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More of Our Canada

More of Our Canada

March 2020

More of Our Canada is a companion magazine to Our Canada, the popular reader-written bimonthly published by Reader's Digest. Made available during the six months that Our Canada is not published, MOC is a venue where Canadians gather to share their stories, photos and interests—and pride of family, community and country.

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Across the Miles I have been a subscriber to Our Canada for several years and enjoy the magazine immensely. I have a story to share that I feel truly speaks to what “our Canada” stands for. In this case, about how two young girls, who lived a great distance apart, developed a friendship that endures to this day. Back in September 1967, when I was a Grade 4 student in New Sarepta, Alta., my language arts teacher asked that we find a pen pal and begin corresponding. That evening, I looked through the Free Press and found my pen pal, Diane Rutherford (now Rogers), who lived in Ontario. I was quite excited to find someone on the “other side” of Canada! Over the years, we wrote frequently and shared in each…

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contributor spotlight

JOHN BUSCH Raised on a farm in Bruce County, Ont., John went on to have several careers including police o.cer, truck driver and welder, in several di.erent areas of the country. Now 70 years of age and retired, he makes his home in St. Thomas, Ont. John enjoys travelling and has visited almost every province and territory in Canada with the exception of Labrador and the Yukon. He has several hobbies, but first and foremost is his love of amateur photography. You can enjoy John’s work in this issue’s photo essay on page 8, titled Desolate Beauty in which he photographs abandoned barns in and around his hometown. GAIL PERESSINI Born in British Columbia in 1956, Gail was removed from her Indigenous family at the age of five and put into foster care.…

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of lambs and lions

“In like a lion, out like a lamb” is probably the adage most often used to describe the month of March here in Canada, although nowadays the opposite is just as likely to be true weather-wise. Perhaps we had that saying rolling around in our collective subconscious as we were selecting content, because, as it turns out, we touch upon both ends of that particular spectrum in this issue, and several points in between. For example, on pages 24 though to 27, you’ll encounter everything from roaring snowmobiles in full competition mode to gently flowing sap and a newcomer to Canada’s very first “sugaring o.” experience, one that ended up changing his life. We also have a pair of stories about two amazing Canadian animal breeds (sorry, no actual lambs or lions).…

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more of our canada

Chairman of the Board Christopher Dornan Editor-in-Chief Gary George Executive Editor, Digital Brett Walther Senior Editor Maryanne Gallagher Proofreader Imogen Brian Art Director Robert Bigras Graphic Designers Pierre Loranger, Michel Pelletier Assistant Web Editor Robert Liwanag Content Operations Manager Lisa Pigeon Circulation Director Edward Birkett THE READER’S DIGEST ASSOCIATION (CANADA) ULC President Brian Kennedy Legal Barbara Robins Financial Director Corinne Hazan Product Manager, Magazine Marketing Mirella Liberatore National Sales Director James Anderson National Account Executives Suzanne Farago (Montreal); Melissa Silverberg (Toronto); Robert Shaw (Vancouver) Marketing and Research Director Kelly Hobson Head of Marketing Solutions and New Product Development Melissa Williams Lead Project Manager, Marketing Solutions Meri Ward Production Manager Lisa Snow Toronto Office: 121 Bloor St. E., Suite. 430, Toronto, ON M4W 1E6 TRUSTED MEDIA BRANDS President and Chief Executive Officer Bonnie Kintzer Editor-in-Chief, International Magazines Raimo Moysa…

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hildas lalonde

Born in Montreal on May 5, 1898, Hildas joined the Canadian army in 1916, at age 18. Following basic training, he was transferred to Europe to fight in the First World War. “Hildas was my grandfather’s cousin. He fought in WWI and lost his right leg in battle. Later he became a charter member of the War Amps.”- Gisele Roberts On July 30, 1918, he was taken to the Duchess of Somerset’s Auxiliary Hospital in Maiden Bradley, England, after being wounded, resulting in the loss of his right leg. He later became a charter member and treasurer of the War Amps of Canada, Southwestern Ontario Branch. He was also a member of the Canadian Legion, joining in 1955. He passed away at 77 years of age, on January 19, 1976, just one…

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desolate beauty

I first took up photography in earnest back in 1979, using a 35-mm camera with a basic wide angle and a telephoto lens. Although I was able to take a lot of excellent photos with that camera, I could never be sure what the photos looked like until I paid to develop the complete roll! I have since progressed to a full-frame digital camera with two great lenses. The advantages of digital are many, including the fact that you can take all the photos you want at various exposures, check them out on your computer and save only the ones you want to keep. It’s interesting how you can photograph the same subject several times in one day and capture a different result each time, depending on the location of the…