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Esprit Bonsai International No. 98

Esprit Bonsai international is for everyone who loves, practises and wants to progress in the art of bonsai, with a respect for trees and nature. It is a magazine by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, which is not content simply to present techniques and great masters, but which also asks questions about the place of bonsai within the world, our lives and our daily rituals, and presents suiseki, kusamono and other arts around bonsai.

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Social, economic and political turmoil have been shaking up a number of countries for several weeks, months or even years. What could be more reassuring than being able to take refuge in doing something you love? Not to ignore the reality of what’s going on around you, but simply to unwind and perhaps get to the very essence of what it is to be human. In “The Spirit of Bonsai”, Jean-Guy Arpin invites us to take the Zen path, which has allowed him to go beyond mere passion to experience moments of grace and bliss It is also said that we don’t choose to meditate, but that the meditative state comes to us – a subtle difference, if there is any. Be that as it may, although meditation is very…

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IN JAPAN The 93rd Kokufu-ten exhibition takes place from 9 to 17 February 2019 in Tokyo. For several years now, this prestigious Japanese exhibition has been presented as a two-part event. Part 1, 9 to 12 February; Part 2, 14 to 17 February. • Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno Park, Tokyo. Opening hours: 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., 17th 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Admission: 1,000 yen (Group reduction for parties of over 20 people, 700 yen). IN THE USA • Bonsai on the Bayou The Houston Bonsai Society, together with the American Bonsai Society and the Lone Star Bonsai Federation, present Bonsai on the Bayou 2019. The convention will take in Houston, Texas. There is a bonsai and suiseki exhibition with awards and over $2,000 in prize money assigned by a judging panel.…

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exhibitions and conventions

2019 GENK, BELGIUM 8–10 February ‘Best of’ 20 Years Trophy Demonstrators: Masayuki Fujikawa (JP), Ryan Neil (USA), Vaclav Novak (CZ), Gabriel Romero Aguade (ES) and Cho Won Dong, Choi Song Ho, Her Youn Hang, Kang Sook Hoon, Kim Seok Ju and Lee Kwang Jong from Korea. Limburghal c.v., Jaarbeurslann 6 MILAN, ITALY 22–24 February 4th Festival of Shohin Bonsai Exhibition of over 100 compositions. Guest of honour: Hiroki Miura. Crespi Bonsai, S.S. del Sempione, 37 – 20015 Parabiago (MI) HARLINGTON, UK 7April ExpoBonsai UK Harlington Sports Centre, Pinkwell Lane, Harlington, Middlesex UB3 1PB Admission: £5 Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. E-mail: ARCO, ITALY 26–28 April XVIII Arco Bonsai Trophy, Municipal Casino Displays from Italian bonsai clubs. Demonstrations by Mauro Stemberger and suiseki exhibition. ENGHIEN, BELGIUM 18–19 May 6th Enghien Bonsai Show Guests: Tony Tickle and Filip Haesen. CHELSEA,…

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“Best of” by Bonsai Association Belgium is the new name for the Noelanders Trophy, but the concept remains the same! And for the 20th edition of this now highly esteemed gathering, it will be “Best of” 20 Years Trophy! So bonsai lovers are still invited to the Limburghal in Genk, and this time for three days of festivities, from 8 to 10 February. In addition to the trees and suiseki, pots will also be on show. Alex Rudd, of the European Bonsai Potter Collective, is a lover of ceramics and will have put together a display of antique and modern pots. The demonstrators’ stage will be as prestigious as it gets! Masayuki Fujikawa (Japan), Ryan Neil (USA), Vaclav Novak (Czech Republic) and Gabriel Romero Aguade (Spain) are the international guests.…

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zen and bonsai

One learns from various written works the important place bonsai occupied in the daily lives of scholars (Japanese intellectuals), as well as its social, religious and artistic role. It is certainly very present in Zen Buddhism. Indeed the monks ensured the maintenance and well-being of these small trees. Like all living beings, trees have their own story to tell, which can be seen in their bearing, and in their shapes sculpted by time and bad weather. Thus, all the marks from life events will leave their imprint on a small tree’s journey that can sometimes exceed 500 years. The time spent with one’s bonsai invites contemplation and becomes a moment of meditation. And this is the link with Zen; the two unite in every action taken and every sphere of intervention required in…

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taikan-ten 2018 from traditional to avant-garde

Over the ten or so years that I have been attending, the look and feel of the Taikan-ten have changed; initially it morphed from an interesting seasonal exhibition of reasonably high quality, to one where the level of some trees was embarrassingly poor and the main reason to go to Kyoto was for the food and the autumnal colours. Thankfully over the last three years and under the guidance of Shinji Suzuki, it has transformed back into a must-see exhibition which improves year on year. In 2018, from 23 to 26 November, at the Miakomesse in Kyoto, there was an increase in the number of individual themed booths as well as an impressive addition to the sales area. Sea spray on leaves The overall level of the individual trees was remarkably good…