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National Geographic Kids April 2019

National Geographic Kids magazine - the perfect balance between learning and fun! A must-have for children ages 6 and up. Each issue is packed with colorful photos, games, puzzles, fun features and facts about animals, science, technology, and more.

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weird but true!

A line of all the HARRY POTTER BOOKS SOLD (over 500 could million circle copies) the Earth twice. Adults can have as many as 1,500 DREAMS a year. Your feet have 500,000 sweat glands. The first AIRPLANE JOURNEY across the United States took 49 DAYS. It’s possible to produce ELECTRICITY from elephant dung. A piece of CAKE more than 4,000 YEARS OLD was found in a tomb in EGYPT. THERE ARE hundred-foot-tall SAND DUNES IN ALASKA. A 95-mile-long river underground flows beneath MEXICO. A Pennsylvania bakery made a hot dog that was 54 feet long. WIN THIS BOOK! GO ONLINE MARCH 19-26. natgeokids .com/april…

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incredible animal friends

Pilanesberg, South Africa Whenever Bob the meerkat got sleepy, he’d curl up in his favorite spot—between the paws of Zinzi the lion cub. “The animals would play in the morning and then cuddle together as they dozed,” says San-Maré Pretorius, co-manager of Predator World, where the animals lived. “They were inseparable.” The pair was introduced after their mothers abandoned them. Soon they were grooming each other, chasing one another, and snuggling when it was nap time. Zinzi liked to playfully leap at her meerkat buddy, then Bob would run away but return a few seconds later to try to pounce on Zinzi! The mischievous meerkat would also sometimes snatch the cub’s food or grasp onto her leg for a ride. Zinzi moved back to the zoo’s lion habitat when she was about three…

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guinness world records

SAILBOAT ON LAND Racing 126.1 miles an hour across a Nevada desert, this cool wind-powered contraption became the fastest land yacht ever. Called the Ecotricity Greenbird, it seems to sail like a boat on water. But if the driver doesn’t catch the 30-mile-an-hour wind just right, the land yacht might bite the dust! —Molly Marcot SO MANY YO-YOS! “Around the World” is probably a super-easy trick for this yo-yo master. Ben McPhee can spin 16 yo-yos simultaneously, the most on record. He starts by spinning 10 yo-yos and hanging them on hooks. The others? Two hang from each hand, two from each ear, and two are clenched between his teeth. Let’s hope he doesn’t get tied up in all that string. —Angela Modany DOGS GET MARRIED Wearing a $6,000 dress, Baby Hope Diamond the dog…

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bet you didn't know!

1 It can take about 20 SECONDS for a CHAMELEON to change color. 2 Wearing BLUE-TINTED SUNGLASSES might make you LESS HUNGRY. 3 OSCAR THE GROUCH was originally ORANGE. 4 More than 6 BILLION GREEN MONOPOLY HOUSES have been manufactured since 1935. 5 In parts of ENGLAND, having a BLACK SHEEP in a flock was considered LUCKY. 6 BROWN is the most COMMON human eye COLOR. 7 Darker-colored FROZEN POPS usually MELT FASTER than lighter ones. 8 In ancient CHINA, only EMPERORS could wear YELLOW. For more fun facts, grab a parent to watch Things You Wanna Know! youtube.com/natgeokids…

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this or that?

CHOOSE THIS: You’re super fast, but you’re in constant danger of being squashed. CHOOSE THAT: You have a super sense of smell, but you have to wait for your dinner. If you chose THIS Even SPEEDY SUPERHEROES like the Flash might not be as fast as a COCKROACH. If you could move as fast as this incredible insect, you’d be able to run a hundred-yard dash in just one second! With this superpower, you could almost be in two places at once. Unfortunately, cockroaches don’t have a fan club like THE FLASH does: They’re more often the main targets of the pest-removal industry. If you chose THAT What if you could smell a pizza from 2.5 miles away ... then had to wait hours before it was ready to eat? That’s just life for a KOMODO DRAGON,…

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amazing animals

Doggy Day Care Stansted Mountfitchet, England Fred the Labrador retriever took a quack at fatherhood when he adopted nine ducklings. After the ducklings were found wandering the grounds of Mountfitchet Castle (Fred’s home), the castle’s owners were worried the youngsters would struggle to survive without their mother. Good thing 10-year-old Fred was ready to be a parent! “Fred instantly took to the ducklings,” castle owner Jeremy Goldsmith says. The ducklings napped in a dog bed with Fred and often climbed on his back, the same way they’d sit on top of their duck mom. Ducklings that lose their mother sometimes become attached to the first moving thing they see, animal behavior expert Mary Burch says.“I would say the ducklings adopted Fred,” she says. The ducks are grown now, but they still see Fred every…