Publishers Weekly October 4, 2021

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the week in publishing

Creative Artists Agency has purchased ICM Partners, a deal that unites two of Hollywood’s most powerful talent agencies; both have large literary departments. Gregory Henry, a veteran publicist who had most recently worked at Melville House, died unexpectedly on September 17. He was 48. John Ziccardi, who led national sales efforts at Bantam and Bantam Doubleday Dell in a 30-year career, died September 27. He was 78. Stacy Lellos has been named publisher of Workman Children’s Books. Most recently president of Scholastic’s Klutz unit, Lellos will join Workman on October 18. Traci N. Todd has been named publisher of Little Bee Books. Todd was most recently children’s publishing director at Workman, a position she left in February to focus on her writing. Online & On-Air The Week Ahead Senior writer Andrew Albanese previews this year’s Frankfurt Book…

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the vanishing middle

When Hachette Book Group acquired Workman Publishing, HBG CEO Michael Pietsch observed that Workman was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, remaining independent trade publishers left in the U.S. Based on available data, a case could indeed be made that Workman was the largest of its kind. Which has raised a question in publishing circles: why are there so few independent publishers of size? There is a dearth of what can be called midsize publishers that fall between the Big Five and the many independent publishers with sales of $20 million or less. The Houghton Mifflin Harcourt trade division, with 2020 sales of $192 million, was what could have been considered a mini-major before it was acquired by HarperCollins. The Scholastic trade group, with sales of $355 million in…

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unit sales up 3.2% in mid-september

Helped by a number of hot new releases, unit sales of print books rose 3.2% in the week ended Sept. 25, 2021, over the comparable week in 2020, at outlets that report to NPD Book-Scan. The week’s top-selling title was Peril by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, which sold more than 192,000 copies in its first week. A year ago, Woodward’s second book on the Trump administration, Rage, sold approximately 355,000 copies in its first week. Still, the publication of Peril blunted the steady declines the adult nonfiction category has experienced since the beginning of summer, with sales falling only 0.8% from the week ended Sept. 26, 2020. Other new nonfiction releases that did well were Vanderbilt by Anderson Cooper, which sold more than 44,000 copies, and Crazy Faith by…

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dick robinson

Dick achieved more than most, for publishing and for books and reading, and did it with unbelievable modesty and discretion, he wielded his power with benevolence. We shared many important authors, we shared goals and values for our respective publishing houses, his which was founded by his father, mine by my grandfather. We shared the same mission of nurturing our colleagues, our authors, our young readers, and our cultural responsibilities. I admired what Scholastic represents for America, he admired what Gallimard represents for France. Few American publishers could reconcile America and Europe better than Dick. Few knew European publishing better than him. He was truly a man of the world, a world without frontiers. If there has not been enough recognition and honors for the giant of international publishing he was, this…

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the expanse saga wraps up

It began as a role-playing game. Twenty years and over one million words later, it is a bestselling series of nine books that have reimagined the idea of a space opera and spawned an acclaimed television series. It is The Expanse, a triumph of creative imagination that presents a plausible future for humanity as it ventures beyond Earth to establish communities throughout the solar system. The novels, which are rich in drama and action, and which have been compared to A Song of Ice and Fire, balance nuanced characterizations, economics, politics, and issues such as medical ethics, race relations, and equity. This November, the 2020 Hugo Award winner for best series, written by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck under the pseudonym James S.A. Corey, ends with Leviathan Falls, a satisfying conclusion…

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finland’s “outsider” bookstore opens

Rosebud Bookstore has been a popular pop-up chain in Helsinki for years, but last month it opened a new store on the campus of the University of Helsinki. At 14,000 sq. ft., the store is the largest in Finland and is among the largest in the Nordic countries. “We have two kilometers of shelving, and will offer 50,000 titles when we are fully stocked,” said Hannu Paloviita, CEO of Rosebud. Paloviita is a well-known figure in Helsinki’s arts circles as the original founder of Like publishing house, now owned by Ottava, and as a programmer of the Helsinki Literary Festival. The store offers a broad selection of books, in Finnish as well as English, with a focus on hard-to-find nonfiction titles in sciences and the humanities. “Since this store is part…