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Parcelle99 is dedicated to the Champagne world and its wines. From the authors of “The 99 Best Champagne Houses”, multiple award-winner in Italy and abroad, here’s a a new publication on Champagne: tasting notes, interviews with the most important figures (winegrowers, cellar masters, chefs, sommeliers, etc.), historical and technical implications as well as latest trends and new challenges for the future. Every six months, the result of the work of discovery, study, knowledge and critique on the most famous wine of the world.

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After publishing “The 99 best Champagne Houses” for ten years, the change of pace and format with the publication of Parcelle99 is something we’re not used to and, we must confess, we’re pleasantly surprised by it. Being able to analyze topics that couldn’t find space before, to describe events in a different way, involve new people and discover what others have to say makes our job more dynamic and exciting. We’re also very enthusiastic about the reception we’ve had for Parcelle99 which, from now on, will also be available in digital form, both in Italian and English, with an international distribution thanks to our agreements with Leaving the well-known street of the guidebook “The best 99 Champagne Houses”, whose six editions have been appreciated so much by champagne lovers, professionals and vignerons,…

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champagne week 2019 …and more

THIS YEAR WE FOUND IN GENERAL A LESS STIMULATING ENVIRONMENT COMPARED TO THE LATEST EDITIONS: SOME PRODUCERS DECIDED NOT TO PARTICIPATE, THERE WERE FEWER INTERESTING NEW PRODUCTS THAN PREVIOUS YEARS Champagne Week 2019 has come to an end: lots of events (but fewer than the past years), less people attending, taking into account that it was the week before Easter, as if there was a natural selection among lovers and workers of the sector between those who used to come to Champagne to follow a trend (now redirected towards other places) and those who keep coming because they have a real interest, starting from professional development. It is true as well that this year we found in general a less stimulating environment compared to the latest editions: some producers decided not to…

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30 years and still going strong!

During the night hours of the endless return trip from Champagne, I kept thinking on the image the could include everything that over the years has reminded me of them and their centuries long history, from the meetings sitting around a bottle and some glasses to the stories heard in the vineyard during a visit a few years ago. 125 years have gone by, through three centuries, since the maison Fleury Père & Fils was founded in Courteron, a small village in Aube overlooking the Seine that still has the form and the strength of a country creek. It all started in 1894 when Emile Fleury became the first certified nurseryman in Aube and, in 1914, he made the first graft for the grapevines attacked by phylloxera. It took 30 more years…

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champagne’s annus mirabilis

Between 1665 and 1666 England had to face a series of events of major importance. A huge fire destroyed most of London almost calming down the joy for the great victory against the Dutch in the North Foreland battle; in turn this was joined by a plague epidemic which had largely spread through the British capital a few months back. This incredibly emotional rollercoaster deeply impressed the sensibility of the English poet John Dryden who decided to write a report about these astonishing events. That’s how annus mirabilis, the year of wonders, was born in 1667. The title contained an old Latin phrase and contrary to the original book, whose traces have all been lost nowadays, it was a great success becoming anecdotal. Today annus mirabilis is indeed used to remember…

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pur meunier

BIG MAISONS HAVE NEVER ABANDONED THE MEUNIER DESPITE BEING CONSIDERED INFERIOR TO THE OTHER TWO VINE VARIETIES, BETTER KNOWN AND COMMON We leave Reims behind to cross the mountain and the forest, the landscape is not very rhythmical for most of the way because we’re surrounded by trees. Then, after a large curve and the end of the forest comes the rhythm of the hills and the river in the distance with its bights. We’re in Champagne, in the most classic Champagne and here it’s unlikely to get wrong: pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay are the vine varieties, in order of importance. These are the main musicians: it’s rare to find anything else. Two international stars and a probable native, the meunier. Some great classics from the firsts and some folk…

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not only bubbles

In the third edition of the book guide “The 99 Best Champagne Houses”, in summer 2011, I wrote that the weather conditions in Champagne do not create favorable conditions for the production of still wines. And that’s where I would like to start, returning to the subject from this statement that doesn’t actually reflect reality anymore due to the impact of climate change over the past years. After 2018’s harvest I heard many producers like Pascal Doquet, besides vignerons of the same caliber, talk about climate change, vineyard and production process’s ability to adapt, certifying that the region will be increasingly dependent on the production of still wines as long as the weather conditions stay the same. The climate is a very delicate subject, causing problems to all vignerons, forced to be more…