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Management Today March 2016

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it's all go for women in scotland

We’ve a strong Scottish flavour this month. Not only in interviewing Jayne-Anne Gadhia, the boss of Virgin Money who is based in Edinburgh, but also in spending time with Flybe who are vital to the Scottish economy. And we have a column from Chris Deerin, one of Scotland’s most talented controversialists who has blocked more ‘Yes’ nationalists than I’ve had haggis suppers. If you don’t follow him on Twitter you are missing a life-affirming treat. Jayne-Anne is the star attraction at our Inspiring Women conference in Edinburgh on 17 March – hurry, hurry while tickets last. She’s a brilliantly open and fresh force for good in the stroppy, macho culture of UK banking. Her report for the Treasury on women in finance, due out this month, will ask why when women…

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JULIE CHAPPELL OBE The partner at Hawthorn and ex-UK ambassador to Guatemala managed to rattle off a book review for MT while on maternity leave with twin girls. And so far, the work-life balance remains elusive. ‘I’ve genuinely been surprised at how little sleep human beings actually need to function!’ ANDREW DAVIDSON Davidson has done interviews for MT for nearly half the magazine’s 50 years. So what’s changed? ‘Principally access. Managers want to talk, and forums such as MT have helped to make businesses better places to work.’ Anywhere the revolution has missed? ‘Newspapers – defiantly feudal.’ JO HANLEY The Aussie photographer shot Virgin Money boss Jayne-Anne Gadhia for this issue’s cover, adding another name to the extensive list of people she’s snapped. The strangest to date? ‘A portrait of a meteorite hunter. Who knew…

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you live & you learn

LIVE & LEARN • WORDS-WORTH • CRASH COURSE • WORK PLACE RIGHTS • HOW I BEAT THE ODDS • COMPANY VITAE • EVERYTHING YOU KNOW MANAGEMENT GURU When I joined Shell, they said they hoped I’d have a very long and happy life with them. But after 10 years, they told me to run a company in Liberia, which wasn’t me, so I moved on. It would have been disastrous. I’d have had my big company career, probably taken early retirement, got a good handicap and then died at the age of 70. I spent the next 10 years teaching at London Business School. At the time, there was no language of management. There were no books on it in England until I wrote Understanding Organizations in 1976. I left because you can’t…

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How agile are you? Or rather, how agile is your company? The modern enterprise need not turn somersaults, but it is expected to be ready for change, flexible and adaptable. The word ‘agile’ originates in the Latin for ‘to do’ and has been with us since the 16th century, meaning both physically nimble and mentally astute. No businesses were called agile before the 70s, but enterprise agility has since become a management philosophy in its own right, spawning books, courses, consultancies and conferences. Practise agility and you’ll be jumping through hoops in no time. £272,432 THE AVERAGE SALARY FOR UK UNIVERSITY VICE-CHANCELLORS, UP 14% OVER THE PAST FIVE YEARS Source: The University and College Union…

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crash course

Money talks and your business needs a finance director who can manage the numbers as well as helping you make the right decisions. So how are you going to find a CFO who’s more than just a high-powered bean counter? First time? If your start-up has been managing without a finance director, a time will come when you need one. ‘There’s usually a lightbulb moment when the CEO or chairman realise they don’t have enough grip on the finances,’ says Phil Scott, director of FD Recruit. A specific event such as an injection of capital can also trigger the need for an FD or CFO. Dip your toe. A smaller business might not need someone full time initially and in that case it makes sense to bring in a part-time individual as…

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work place rights

Political agreement has been reached on an EU-wide data protection law designed to create a ‘one-stop shop’, with a common set of rules applying across the continent. This will effectively replace the UK’s current Data Protection Act. The law bites on any area in which a business processes data on individuals (eg, customers, suppliers, users of a website). But it is probably in relation to employees that businesses process most data, in terms of both its range and quantity. Importantly, the regime is backed up by a much fiercer penalty regime than presently applies. The maximum penalty for non-compliance will be €20m or 4% of an undertaking’s worldwide turnover, if that is higher. This is likely to focus minds at board level in most organisations. While the new legislation will not be implemented…