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An annual special issue dedicated to all paddlesports: sea kayaking, canoeing, recreational paddling, lake touring, kayak fishing, family paddling and beginners. Focused on the visual aspect the sport, Paddle World brings high quality photography, thoughtful articles and very creative lay out. Essential reading for all paddlers worldwide.

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water is more than life

Nearly 71 % of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. While the ocean holds 96.5 percent of the Earth’s water, water also exists in the air, in icecaps, glaciers, aquifers, and of course, lakes, rivers, and even ourselves. It is no wonder that we are drawn to water. Water is life.Water unites those of us who draw pleasure from being on or in its liquid depths.The paddlesports world is constantly growing. New communities and connections are being forged and brought into contact with each other, paddle sports providing opportunity to share a love of water that goes beyond cultural or national boundaries.Bill Vonnegut and the Neptune’s Rangers seek the dynamic, ever changing swells of the Pacific Ocean as it flows through rocky coastlines to create rapids and lines…

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texas water safari the world’s toughest canoe race

The Cowboys: Possum Belly DuPont, Chris Champion, JT Van Zandt, Polecat Stafford, Willie Martin and Lone Wolf Harras. “…WITH WAVES HITTING THE SHALLOWS THEN REVERBERATING BACK OUT TO SEA, THE LIGHTWEIGHT RACE BOATS ARE TOSSED AROUND LIKE A GUINEA PIG IN THE JAWS OF A DOBERMAN.” For 55 years, unscathed neophytes and river-weary repeat victims have gathered at the crystalline source of the San Marcos River on the second Saturday of June to launch headlong into what is justifiably known as the “World’s Toughest Boat Race.” The 265-mile long Texas Water Safari may have relinquished its claim as the “World’s Longest Canoe Race” to the likes of the Missouri River 340 and the 1,200-mile long Water Tribe Ultimate Florida Challenge, but the description “toughest” has yet to fade or…

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the wish list

SILVERBIRCH CANOES BROADLAND 16 - DURALITEDrawing on the classic lines and proven design characteristics of a traditional Prospector canoe, the Broadland is a true “all-rounder” and a real workhorse. A carefully considered rocker profile, and a symmetrical hull form ensure the Broadland 16 paddles well either tandem or solo.Length: 4845mm / 15’11” - Width: 934mm 36.75” - Weight: 31.5kg (with ash gunwales) - Level: performance - Different size available: yes - Broadland 15 WWW.SILVERBIRCHCANOES.COM FREEFALL PADDLES TRAVELLER IN ERGO CRANKFeaturing the same blade as our straight Traveller, this paddle hosts our unique Ergo Crank paddle shaft. Designed specifically to offer the advantages of ergonomic crank shaft design, our shafts are tight along their axes, flattening to the grip section. Manufactured from Ash or Merbau,…

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neptune’s rangers the hunt for neptune’s castle

On a bright August morning in 2011, as the swells generated by distant storms twined their way over and through the rocks and reefs on the Big Sur coast, the bright colors of plastic kayaks could be spotted in stark relief to the crystal blue water and grey-black cliffs. Here, a group of friends from the San Francisco Bay area known as Neptune’s Rangers surfed and dipped, exploring the endless inlets and passages formed by giant rock formations that block the impact of the breaking waves, but still leave paddlers exposed to the energy of the ocean. The Rangers were on a treasure hunt of sorts, for a message in a bottle left on top of a sea-stack named "Neptune's Castle" by Eric Soares 25 years earlier. Roger…

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the wish list

GUMOTEX SEAWAVEThanks to its long narrow shape, the SEAWAVE kayak is easy to control and very fast. It can be converted from a three-person version into a two-person or one-person kayak by moving the seats. Installation of an optional deck makes the SEAWAVE a great sea kayak. Aluminium reinforcements support the deck and stiffen the kayak’s hull. The floor features a pronounced keel for handling in the wind and better tracking. The SEAWAVE is an excellent touring kayak suitable also for paddling in sheltered waters.length: 455 - width: 80 - weight: 17.5 - max. capacity: 250 WWW.GUMOTEXBOATS.COM LEVEL SIX FJORD DRYSUITThe drysuit for your next expedition. Constructed from 2.5 ply eXhaust and integrated with 3 ply eXhaust panels on high water areas, this drysuit…

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blackwater gold

Fall colors provide a beautiful backdrop as Rob Kyle sets the hook on a bowfin. This was his first trip to the swamp, but he vowed it would not be his last. The black water of the Okefenokee was slick as glass as I readied my gear for the day. A nearby great egret squawked its disapproval at a blue heron trying to take its fishing spot, while red-shouldered hawks called for mates overhead. As the bow of my kayak slid from the bank, bright green lily pads shook, sending tiny mosquitofish in all directions. Across the canal, the lily pads moved, but didn’t stop when the ripples settled. It wasn’t long before the snout and eyes of a small alligator appeared above the surface. A quick scan revealed…