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Mindful June 2018

Mindful is the groundbreaking new magazine dedicated to helping you live mindfully. The simple practice of being in the moment brings out the best in who you are.

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don’t be so sure

barry@mindful.org Our must-read story this issue: In our Get Real piece, “Look on the Bright Side…?” therapist Elaine Smookler explores how easily cynicism takes over our minds, despite the fact that optimism and openness are the healthier way to go. On page 62. A thousand years ago, when I was in grade 12, I had a physics teacher, Mr. Weeks, who was legendary for the powerful experiences that took place in his classroom. Until Mr. Weeks’s class, I found science tedious and boring, but he changed everything. His class was focused not on the answers, but on the questions. He injected awe and wonder into our mutual explorations of how the world worked. I hope we have all had a teacher like that. When I disputed one of the core tenets of physics,…

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like body, like mind

What is your strongest sense perception? THE MOST ACUTE SENSE AMONG respondents was hearing, with 34%. Sight is the runner-up (28%), followed by the mysterious sixth sense, at 17%. Smell and touch were tied with 10% each, and only 1% chose taste. What is your favorite exercise to do mindfully? • Walking • Weight lifting • Hiking • Kayaking • Mindful aikido • Karate • Dancing • Cleaning the house • Barre classes • Reiki • Biking Body and mind: What’s their relationship? 55% THE MIND MANAGES THE BODY 43% WHO CAN TELL WHICH IS IN CHARGE? 2% THE BODY CONTROLS THE MIND “The more present and mindful I am, the more synchronized the body–mind connection is.” When do you feel most centered? IT DEPENDS ON THE SITUATION 64% DURING BODY FOCUSED ACTIVITIES 17% DURING MENTAL FOCUSED ACTIVITIES 19% Do you practice mindful eating? 23% SAY THEY CULTIVATE THE HABIT OF eating mindfully. 36% have tried it once or twice. 16% eat…

7 min.
top of mind

A case for social meditation Meditation is often practiced alone, but two studies indicate that thinking of or being in the presence of others may confer different, and at times greater, benefits. Researchers in Leipzig, Germany, conducted two studies with 300 volunteers over nine months. In the first, an MRI showed that people who meditated alone by focusing on the breath or body had thickening of their prefrontal cortex, which is linked to attention control. Those who practiced loving-kindness meditation and then did a sharing and empathetic listening exercise with a partner had increases in the areas that process emotions and bring them into conscious awareness. The second study measured cortisol levels among all participants, and found that those who meditated alone felt calm, but their cortisol levels didn’t change. In contrast,…

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are college kids headed for burnout?

There’s little question that today’s college students are extremely hard on themselves. Looking at 27 years of data, researchers at the University of Wales found that compared to previous generations, college students now have higher academic expectations for themselves, which dovetails with higher rates of anxiety, among other neuroses. American students are more prone to self-oriented perfectionism—putting pressure on yourself to be perfect—but students in Canada, America, and the United Kingdom all struggle with socially prescribed perfectionism, or perceiving that others are judging them more harshly and that they must be “perfect” to win approval. As for why, researchers point to Western cultural shifts that are more individualistic, materialistic, and socially antagonistic and that today’s young people face “more competitive environments, more unrealistic expectations, and more anxious and controlling parents than…

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mindful or mindless?

Companies like Modern Meadow and Bolt are pioneering fabrics that are kinder to animals and the environment. So far, they’ve created a “bioleather” made from yeast-based collagen and a faux silk spun from sugar. A new facet to mindful eating, or just introvert heaven? Renowned Japanese ramen café Ichiran has opened a location in New York City, offering “flavor concentration booths” where customers eat solo, focusing only on their bowl of noodles. On a flight from Dubai to Amsterdam, one gassy passenger led to major hassles: His uncontrolled flatulence agitated some passengers so much that a fight broke out. The aircraft had to make an emergency landing to remove the olfactorily offended from the plane. UK author Bridget Lawless felt that relying on the trope of abused or murdered women can downplay the…

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one mindful act

Sometimes opportunities to act with mindful intention fall into your lap: the politeness jam at the four-way intersection, when everyone wants to let the other guy go first; the earnest admission from someone that moves you to respond in kind. But, let’s face it, barring an emergency, mostly our days and weeks churn by without mindful awareness of any particular moment. The funny thing is, any ol’ Wednesday is packed with choice points to notice the present and to engage. Once you start doing it, you’ll be amazed by how many opportunities there are to connect, to appreciate, and to experience—everywhere, all the time. The best part? It’s super easy to do. Just a small, simple action can help you wake up and plug in to the life pulsing all around you. Here…