since its debut, the iPhone has become a household staple, and Nielson reports confirm The Office as one of the most-streamed shows of all time. 8 Ways to Declutter & Organize Your iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14 bit.ly/3iK5lcC If you’re suffering from Home screen frustrations, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you remove clutter while still keeping your apps and data easy to access. What to Do If…

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imagining ios 15

Want to know what to expect from this year’s new operating system for the iPhone? Here’s everything we know about iOS 15 so far, including expected release dates, compatibility, and new features, as well as what our team and readers are wishing for. WHEN IS THE NEXT IOS UPDATE COMING? Since 2007, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference has taken place in the first or second week in June. Last year saw the first all-online WWDC, with the keynote pushed back to June 22. Apple will most likely show caution again this year and hold another virtual event, since the COVID-19 vaccination likely won’t be distributed widely enough by early summer to safely hold an event that size in person. The beta version of the iPhone operating system is usually available to developers after the…

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the iphone life team’s ios 15 wish list

“For those of us who appreciate more privacy options, it would be great to have Face ID and password protection for the Photos app and Notes app. Right now, I pay for third-party notes and photo management apps that offer this service, but it would be so much more convenient if Apple offered this!” -Donna Cleveland, Editor in Chief “I wish that you could manually tag people in photos so that they show up in the People album. Sometimes the phone doesn’t recognize that there’s someone in a photo, so this feature would be super convenient. I don’t like that certain photos don’t show up under someone’s tagged photos when they are in the photo.” -Rheanne Taylor, Senior Video Producer “The widgets introduced in iOS 14 were lots of fun, and we saw many…

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what our readers want from ios 15

“I’d like to see the ability to have two apps displayed on the screen simultaneously. Some type of split-screen capability would be great!” -Don C. “I would like to be able to make folders to put EXISTING albums into the Photos app. I know you can add new albums as you create them, but I want to simplify my existing albums by adding them to folders like grandchildren, which would hold all my various albums of my grandkids.” -Deana B. “I would LOVE an addition to email that would let you ‘later’ an email. When I worked for the Veterans Administration 20 years ago, we could enter a date for any VA email to pop up later on a date we selected. It was a terrific reminder of emails we might have otherwise forgotten…