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private equity still sets the pace

Tim Parker was not accompanied by a whiff of sulphur when he entered the room for his MT interview. Neither did his brogues cover cloven feet, as far as I could tell. The ‘Prince of Darkness’ is a fascinating man with a CV as long as your arm and a reminder that businesspeople can be so much more interesting and thoughtful than gormless sports or acting slebs. Parker is a private equity guy, forged in the white heat of the carry and the fixed exit. The job he did on the wheeled basket case that was Samsonite in 2008 has helped make him a very wealthy man with an estimated worth of £185 million. And it is PE in the form of Carlyle that has snapped up one of the UK’s…

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ANDREW WILEMAN Regular MT contributor Wileman looked at Rebooting India. The authors want to bring tech savvy to a notoriously ill-managed government, but despite the pitfalls Wileman couldn’t find it in himself to be cynical: ‘The book’s energy and enthusiasm overpower one’s scepticism.’ IAN WRIGHT The Food and Drink Federation boss reviews Pariahs, about hubris. Wright finds tyrannical leadership intriguing: ‘Most people know the difference between right and wrong. Usually, if you can’t decide, then it’s the wrong thing to do. The tyrants go ahead and do it anyway.’ MARGARET HEFFERNAN The entrepreneur and author is bullish about those who can’t see the business case for diversity in her What Glass Ceiling? column. ‘Remember millions of women-owned businesses achieve more with less, and keep asking whether alienating talent is a relevant strategy,’ she says. HARRY BORDEN The…

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you live & you learn

FOUNDER AND EXECUTIVE CHAIR OF DOTEVERYONE.ORG.UK AND CO-FOUNDER OF LASTMINUTE.COM There was an overwhelming excitement about the internet during the dotcom bubble. Every business was being valued like it was going to be that one in 100 success story. Now everyone’s excited about Bitcoin or wearable tech or the Internet of Things. That’s good in some ways, but you have to remember not every business will make it. The hardest thing when the bubble burst was keeping people in the company from being dispirited. Lastminute.com was still a robust business. In 2004, I was involved in a serious car accident, so I was in hospital completely high on morphine when my co-founder Brent Hoberman sold the business the next year. He did an amazing job but I felt quite dislocated. When I joined…

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Do you know a champion? In business, that’s not someone who won their darts league, but a colleague who takes on a specific project or initiative within the organisation and steers it through, overcoming resistance, apathy and inertia along the way. It’s not a bad word for the job. In the 13th century, a ‘champiun’ was a fighter, especially one who fights on behalf of other people or a cause. The ultimate origin of the word is the Latin ‘campus’, meaning arena or field of battle – which business life sometimes resembles. $70bn HOW MUCH WORSE OFF THE WORLD’S 20 RICHEST PEOPLE ARE, SINCE LAST YEAR Source: Forbes…

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crash course

The referendum campaign has offered a timely reminder of the billions of euros in EU grants and financial support you could have been applying for. It may be last orders for wonga from Brussels but what does it take to get your hands on some of the folding stuff? Find out what’s available. The EU has some 400 different grants and funding streams and although information is all online, you might want some help to navigate. ‘We would carry out a detailed personalised scoping study and funding strategy, which would take about 12 days for an experienced consultant,’ says Richard Jones of specialists RDJ Consultants. Social networks can also be a useful source of advice. Follow the money. Almost €80bn is available under the Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation between…

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Formative years Appropriately enough Alphabet was born by blog, announced by then Google CEO Larry Page on the firm’s official web log on 10 August 2015. It’s a holding company for Google’s more out-there activities, the so-called ‘moonshots’ such as driverless cars, AI, ageing and disease and, er, investment. The revenue generating businesses – search, Chrome, Android, plundering our personal data – remain under the Google banner. Google itself, of course, dates back rather further, to 1998 when two Stamford graduate students – Page and co-founder Sergey Brin – scraped together $1m from friends (we should all have such friends) to back their hunch that using page-ranking algorithms was the way to make sense of the internet. Boy, were they right – in the 18 years since, Google has made hundreds of billions…