Octane October 2020

Octane is a premium monthly magazine celebrating over 100 years of automotive design, from classic Bentleys to the latest BMW. We have been at the heart of the motoring industry for seventeen years, so we know our stuff when it comes to classic cars. Written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, the magazine captures the exclusivity and excitement of the classic car world so you can experience it all wherever you are.

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chip off the old block

I’ve driven the Urus and more than one Aventador, but until now I hadn’t driven Sant’Agata’s V10-powered baby. The 2020 Huracán Evo looks stunning in Blu Aegeus with orange stripes and I’m childishly excited. Why? Well, I’ve had a soft spot for the Urraco since I sat in one aged four, and the Huracán is its great-grandchild. Yes, this four-wheel-drive V10 is the direct descendant of the near 50-year-old V8 original, and I’m sure both Ferruccio Lamborghini and Paolo Stanzani would have been very proud of it. It certainly looks the part. And I remember a Lamborghini tour on which a collector – a really passionate driver – preferred to leave me with an Aventador S so he got extra time with the Huracán Evo. That 5.2-litre, 631bhp V10 sounds ferocious,…

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MIKE DUFF ‘I’ve always been fascinated by Gordon Murray so it was an honour to be invited to interview him about his new car. He can make pretty much anything seem obvious, to the point you start to wonder why nobody else had thought it up before. Then you realise: “Because he’s Gordon Murray!”’ All about the new T.50: pages 64-68. TIM ANDREW ‘What a great opportunity to photograph the VW XL1 – basically a techy show car that actually made it into production – alongside the less extreme Honda Insight. Those minimalist slippery bodyshells are a far cry from the roller-skate, hunky hot hatches of the period and a delight to view from above.’ Octane goes eco-friendly: pages 98-106. JOHAN DILLEN ‘The 1944 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 “Turinga” is so much more than just an odd…

2 min
rules the bends

LOTS OF LITTLE B-roads round my way. Plenty of sweeping bends, of course, but also quite a lot of ropey surfaces. I’m often wary of hammering a fast car with a rough ride in these parts, but I was looking forward to this car because I have fond memories of its baby sibling – the AMG A35 – which I drove in the wilds of Scotland a couple of winters ago (see Octane 190). That one remains the cheapest way into AMG ownership at £36,000. Not a bargain, as such, but it’s a hell of a capable car, and 302bhp isn’t to be sniffed at. Or maybe it is. This one, the AMG A45 S, sports 415bhp. That’s up from the 376bhp of its old-gen forebear, yet similarly pumped out from a…

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BRISTOL 188 CONCEPT MODEL The supersonic ‘Flaming Pencil’, first flown in 1962, was a £20m failure with such an appetite for fuel that it never stayed airborne for more than 48 minutes. It was something to behold on its brief excursions into the sky, however, and this period, 1:10-scale model made from laminated obeche is almost as impressive. £9600. hatchwellantiques.co.uk PORSCHE HERITAGE JACKET The perfect jacket to sling in the car on days when Mother Nature is experiencing mood swings, and with enough pockets to accommodate all the accoutrements of modern life. £330. store.porsche.com REVIVE BUG AND GRIME REMOVER Part of Revive’s range of cleaning and detailing products, this potion is designed to loosen the remains of all the unfortunate bugs splattered by your car over the summer. £8.95. nowrevive.co.uk HONDA SUPER CUB SHIRT BY HELSTONS Helstons pays tribute to…

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the heart of a winner

A three-seat layout with central driving position: Gordon Murray was sketching such an idea back in 1969, and it’s back with the new T.50 (see following feature), but the F1 famously made it his trademark. And while Murray was busy paring grammes with every supplier (Kenwood was told to ‘just try harder’ with its CD player), his relationship with BMW – specifically, engine designer Paul Rosche, technical manager at BMW Motorsport – was closer than it was with most. What began as a prospective adaptation of the company’s racing V12 escalated into a bespoke project for just 100 cars. Rosche asked what was really wanted and was given a list: a V12 of the biggest displacement in the smallest overall package possible, no more than 600mm in length or 250kg in…

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play it again, gordon

I HAVE BEEN fortunate to meet Prof Gordon Murray on several occasions, but sadly most have been journalist ensemble pieces when no conversation is truly private and few answers off-message. However, in 2018 I enjoyed an unforgettable dinner – the Peninsula Classics Best of the Best Awards in Paris; sorry, but yes, it was exactly as amazing as it sounds – at which the poor Professor was trapped beside me for the duration. What stuck with me every bit as much as what he said that evening was the manner in which he said it. When the notably calm and measured Gordon Murray gets animated on a subject there is an almost Doc Brown undercurrent to him; his fascination with the hard science of why things work (and how they can…