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November 2020

Stay on top of today's fast-changing Apple technology with a Macworld digital magazine subscription! Macworld is the ultimate resource for savvy users of Apple products. Every issue is filled with authoritative news, analysis, and tips about all things Apple -- Mac, iPhone, iPad, and beyond! Best of all, Macworld brings you the most trusted product reviews, from Apple hardware to accessories to the very best apps. Make the most of your iPhone. Get work done on your iPad. Shoot videos with pizzazz. Print gorgeous digital photos. Make the most of your Apple products with Macworld!

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3 min.
mauvio: one-tap audio cleanup on iphone videos

With all the emphasis about making high-quality video on mobile devices, it’s a shame so little attention is paid to audio. Slick visuals can do the trick, but without good sound in videos, you’ll only make half the impact. Mauvio is the first mobile app from Accusonus, makers of professional audio plug-ins for Mac and Windows. Fueled by industry-leading algorithms, Mauvio improves sound on iPhone or iPad videos without tweaking dozens of knobs or settings, making it easy for anyone to use. The first step is to select a video from your camera or Photos library, which you can preview (but not trim) before importing. Mauvio automatically improves audio by applying under-the-hood magic while loading, so it’s ready to play with just a tap. There’s a slider to jump to a specific…

5 min.
does the apple tv have a future?

The Apple TV: perhaps the most unloved of Apple’s major platforms? Even though the Apple TV has been around about as long as the iPhone—it was actually shown off by Steve Jobs before the iPhone’s announcement, though it was then called the “iTV”—the set-top box has long seemed an afterthought for the company. That’s only increased more recently as Apple has embarked upon partnerships with third-party makers of televisions and set-top competitors to expand the footprint of its Apple TV+ service, bringing those devices features like the Apple TV app and AirPlay 2. Still, recent rumors suggest that an updated Apple TV may be waiting in the wings, though what enhancements it might feature are largely anybody’s guess. But with all of the changes in the streaming world and Apple’s position in…

7 min.
andover audio spinbase: all-in-one speaker system for your turntable

The mantra with sound systems today seems to be that they should be heard, not seen. If you’re a vinyl enthusiast, downsizing a turntable setup isn’t so simple. Minimalist turntable setups are typically comprised of a pair of bookshelf speakers and an integrated amplifier. And, let’s not forget the vibrational havoc speakers can pose to your precious and sensitive setup. If you’re looking for a truly compact and near vibration-free experience for your record player, then look no further than Andover Audio’s Spinbase. It’s an ingenious, all-in-one, plug-n-play speaker system designed specifically for turntables. It’s a near perfect solution for apartment dwellers or rooms that can’t accommodate larger systems. The Spinbase’s simplicity, performance, and sheer bang for the buck left me awe-struck. Read on to see why I liked the Spinbase…