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Esprit Bonsai International No. 97

Esprit Bonsai international is for everyone who loves, practises and wants to progress in the art of bonsai, with a respect for trees and nature. It is a magazine by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, which is not content simply to present techniques and great masters, but which also asks questions about the place of bonsai within the world, our lives and our daily rituals, and presents suiseki, kusamono and other arts around bonsai.

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there is room!

It isn’t every year that a country gets to host a global convention. Because of scheduling complications and some organisational constraints, two major bonsai events took place at the same time, in different cities in eastern France, in October 2018: the World Bonsai Convention in Mulhouse, and the European Bonsai-San Show in Saulieu. Let’s leave aside the controversy, which is not constructive, and focus instead on the after – the attendance levels and the public interest in these two events. There were plenty of bonsai lovers present, at both Saulieu and Mulhouse. Neither event overshadowed the other. It is pleasing to note that having more than one event on offer did not reduce either their quality or their attractiveness for bonsaists. So there is room for everyone! As for the World Bonsai…

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IN BELGIUM The 6th Salon de Bonsaï d’Enghien (Enghien Bonsai Show) will take place on 18 and 19 May 2019. The Enghien show is gradually making its mark in the European bonsai landscape. Tony Tickle and Filip Haesen will be guest demonstrators. Amateurs and professionals are welcome to exhibit one or more trees and should contact the organisers, Philippe Robert and Joseph Bernard. • or IN THE UNITED KINGDOM • ExpoBonsai UK 2019 The second edition of ExpoBonsai UK will take place on Sunday 7 April 2019 from 10.00 a.m. An exhibition of quality bonsai by individual owners and a market of over 30 traders, the exhibition is just two-and-a-half miles from Heathrow airport, near London. Harlington Sports Centre, Pinkwell Lane, Harlington, UB3 1PB • UK National Bonsai Show The Bonsai Europa exhibition has changed its name –…

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ceramic pot competition

The Akiten exhibition, still in Brixen in North Italy, returns for its second exhibition on 2 and 3 November, 2019. Akiten also holds the competition for bonsai ceramics. The competition is open to both amateur and professional ceramicists. Participants may only present one piece for the competition. The pot must have all the characteristics required for planting a normal bonsai or a grass bonsai. The jury will be made up of specialists who are at once artists and technical experts. The three best ceramics will win: 1st: €1300 2nd: €400 3rd: €300 The three winning pieces will become the property of the Brixen Bonsai Club, who will then organise a raffle among the exhibitors at Akiten 2019. The exhibitors who win the pots must obligatorily undertake to show the pot planted with a bonsai at the 2021…

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exhibitions and conventions

ARANJUEZ, SPAIN 26–27 January 2019 The UBE (Unión del bonsai español) convention Isabel de Farnesio Aranjuez Cultural Centre Capitán, 39 28300, Aranjuez Email: Facebook: Unión del Bonsai Español GENK, BELGIUM 8–10 February ‘Best of’ 20 years’ Trophy Demonstrators: Masayuki Fujikawa (JP), Ryan Neil (USA), Vaclav Novak (CZ), Gabriel Romero (ES) and Cho Won Dong, Choi Song Ho, Her Youn Hang, Kang Sook Hoon, Kim Seok Ju and Lee Kwang Jong from Korea. Limburghal c.v., Jaarbeurslann 6 MILAN, ITALY 22–24 February 4th Festival of shohin bonsai Exhibition of over 100 compositions. Guest of honour: Hiroki Miura. Crespi Bonsai S.S. del Sempione, 37 - 20015 Parabiago (MI) Italy HARLINGTON, UNITED KINGDOM 7April ExpoBonsai UK Harlington Sports Centre, Pinkwell Lane, Harlington, Middlesex. UB3 1PB, Entrance: £5.00 Hours: 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. Email: ALBI, FRANCE 10–12 May The Fédération française de bonsaï…

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what is a native bonsai?

In Europe, it is common practice for bonsai lovers to separate the species used for bonsai into two categories: - Japanese ones that have been used for bonsai in their country of origin for many years - European, or “native”, ones, which we are used to seeing in the mountains and countryside of our home countries. Both groups are well represented in European collections, and each of the two categories has its staunch advocates who defend only that one and not the other. This opposition, which has long fuelled debates held at European exhibitions, can offer an opportunity to question the notion of native species, as it is a far less obvious notion than you might think. A question of period The concept of native or exotic species is very relative, depending on whether you…

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mulhouse loves bonsai!

“Mulhouse loves Japan” – a full programme for the capital of the Haut-Rhin department in France, which this autumn, celebrated the diplomatic relations between Japan and France. At the Parc-Expo in Mulhouse, the “Journées d’octobre” (October Days) event was undoubtedly the highlight of the festivities between 4 and 14 October. page 10 The Folie’flore flower show, part of the October Days event, paid tribute to Japanese culture in its gardens by inviting ikebana and bonsai to be part of its scene with a display of ten ishisuki and the 30 bonsai trees from Euro Top 30. page 14 The Bonsai Clubs International Convention was held in the grounds of the Parc-Expo 12 to 14 October. This exceptional event brought together some twenty international demonstrators, an exhibition of top-level European bonsai, stones from…