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November 2019

Stay on top of today's fast-changing Apple technology with a Macworld digital magazine subscription! Macworld is the ultimate resource for savvy users of Apple products. Every issue is filled with authoritative news, analysis, and tips about all things Apple -- Mac, iPhone, iPad, and beyond! Best of all, Macworld brings you the most trusted product reviews, from Apple hardware to accessories to the very best apps. Make the most of your iPhone. Get work done on your iPad. Shoot videos with pizzazz. Print gorgeous digital photos. Make the most of your Apple products with Macworld!

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save your data before deleting an apple id account

Apparently, one piece of online folk wisdom goes as follows: If you’re having trouble with your Apple ID, just create a new one and abandon the old one. This actually isn’t a good idea in most circumstances. It usually makes a bad situation worse. Apple IDs can be a problem, especially if you have legacy accounts from pre-iCloud Apple cloud services. Apple has made it easier over the years to use one Apple ID for purchases and another for iCloud, which was a big help. The upcoming macOS 10.15 Catalina rejiggers account management so your various Apple IDs are consolidated into a preference pane that replaces the iCloud one, very similar to iOS’s Settings app. If you’ve wound up with multiple Apple IDs because of this advice, you can simply stop using…

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5 questions to ask yourself before you apply for an apple card

The Apple Card is now available to tens of millions of U.S. consumers. And it’s definitely getting plenty of hype. With that slick white titanium card, the purchase tracking, the security features—it’s easy to understand why you might want it. But it’s ultimately still a MasterCard credit card backed by a big multinational bank, and before you apply for it, you should really ask yourself these five questions. 1. CAN YOU ALWAYS PAY IT OFF? Do you intend to fully pay off your Apple Card every month, or will you run a balance? The Apple Card interest rate is between 12.99 and 23.99 percent, and that’s low for a cash back card, but it’s not at all low compared to other cards that don’t have rewards. The Apple Card interest rate can easily be…

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expandrive 7: number seven not all lucky for mac cloud storage utility

By the time an application reaches version 7.0, users anticipate fewer whiz-bang new features as developers focus on refining core functionality and required compatibility updates. The question then becomes, has the software improved enough to justify buying an upgrade to the latest and greatest version, often on an annual basis? Such is the case with ExpanDrive, a venerable macOS utility that mounts cloud and network-attached storage in the Finder so you can more or less use them like locally-attached volumes. Despite a recent focus on eye candy, it’s what’s under the hood that makes the latest update worth a look. NEW LOOK, NEW PROBLEMS ExpanDrive 6 ditched the traditional compact user interface in favor of a free-floating, expandable window opened by clicking a familiar menu bar icon that clutters the top of your…

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justplay: slick media player shines where quicktime player is weak

For modern Mac users, the imminent demise of venerable QuickTime 7 is unlikely to ruffle too many feathers. After all, the media player lacked the simplistic elegance of successor QuickTime X, despite richer codec support and pro capabilities like the ability to add and remove audio tracks. Worse yet, Apple has yet to bring feature parity to the updated QuickTime Player a decade after its introduction. This glaring oversight paves the way for third-party Mac media player apps like JustPlay, a lightweight alternative capable of playing nearly any kind of video or audio you can throw at it, from Apple-friendly MP4 and MOV (including ProRes) to pesky AVI and MKV files, all without conversions or installing codecs. JACK OF ALL PLAYERS Hardware-accelerated decoding provides fluid playback of HD, 4K, and even 8K video,…

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ios 13: the first 6 things to do after you upgrade

If you’ve got an iPhone, September 19 was a big day. It marked the release of iOS 13, which brought with it a host of new features, improvements, and app updates. You’ll be discovering new features for weeks to come, but these are ones you’ll want to try out first. 1. FIRST, SHOULD YOU EVEN UPDATE? Perhaps you’re reading this before downloading the iOS 13 update, trying to figure out if it’s worth getting now or waiting for a bit. There are always a few bugs here and there in new iOS releases, and they get ironed out in subsequent updates. For most users, the new features usually outweigh their inconvenience. And it could be a long time before a major revision is realeased—nobody wants to wait that long, right? This year, Apple announced…

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hands on with night mode

Last year Google introduced Night Sight, a mind-blowing combination of camera hardware and intelligent image-processing software that allows photos taken in darkness to have amazing detail and color. Plenty of us wished Apple would respond right away with a feature of its own, but the company took its time and has only now replied to Google with Night Mode on the iPhone 11. I took an iPhone 11 Pro and an iPhone XS out into the dark streets of my hometown to see how Night Mode fares, since the lobby of the Steve Jobs Theater was too well lit to get a proper demo during the iPhone event. The results were impressive. Night Mode seems to have been worth the wait. HOW IT WORKS Night Mode works by using sensor, processor, and software…