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Management Today April 1, 2015

Management today is an essential guide to UK business, with a real grasp of modern business thinking and the most effective management, Mt is a must read for company leaders, senior directors, entrepreneurs and ambitious executives- fresh and insightful, mt is not only provocative but delivers true value and guidance. The UK's largest monthly business magazine delivering a truly powerful auidence. Supported by industry leading features mt boasts of award winning articles and has won many accolades over the past few years. With truly superior editorial it engages and influences businesses like no other.

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10 min.
getting the best from everyone

Ian Wylie, special projects editor, MT: Are most organisations moving on from increasing the diversity of their workforces to policies and actions that are more inclusion-based? Helen Tucker, HR global diversity and inclusion director at Procter & Gamble: Different organisations are at very different stages in their maturity on this issue. Understanding what we might mean by inclusive leadership is important because I think there are a lot of organisations still in diversity mode. Inclusive leadership is about embedding diversity and inclusiveness into our organisational cultures, rather than talking about it as a topic on the side. Dr Doyin Atewologun, lecturer in organisational leadership andlearning,QueenMaryUniversity: I agree, but it raises the question about whether organisations can skip a stage. Do they have to go through diversity to get to inclusion? Brigadier Mark Abraham…

2 min.
miranda kennett self coach... ace that interview

1 DO YOUR HOMEWORK Find out who will be interviewing you and Google them; search online and among your contacts to discover what are the organisation’s biggest challenges and successes, so you are informed on the day. 2 WHAT’S THE QUESTION THAT YOU’RE THE ANSWER TO? Your CV should have been structured around demonstrating you are someone this organisation needs. Your interview should do the same. If you’ve claimed skills and qualities, try to evince them. 3 BE CONFIDENT BUT NOT ARROGANT You may not enjoy interviews and neither might your interviewer. Her job is to discover whether you’re suited to the role, yours is to show that you are. Use confident body language – straight back and friendly eye contact. 4 ASK QUESTIONS AND REALLY LISTEN TO THE ANSWERS Venture your own opinions based on your…

4 min.
going with the gut

At MT ’s recent Inspiring Women event in Edinburgh, whenever one of the speakers was asked to share her best piece of advice with the audience, the answer was almost always the same. ‘Go with your gut’. ‘Trust your instinct’. ‘Follow your heart’. Each speaker went on to recount an occasion when she’d made a decision but had ignored what her gut or heart had told her and had suffered awful consequences as a result. I’m no different. I have at least one such occasion etched permanently on my mind. It still causes my tummy to tighten every time I think about it. While I was chairing a leading NGO, the board made a major strategic decision that we knew wouldn’t be well received by our varied and multiple stakeholders. When…

4 min.
views my own

The General Election is in the offing and the outcome is, you could say, uncertain. David Cameron wants to reduce government debt. Ed Miliband wants to improve the living standards of hard-working families. Nick Clegg wants to safeguard the NHS. None of them will get his way unless he can solve the biggest economic problem facing this country – productivity. It determines our standard of living, and yet nobody has a plan for tackling it. Without higher productivity, those other political ambitions have no prospect of being realised. But the UK’s productivity performance is dire. There is no peacetime precedent for the falls we have seen since the recession. It is easy to boost growth in the short term. The government can spend more or cut taxes; the central bank can loosen monetary…

2 min.
tomas chamorro-premuzic

Success depends on other people. There are many honest, talented and hard-working people in this world, but they will never be as successful as Kim Kardashian unless other people want to make them successful. In fact, you can succeed in life even by getting other people to hate you, so long as they love to hate you – the key is that they don’t ignore you. A talent for self-promotion often exists in the absence of any other talents. Nietzsche said that a person’s virtues compete with each other: the more skills you have, the more difficult it is to focus on one. Therefore, the multi-talented person is cursed. Perhaps the biggest asset of Kim Kardashian is that she has only one skill, the ability to self-promote. The clever thing about stupidity…

2 min.
company vitae

Formative years Like a model of the Houses of Parliament made from its shiny plastic blocks, success for Lego took a long time to build. Beginning in 1932 when a Depressionhit Danish carpenter called Ole Kirk Christiansen set up a home workshop to make ends meet, the firm soldiered on making modest wooden toys for 25 years. The classic Lego bricks that we know and love today didn’t appear until 1958. That same year, Ole Kirk died and his son Godtfred took over the firm, then employing 140 people. Expansive where his father had been cautious, Christiansen Jr opened up exports and cut ties to Lego’s wooden-toy past to go all out for plastic. It caused a family rift but sales took off at last, and thanks to its motto – Only…