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Pioneer Woman Spring 2018

Ree Drummond shares her enthusiasm for the simple joys in life and inspires readers with her newest creation, The Pioneer Woman Magazine. Each issue is like a day with a good friend, full of helpful advice, great recipes, fun shopping and heartfelt stories – and lots of laughs.

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happy spring

When I was a little girl, winter was my favorite season of the year: I was all about sledding, snowball fights and snow days. Then I married a cowboy, moved to a cattle ranch and my winter tune changed entirely! Seeing what it takes to trudge through snow and ice to feed animals has been enough to turn me off of frigid weather forever. At the same time, moving to the country completely awakened and ignited my love of spring. Being on the ranch, absent the buildings and highways of cities, we’re really able to see the four seasons of the year in all their dramatic glory. Watching the day-by-day (and sometimes hour-by-hour) transformation of brown-gray earth to vibrant green abundance is truly something to behold. Spring burning is also a big…

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talk to me!

What is your favorite dessert to take to a party?—Rachel Parks, Pipersville, PA If you ask the potluck side of me, I’d say my favorite is dump cake. It’s so fun, and it’s always a hit. I made a trifle for a potluck once, and it didn’t really go anywhere. It was pretty, but I think people didn’t want to mess it up. When I take a dump cake, it’s gone! This cherry-pineapple version is one of my favorites: To make it, dump (see where the cake gets its name?!) a 21-ounce can of cherry pie filling and a 15-ounce can of crushed pineapple into a 9 x 13-inch baking dish and stir together. Sprinkle a box of white cake mix over the fruit, then top with 1½ sticks sliced butter.…

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meet ree’s mom!

She grew up in rural Oklahoma. Like Ree, Gerre spent a lot of time on the Oklahoma prairie: She’s from Alluwe, which has a population of just 200. When she was a teen, Gerre and her family moved to a nearby town: “We called it the big city, but it was about the size of Pawhuska!” she says. (Pawhuska’s population is 3,584.) These days Gerre lives in Chattanooga, TN. She helps people for a living. When Gerre, a former teacher, turned 55, she went back to school for a master’s in social work. Now she runs support groups for cancer patients and volunteers with the nonprofit American Mothers. “I moved to Chattanooga to retire, but I’m still working at the age of 76!” She’s a college basketball fanatic. Gerre played basketball in high school and…

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a toast to tupperware

It’s hard to imagine life in the kitchen without Tupperware, but until the mid-1940s, home cooks had to figure out their own way to store leftovers—like placing shower caps over bowls in the fridge. Then Tupperware hit shelves in 1946, and America’s cabinets have never been the same. The colorful containers were sturdy and practical—and buying them was actually fun: The products were often sold at get-togethers where women could chat, eat snacks and see demos before they bought. These revolutionary Tupperware parties helped women earn money and recognition when both were in short supply. Believe it or not, Tupperware parties still happen today, and of course, you can find plenty of vintage pieces on sites like Etsy and eBay. Have a look: Nothing will take you back to mom’s…

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super saver

As a third-generation Tupperware lover, Vermont native Ellen Bartemy has a collection that was in the making even before she was born. Her grandmother started selling Tupperware more than 60 years ago, and since then, both Ellen and her mom have been part-time saleswomen. Now she owns more than 1,000 pieces, dating as far back as the 1950s. (Some favorites are pictured here.) “I actually use my vintage Tupperware, including a pitcher my grandmother handed down to me,” says Ellen. “She passed away 10 years ago, so when my dad sees me use it, it brings a tear to his eye.”…

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pop uiz

1 Which of these Tupperware items was sold first? A Wonderlier storage bowls B Cake taker C Lettuce container D Salt and pepper shakers 2 Which celebrity is a fan of Tupperware? A Queen Elizabeth II B Drew Barrymore C Patti LaBelle D All of them 3 Which of these items did Tupperware not make? A Dog bowl B Pickle container C Travel desk D Vegetable chopper 4 Which word describes what happens when you let a little bit of air out of your Tupperware so it seals properly? A Sigh B Burp C Hiccup D Pop 5 Which museum has a collection of Tupperware? A Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City B The Design Museum, London C The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago D The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, Washington, DC 6 What object inspired the seal on a Tupperware container? A Paint can B Canning jar C Bandage D Car door TRUE OR…