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Management Today March 1, 2015

Management today is an essential guide to UK business, with a real grasp of modern business thinking and the most effective management, Mt is a must read for company leaders, senior directors, entrepreneurs and ambitious executives- fresh and insightful, mt is not only provocative but delivers true value and guidance. The UK's largest monthly business magazine delivering a truly powerful auidence. Supported by industry leading features mt boasts of award winning articles and has won many accolades over the past few years. With truly superior editorial it engages and influences businesses like no other.

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3 min.
women who were mums in their 20s

THE KIRSTIE ALLSOPP KIDS BY 30 CAREER PLAN PROS ➳ Dodge the potential fertility crisis ➳ More energy and time for your kids ➳ Less ‘grieving’ for your old lifestyle ➳ Still time to land a big job after they go to school CONS ➳ Hard to catch up on higher education if you miss it ➳ Sense of isolation as school friends stride ahead ➳ Peers and bosses may see you as ‘less committed’. ➳ No money (but this won’t be anything new) Sally James, 66 Non-executive director, Rotork, Moneysupermarket.com and Towry, and former general counsel, EMEA at UBS Investment Bank ‘I wonder if people are too focused on planning their careers now. I had my first baby at 19 and my second at 21, and I was on such low wages as an articled clerk that the children qualified for free…

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life/style andrew morley

Work My first job after getting up at 5.50am is letting the dog out without waking my wife, Vanessa. I drive my red Mini Cooper to Chorleywood station then take the train to London. I started using the Bible in a Year app on the way, so I wouldn’t have to read Metro, which is garbage. Faith is very important to me – I say lots of little prayers throughout the day. When I was marketing director at Harrods, the dress code was formal. At Google it was ‘wear clothes’. Outdoor ad firm Clear Channel is somewhere in between. I wear Church’s shoes, Turnbull & Asser shirts, Paul Smith jeans and whatever jacket the tailors of Savile Row can fit on my funny frame. The Raymond Weil watch my wife gave…

1 min.

Do you ever feel as if you are in a race, galloping along with rivals alongside you, jumping over obstacles and trying not to tire? It’s perhaps not surprising that your ‘career’ should feel like that, because that’s what the word originally meant. In the 16th century, a ‘career’ was a short gallop by a horse, or a racecourse. Later, it meant any continuous course of action or progress, before, in the 20th century, settling down to mean one’s professional life. The word came into English from French, and originates in the Latin word carrus, which meant wagon: things move faster nowadays. 38 % OF UK WORKING AGE POPULATION WHO ARE GRADUATES – UP FROM 17% IN 1992 Source: ONS…

6 min.
is the sun setting on aberdeen’s oil boom?

Aberdeen has been riding a wave of black gold since the financial crisis. It has the highest concentration of millionaires and one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the UK. Some locals even talk of rebranding the infamously grey North Sea hub ‘Silver City’. But the skies have been darkening over the granite streets since the oil price started tumbling last summer, from $114 in June to as low as $45 in early February. What Aberdonians don’t seem sure of is when the storm will break – and how bad it will be. ‘It does feel nervous, there’s no question about that,’ says Andrew Laing, the deputy chief executive of Aberdeen Asset Management. ‘The immediate effect isn’t too bad, but within three months, six months, nine months it begins to knock…

3 min.
how i beat the odds

‘I had to beg the bailiffs to drive my car round the corner to tow it’ I had the boardgame idea while working as a taxi driver in Portsmouth. My cab would be a piece on a board, trying to pick up fares. Then I saw an enterprise challenge at Portsmouth University, where I was studying law. The £3,000 prize was a lot for a student, so I entered. I called it Destination London. It won, so I went to local sponsors for funding. My first meeting was straight out of Bridget Jones. I was so nervous. The smartest thing I did was not ask for a specific sum. They offered £2,000 when I’d have been chuffed with £200. I found more sponsors, then factories and illustrators. In 2004, I met the…

4 min.
can comms win back our trust?

Trust Me, PR is Dead Robert Phillips Unbound, £20 Compared with the author, I am a newcomer to PR. I’m 25, have been an account manager for the past three years and came to the industry fresh from university. I have spent a lot of time questioning whether I had made the right career choice as I navigated the challenging and never calm waters of communications consultancy. Trust Me, PR is Dead is a delicious dissection of the world I have recently entered, told through the stories of one of its most experienced veterans, Robert Phillips, one-time European chief executive of Edelman, the world’s largest PR firm. As the macabre subheading tells you, ‘PR is dead. Few will mourn its passing’. The PR industry, Phillips argues, operates on a broken business model which, particularly in…