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Esprit Bonsai International No. 96

Esprit Bonsai international is for everyone who loves, practises and wants to progress in the art of bonsai, with a respect for trees and nature. It is a magazine by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, which is not content simply to present techniques and great masters, but which also asks questions about the place of bonsai within the world, our lives and our daily rituals, and presents suiseki, kusamono and other arts around bonsai.

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exploring japanese gardens

It only takes one step – one very small step – to get from Japanese gardens to bonsai. Because the art of bonsai has its roots in Japan; because Japan’s gardens are marked by the same philosophy as that of the art of bonsai; because many of you love these gardens which allow us to see, among other things, trees worked as bonsai – we thought it would be a good idea to create (or, rather, reintroduce) a regular feature on Japanese gardens. Walking through these spaces transports us into another dimension: a communion with nature, a sense of calm. There is a lot to see, to understand, to sense, to hear. We will try to take you on a voyage of discovery, to show, to explain and – why…

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IN THE UK • In Yorkshire The British Bonsai Traders Association is organising its autumn exhibition for 28 October in Doncaster, Yorkshire. • Doncaster Deaf Trust, Leger Way, Doncaster, DN2 6AY Information: Corin Tomlinson, • At Heathrow Every year in October, the Heathrow Bonsai Show invites British bonsai clubs to exhibit at the Harlington Sports Centre. The 9th edition will take place on Sunday 21 October and will bring together 39 of the country’s bonsai clubs and 38 trade stands, in the UK’s largest event for bonsai associations. • Harlington Sports Centre Pinkwell Lane, Harlington, Middlesex, UB3 1PB UK Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission: £3, free for under-12s. Contact: Mark Moreland, 07850 771201 E-mail: IN SPAIN • At Alcalà de Xivert-Alcossebre For its 11th edition, the Sakkaten, an exhibition organised by Nippon…

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European Bonsai-San Show 2018 The European Bonsai-San Show, in the French town of Saulieu, will be the first big European bonsai gathering this autumn. On 6 and 7 October, Frédéric Chenal, the organiser, will again bring together more than a hundred of the continent’s finest bonsai, at the town’s exhibition centre. A panel of judges – comprising Luis Baliño, Salvatore Liporace, Danny Use and Kim Seok Ju – will award four prizes, while 12 event partners will each contribute a prize in a category that they will have chosen beforehand. Esprit Bonsai International will reward the owner of the best large broadleaf with a beautiful piece of calligraphy by Denise Lach. No fewer than 11 European and Korean demonstrators will lead simultaneous demonstrations over the weekend, on a podium situated at…

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are there national styles of bonsai?

The art of bonsai developed in Japan several centuries ago, having come there from China. The Japanese added many elements and codes from their own culture to arrive at the trees that we admire today and which remain, for the time being, unequalled in terms of both quality and quantity. Over the last few decades, this typically Asian art has been exported almost everywhere in the world. In Europe, bonsai arrived in countries that enjoyed a long history, a long artistic past and a variety of cultures. Although it arrived only recently, Europeans approached the art of bonsai with sensibilities specific to their own countries, despite the obvious and inescapable influence of Japanese bonsai. Yet can we speak of British, French, German or Italian bonsai? Does bonsai as it is practised and exhibited…

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bonsai-club deutschland 40 years of passion

The Bonsai-club Deutschland (BCD) celebrated its 40th anniversary with a large exhibition held at the Kongress am Park, in Augsburg, Bavaria. In addition to the display of trees by club members, was a very attractive exhibition of contemplation stones by the Deutsche Suiseki-Gesellschaft (the German suiseki society). The quality of the trees shown – even at a European level – was excellent. Many professionals spoke of it as being the finest exhibition in the history of the BCD. Some large trees For jury evaluation, the trees were classified into three categories: shohin (under 20 cm/8 in.), chuhin (between 20–45 cm/8–18 in.), and omono (over 45 cm/18 in). Surprisingly, there was a clear majority of “large” trees that made up almost 80 per cent of the pieces exhibited. For many years, the trees exhibited by…

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the bonsai-club deutschland

The Bonsai-club Deutschland (BCD) was founded under the namee of Bonsai-Club, Verein europäischer Miniaturbaumfreunde e.V. (Bonsai-club association for European amateurs of miniature trees). Among the founder members were Paul Lesniewicz, the late Horst Krekeler, Wolfgang Zimmer and the late Willi Benz. The today has some 2000 members and is one of the largest national bonsai associations in Europe. The BCD is run by a governing board of eight people. Elmar Heil has been its chairman since 2015. The BCD sees itself as a service provider and offers occasional and continual training. It offers free training for its members at all its ten regional branches. For the heads of work groups and local clubs there is a specific complementary training programme. Financial support is also provided for workshops or regional exhibitions. The club’s…