Publishers Weekly September 6, 2021

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the week in publishing

Follett School Solutions, the K–12 software and content division of Follett Corp., has been acquired by the global investment firm Francisco Partners. Britten Follett, who remains in a leadership role at FSS, said the deal gives the company more funding to expand in the educational technology space. Profits at Penguin Random House soared 55.1% in the first half of 2021 over the comparable period in 2020, with that increase powered by a 10.9% increase in sales. Total revenue for the period was €1.80 billion, about $2.1 billion, while earnings jumped to €324 million, from €209 million a year ago. The ninth annual ABA Children’s Institute saw attendance jump to 985, up from 745 attendees last year. The event, which ended September 1, marked the second year that the indie bookseller gathering was…

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meet the next big thing.

More Wise Words To Ponder A Selection Of Great Thoughts Through Quotes And Verses Eric Wei This book, a sequel to the earlier volume, is dedicated to all quote lovers. It is a collection of wise and witty sayings through quotes and verses. $11.70 paperback 978-1-5437-6269-3 also available in hardcover & ebook The Alb A Novel Luis Rousset A fast-paced adventure/thriller in which a New York detective is hired to track the disappearance of a mining magnate and priceless archeological objects from an Inca tomb site in Peru. $13.99 paperback 978-1-6655-0330-3 also available in hardcover & ebook Great Uncle Bertie’s Garden Dennis Roe Bertie the Blackbird teaches young birds as he tells stories about how life changes over years, in different seasons and even day-to-day. $14.34 paperback 978-1-6655-8471-5 also available in hardcover & ebook Facing 2030 Coping With Climate Change Peter J. Dwyer In seven chapters, Facing 2030 looks at climate change in…

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tiktok booms

In August 2016, Colleen Hoover’s It Ends with Us was published by Simon & Schuster’s Atria Books. By the end of its first month on the market, the novel had sold about 21,000 copies at outlets that report to NPD Book-Scan. The publicity was good—a nine-stop national book tour, blurbs from bestselling authors—but sales flatlined after that initial month. For several years, weekly sales rarely broke triple digits. Then something changed. Libby McGuire, senior v-p and publisher of Atria, first noticed a sales bump in November 2020. By the summer of 2021, the bump became a surge: since the start of June, weekly sales have averaged about 17,000. McGuire said Atria has gone back to press 24 times since November to keep up with demand. “We are printing as quickly as…

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print unit sales fell 2.3% at end of august

Increases in fiction sales were not enough to off set another round of declines in nonfiction, leading to a 2.3% drop in unit sales of print books in the week ended Aug. 28, 2021, compared to the week ended Aug. 29, 2020, at outlets that report to NPD BookScan. Sales in adult nonfiction fell 8.8%, though at this time a year ago there was no blockbuster seller. Tops in nonfiction in the week ended Aug. 29, 2020, was Jon Meacham’s His Truth Is Marching On, which sold just over 38,000 copies. In the most recent week, Mark Levin’s American Marxism remained #1, selling more than 29,000 copies. The top-selling new nonfiction book was Mike Duncan’s Hero of Two Worlds, about the Marquis de Lafayette, which sold more than 14,000 copies,…

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concerns mount over supply chain

A BISG webinar held in early July sought to draw attention to the growing challenges in the book industry’s supply chain. Panelists pointed to shortages of truck drivers and trailers, congestion at the ports, and escalating transportation costs as factors that, in the words of David Hetherington, Book International’s v-p of global business development, were putting more pressure on the supply chain than at any time he could remember. In the ensuing two months, things have gotten worse, as printing capacity continues to shrink and labor shortages have made it difficult for printers, retailers, and wholesalers to fully staff their businesses. Concerns have risen to such a level that the two biggest trade wholesalers, Ingram and Bookazine, have reached out to their accounts to urge them to take a range of…

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DEAL OF THE WEEK Harper Buys Raskin Memoir In a world rights agreement, Congressman Jamie Raskin sold his memoir, Unthinkable, to Lisa Sharkey at Harper. The book, which Matt Harper will edit, is slated for January 4, and will, the publisher said, chronicle the tumultuous start of 2021 for the politician, a 45-day period in which he confronted the loss of his son to suicide, survived the Capitol riot, and went on to introduce an article of impeachment against then president Donald Trump. The book, subtitled Trauma, Truth, and the Trials of American Democracy, is, Raskin said, “a labor of love written to capture the dazzling life of a brilliant young man in crisis, whom we lost forever, and the struggle to defend a beautiful nation in crisis, a democracy that…