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Esprit Bonsai International No. 99

Esprit Bonsai international is for everyone who loves, practises and wants to progress in the art of bonsai, with a respect for trees and nature. It is a magazine by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, which is not content simply to present techniques and great masters, but which also asks questions about the place of bonsai within the world, our lives and our daily rituals, and presents suiseki, kusamono and other arts around bonsai.

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esprit bonsai international

Publishing Director: Christian Fournereau– Editor in Chief: Michèle Corbihan – Art Director: Antoine Simon – Designers to Layout: Stéphanie Grevet, Benjamin Madelainne. – Translators: Abigail Grater, Nichola Lewis – Contributors to this issue: John Armitage, Jean-Guy Arpin, BonsaiTranslations, Louis-Victor Bourdeau, Xavier Dreux, Jérôme Hay, Gilbert Labrid, Soazic Le Franc, Sergio Luciani, Isabel Ribeiro, Antonio Ricchiari, Nik Rozman, Marcel Vrignaud, Peter Warren. – Advertising: Manon Foustoul +33297 248152 – Retail and Professional: Magalie Rous +33297593766 – Accounts: Anne Le Crom +33297593761 – Sales Inspection: Pagure Presse Tel: +33144699282 – Reprographics: Antoine Simon – Setting and Printing: Rectiligne…

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a happy anniversary

For one weekend Genk became the European capital of bonsai. Indeed all eyes were on its 20th ‘Best of’ 20 years Trophy that marked its 20th birthday. In just two decades, after a change in location a few years ago and a name modification the year of its anniversary, this Belgian show organised by the Bonsai Association Belgium has grown into the largest exhibition on the continent. Once again, The Trophy has put on a great show for an impressive number of visitors – proof, if any were needed, that bonsai can still draw the crowds. The secret of this success? Genk’s central position in Europe is certainly a great asset, but obviously this was not the only reason. It was above all the high quality of the trees! Added…

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IN BELGIUM • Mons The Cercle montois du bonsaï (Mons Bonsai Circle) will celebrate its 35th anniversary at an exhibition to be held on June1– June2. • Salle Calva d’Havré, rue du dépôt, 38 7021 Mons, Belgium Facebook : Cercle Montois du Bonsai • Enghien The 6th Enghien bonsai show will include guests, Tony Tickle and Filip Haesen. • Parc d’Enghien, avenue Elisabeth, Enghien 7850, Belgium Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 6.00p.m. Entrance fee: €10. Information and booking: Joseph Bernard: or Robert Philippe: IN FRANCE The largest Japanese park in Europe, in Maulévrier, Anjou, opened its doors on 15 March, after the winter break. This year, the Oriental park again offers a varied programme. Hanami, the cherry tree festival, on April 7, is one of the first events of this new season. The Japanese drum show will be…

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The Pacific Bonsai Museum – the bonsai museum at Federal Way on the West Coast of the United States (Washington) – launched the Living Art of Bonsai (LAB) in 2018, which is a multi-year-long experiment in four-part investigating the influence of inspired architectural settings, and the effect of collaboration resequencing, on the art of bonsai. The purpose of the project is to advance innovation and artistic expression in bonsai. Sessions can be followed on video streaming for an entry fee. The date for LAB 2 is 6 April, 2019 on the theme: The art of bonsai – containers and potting. LAB participants are Ryan Neil (bonsai artist), Austin Heitzman (stand maker), Ron Lang (ceramicist) and Aarin Packard (moderator, Pacific Bonsai Museum). The artists will meet at the Mary Lund Davis-design…

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in our bookshop bonsai inspirations 2

A new edition of the second volume in the series Bonsai Inspirations by British writer, Harry Harrington, has just been published. This edition has been greatly expanded in regard to text and photos. The author has updated from over six years of experimenting and developing each of his trees. A new section is devoted to a large elm and is pictured on the dust jacket. Harry Harrington also gives detailed descriptions of his work on dead wood – another new addition to the book. A must-have! • Soft cover: 28 cm x 22 cm (11 x 8½in.). Code: Inspirbon2…

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To watch over you and help you grow Says it all. Bonsai Angels, created on the initiative of Englishman, Tony Tickle, was set up to recognise those individuals who work tirelessly to promote and further the art and horticulture of bonsai, be it at club, national or international level. Bonsai Angels is a not-for-profit undertaking supported by donations. Anyone may nominate an individual who is worthy of being called a Bonsai Angel. Christian Vos, a member of the Bonsai Association Belgium, the association’s organiser of The Trophy, at Genk, and president of the Fédération belge de bonsai (the Belgian federation of bonsai) since 2016, was named the first Bonsai Angel in February, 2018. Twelve more titles have since been bestowed. The last two were awarded in February 2019 to Antje…