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Management Today July - August 2015

Management today is an essential guide to UK business, with a real grasp of modern business thinking and the most effective management, Mt is a must read for company leaders, senior directors, entrepreneurs and ambitious executives- fresh and insightful, mt is not only provocative but delivers true value and guidance. The UK's largest monthly business magazine delivering a truly powerful auidence. Supported by industry leading features mt boasts of award winning articles and has won many accolades over the past few years. With truly superior editorial it engages and influences businesses like no other.

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the women leading the way

Observant readers will notice that I’m the only male featured on this page. July/August is traditionally MT’s women’s special with the announcement of our 35 Under 35 list (it’s the 15th anniversary too). Well done to this year’s winners. Over the past seven months we’ve also held three terrific Inspiring Women conferences: one in London, Edinburgh and Birmingham. Never let it be said we’re not behind diversity. One thing that is, yet again, very pleasing is the fact that nearly a third of the women on the list are immigrants to the UK. Another one in the eye for the Little Englanders who would pull up the drawbridge and hold our economy back. After years of reality TV crews trailing around after easyJet staff at Luton Airport, MT finally gets a…

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KATE BASSETT Our features editor Bassett went on maternity leave soon after writing this month’s cover story. The experience seems to have rubbed off on her. ‘I’m already prepping my baby girl Edith to be a future 35 Women Under 35 star,’ she says. TORA DAVIDSON Shoot stylist Davidson and photographer partner Sam Peach have snapped everything from the artistic nude to ice cream, though neither yet for MT. In this issue, they turn their keen eyes to the country’s rising female stars. ‘They each brought their own dynamic to the pictures,’ says Davidson. REBECCA ALEXANDER Executive coach and former MTer Alexander found reviewing Backstabbers and Bullies took her to some strange places (see picture). It was also an unexpected conversation starter. ‘Strangers would approach me on trains to disclose their own hair-raising stories of…

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you live & you learn

My father always taught me that girls could do at least as well as boys. He let me move from Greece to the UK on my own to study for my A levels. It was hugely empowering, because he put a lot of faith in me – that made me perform. On top of my studies, I worked as a telephonist at a Mayfair hotel. I learned I could survive if I really needed to, because no job was beneath me. I’ll always remember that if all else fails, I could become a taxi driver. Occasionally I dream of this. I’ve always liked driving. It’s terrible to see what’s happening to Greece. The economy’s collapsing and the middle class has been practically eliminated. Frankly, a little bit more solidarity from Europe would…

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Seemingly everything is audited now: books and financial records, of course, but also quality, energy and skills. To be audited is to be systematically examined, supposedly by an independent authority. The word ‘audit’ relates to ‘audio’, ‘audition’, and ‘auditory’, and literally means ‘a hearing’. First recorded in English in the 1430s, in the records of the Worshipful Company of Grocers, it reflects the fact that giving an account of one’s financial affairs once meant standing up and answering difficult questions about them. As, on occasion, it does now. Source: Expedia’s 2014 Vacation Deprivation Study…

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crash course

@TRUMP OF THE MONTH @SeppBlatterP: I love my time at @TrumpCollection! The staff handle my valuables with utmost care, I always come away greatly satisfied! Summer’s here and with it Wimbledon, The Ashes, Glyndebourne and a host of other sporting and cultural delights. So order in the Pimm’s and strawberries, and ensure your hospitality event goes off with a swing. What’s the purpose? Austerity is still in the air and jollies are out, so consider how this can benefit your business, says Nick Hamilton, managing director of Manchester event agency Inconnection. ‘Instead of speculatively booking tickets, people are being told: we have a budget – but only if you can determine what the return on investment is.’ Think the R word. Focus on building relationships, which could equally lead to sales, loyalty or closer…

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work place rights

After his election victory, David Cameron announced that abolition of the Human Rights Act would be a priority. So what implications would this have for employment law? The Human Rights Act incorporated the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) into UK law. In essence, the government plans to replace this with a ‘British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities’. They also want judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to be merely ‘advisory’ and not binding. The ECHR has had a significant impact in the workplace in areas such as employee rights to privacy, the right to manifest religious beliefs and freedom of association for trade unions. The new regime would inevitably reduce the requirement for UK legislation to be interpreted in line with such rights. Nonetheless, the British courts’ long…