Publishers Weekly March 22, 2021

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the week in publishing

Daisy Maryles, the beloved, multi-talented, long-serving former executive editor of PW, whose career spanned 44 years on staff and more as a contributing editor, died in New York City on March 18, a month shy of her 74th birthday. Maryles started at PW in 1965, at age 18, as an editorial assistant, and in 1973 she was named news editor. Two years later she became bookselling and marketing editor, and in 1981 she was promoted to senior editor. In 1985 she was elevated to the executive editorship that she held for almost a quarter century. In all, she published more than 5,000 items under her own byline in the magazine. Maryles was known for her big heart. She hired and mentored countless staff, spearheaded the creation of PW’s religion department, edited…

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remembering a year to forget

On Mar. 11, 2020, the PW management team announced that any employee who wanted to work from home was welcome to do so. I took a rather empty train into New York from Westchester County on March 13 to finish putting out the print edition of the magazine. As I left the office that evening, I thought I would pop in a few days later to pick up some items and get ready to work from home for a few more weeks. As it turned out, the next trip I made to New York was Feb. 27, 2021—to clean out my old office in preparation for PW moving a few buildings down on 23rd Street into slightly smaller space. We will be in our new digs, on the ninth floor at…

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you won't want to miss a word

Reflections On Life Pocket Philosophy Patricia B. Schoeler It’s poetry of inspiration, hope and courage! The peaks and valleys we all experience in our world. Totally relatable to all. Injects strength for the future into the nation’s heart. $19.99 paperback 978-1-4691-7466-2 also available in hardcover & ebook The Day America Cried! So Many Innocents Died 9-11-01 Patricia B. Schoeler This book captures the actual events and emotions of the 9-11-01 tragedy and the following days and months in poetic form. $12.99 paperback 978-1-4653-5083-1 also available in hardcover & ebook Heirs of Deceits Elizabeth Reinach Sir Gilbert was rejected by his social class because he first hired his illegitimate children as servants, then recognising them, to the world’s horror. Murder and chaos followed. $20.17 paperback 978-1-9845-8983-5 also available in hardcover & ebook Bubblegum Forest Chiki Fleischman Chew-Chew Cat had a dream that the trees in the forest were made of many flavors. She…

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two california presses grew in 2020

Being a California publisher and lucky to be living a California lifestyle means that we see things differently,” said Tyrell Mahoney, president of Chronicle Books in San Francisco. “The downside is that because we are outside the New York publishing bubble, we have had to travel a lot more and work harder to surface our brand and connect with customers. That changed with the pandemic, for the obvious reason that no one could travel.” The industry’s shift to virtual work and Zoom meetings meant staffers at Chronicle had to rethink their workflow. For Mahoney that meant less time on planes, though early morning calls remain the norm. For the editorial and production teams, the shift was more significant, as it meant producing and selling books they might not ever have a…

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DEAL OF THE WEEK Oluo’s ‘Revolution’ Stirs HarperOne In a high six-figure deal, Rakesh Satyal at HarperOne bought world rights to Ijeoma Oluo’s Be a Revolution. Oluo, the bestselling author of Mediocre and So You Want to Talk About Race, was represented by Lauren Abramo at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret. HarperOne said Be a Revolution “will show how people and communities are working to create real systemic change—in areas like education, media, science, health, housing, and agriculture—with the goal of achieving intersectional racial equity.” Putnam Nabs Fowler’s ‘Booth’ Booker finalist Karen Joy Fowler sold Booth, her first book in nine years, to Putnam’s Sally Kim. Fowler (The Jane Austen Book Club) was represented by Molly Friedrich and Lucy Carson at the Friedrich Agency in the world rights agreement. The historical novel, set…

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benefits of an automated rights system

Rights are often thought of as an ancillary component in publishing, and yet the ability of a publisher’s rights department to manage and administer its portfolio of licensing opportunities can result in significant extra annual revenue. Advances in rights management software are making it easier to mine not only additional sales but to find more operating efficiencies, as well. Those were the two big takeaways from the “Beyond the Deal: Managing Rights” webinar held earlier this month by PW and sponsored by Virtusales. “There’s a recognized need for better rights management systems,” said Bill Rosenblatt, president of GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies, “but not much understanding of the financial benefit for including those systems.” In his opening remarks, Rosenblatt outlined the results from a study he cowrote on the return on investment…