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Outdoor Entertaining Issue #8

Outdoor entertaining becomes more appealing in the warmer months of the year though due to advances in heating, lighting and cooling it is still possible to have an outdoor lifestyle throughout the year. This issue – Outdoor Entertaining displays to its readers how to design and create, decorate, furnish and equip outdoor spaces and transform them into alfresco entertaining living spaces.

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editor's note

When the worries of the work-a-day world become too much, why waste time dreaming of escaping to a luxury resort in some far-flung location when you can create a private haven in your own backyard? A well-appointed, comfortably furnished outdoor living area can give you a holiday-at-home experience, providing you with somewhere you can relax in splendid isolation or a venue for entertaining friends when you feel like letting loose. Cooking is almost always central to any Aussie backyard bash and an outdoor kitchen ensures you have everything you need at your fingertips. Designing, building and equipping an outdoor kitchen provides you with a wonderful opportunity to create something tailored to meet your family’s very specific lifestyle and entertaining needs. Depending on space, budget, what you like to cook and how…

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city slickers

Renovating a home can be a high-stress proposition. As can working with friends. Combine both and you’d think you had a recipe for disaster, yet quite the contrary was the case when boyhood friends joined forces to transform a three-storey city terrace house. The heritage-listed property was in a parlous state, and that included the garden. Undeterred, Trystan Graham, partner at Outdoor Establishments Landscape Architects, leapt at the chance to head the garden design and work closely with his client, good friend and co-owner of the property, James Mafumo of A Gentleman’s Agreement. “The brief was to make the most of what limited space was available. James and the other owners wanted to be able to entertain in their garden as well as have the option to safely park their cars…

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an urban legend

When you’re on the TV show The Block, there’s no time to mess around. Impending deadlines constantly loom and creating picture-perfect spaces in short periods of time can be near-impossible for seasoned and unseasoned renovators alike. For last year’s All Stars Dea and Darren Jolly, calling in the help of Block veteran landscaping guru, David Franklin of Franklin Landscape & Design, was a must to ensure their outdoor terrace sat high and mighty above the rest, ultimately putting them at the top of the leader board with a perfect score of 30 out of 30. Originally a dead zone, Dea and Darren’s designated terrace area was little more than a leftover concrete space between the rear of the building and the back fence. The duo sought to create an area that…

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on the up

If you live in a built-up area and you are on the lookout for extra outdoor entertaining space, maybe you should look up … to your roof. This is what the owners of this home in Melbourne’s Albert Park did but in this instance, they set their sights on the garage roof, not the roof of their house. One of the homeowners is an engineer, the other a fashion designer, so although they had plenty of ideas of their own, they knew they needed a landscape designer’s professional perspective so the call went out to Paal Grant Designs In Landscaping. “The property is very narrow and there is not much space at ground level so to give the owners the garden they wanted, the best solution was to build it over the…

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find your bliss

Of Asian-influenced contemporary design, this rear garden is a feast for the senses, but it wasn’t always so. When Matt Leacy of Landart Landscapes and Pools was called in to revitalise the garden, he discovered a small, fully paved area that was overlooked by neighbours. The owners wanted a design that would make the space feel larger and more enticing. Explains Matt: “The family wanted it to be their private oasis, a place where they could entertain easily and comfortably on a regular basis. And, as the home opened up beautifully to the rear garden, they wanted the space beyond the back doors to feel like an extension of the home.” The cosy sunken lounge area creates a comfortable seating/lounge space and the level change makes it feel like there is a…

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outside favourite

As soon as the purchase contract for the home was signed, the new owner of this near-new three-level home, situated in Brisbane’s popular inner eastern suburb of Bulimba, started the process of creating her dream outdoor living space. Luckily, the back garden provides glimpses of the Brisbane River which forms a great backdrop during the day and a spectacular one at night, which is perfect when entertaining. “For an outdoor entertaining area to be successful, it must draw you out to use it and th en keep you there” As a busy professional, entertaining clients and business associates as well as her extended family is a regular occurrence and the brief was to ensure the space could provide an attractive and functional outdoor entertaining area which would be flexible and able to…