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Recoil July/August 2018

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on the cover

1 RIFLE MAKE: SIG SAUER MODEL: Rattler MSRP: $2,700 URL: www.sigsauer.com 2 RED DOT MAKE: Leupold MODEL: LCO MSRP: $700 URL: www.leupold.com 3 SUPPRESSOR MAKE: Gemtech MODEL: GMT-300BLK MSRP: $995 URL: www.gemtech.com 4 SHIRT MAKE: Magpul MODEL: R&R Plaid Shirt SS MSRP: $65 URL: www.magpul.com 5 PANTS MAKE: Magpul MODEL: Reflex Pant MSRP: $80 URL: www.magpul.com 6 PEN MAKE: Tuff Writer MODEL: Precision Press Series MSRP: $96 URL: www.tuffwriter.com 7 KNIFE MAKE: Gerber MODEL: Empower MSRP: $148 URL: www.gerbergear.com 8 NIGHT VISION MAKE: Armasight MODEL: MNVD-51 3G Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular MSRP: $5,995 URL: www.armasight.com 9 NIGHT VISION MAKE: Flir MODEL: Breach PTQ136 MSRP: $2,495 URL: www.flir.com 10 BRIDGE MAKE: Ultimate Night Vision MODEL: RQE Universal Dual Bridge MSRP: $699 URL: www.ultimatenightvision.com 11 HELMET MAKE: MTEK MODEL: Flux Ballistic MSRP: Starting at $1,438 URL: www.mtekusa.com 12 BELT MAKE: Springfield Armory MODEL: 1.5” Dual Layered MSRP: $69 URL: store.springfield-armory.com 13 BAG MAKE: Arc’teryx MODEL: LEAF Courier Bag 15 MSRP: $279 URL: leaf.arcteryx.com…

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down range

Here at RECOIL, we’re known for shaking things up a bit … and covering subjects anathema to other gun magazines. Which is why we made the decision this issue to invite Mary Jane to the party. Just as in editions past where we’ve covered moonshine and tobacco, we’re neither endorsing nor condemning its use, but using it as a way to discuss state’s rights, individual liberty, and government overreach. Using scare tactics and orchestrated media outrage in order to stampede elected officials into “something must be done” mode is nothing new. Nixon and Reagan did it with the war on drugs, Clinton did it with the war on guns, and Obama tried and failed in the same area of public policy. All of which produced unexpected costs that we, the taxpayers,…

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1 Carrying tourniquets on armor carriers and packs presents a trade-off between access speed and protection from the elements. TQs mounted in the most accessible places suffer damage from basic abrasion to the slow deterioration caused by exposure to sunlight and rain. We all know that seconds count when that arterial bleed is gushing. So, Imminent Threat Solutions invented a device that decreases the time it takes to deploy a TQ while protecting it. The TourniQuick pouch’s cover is actually a breakaway Velcro panel that connects to the free end of the TQ and tears off from the pouch. Instead of pulling a pouch open and removing a TQ, once you pull the TourniQuick’s top, you’re actually holding the free end of a TQ that’s now ready for life-saving action. Each…

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general george patton museum

Few wars in American military history produced more memorable leaders with distinct personalities than World War II. The global, sinister nature of this particular conflict gave rise to some of the greatest and most controversial flag rank officers that the U.S. military has ever produced. No small measure among them is General George S. Patton, most famed for his command of the Third Army in France and Germany after the D-Day invasions at Normandy. However, he was also at the helm of operations in Casablanca and Sicily. Less often discussed by most major history texts are his tours of duty in World War I and the Pancho Villa Expedition of 1916 (sometimes referred to as the Punitive Expedition). Throughout all three of these campaigns, Patton’s participation was inextricably linked to armored combat.…

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RECOIL takes pride in testing manufacturer claims. Whenever companies want to take a chance on us trying out their products, especially the four-wheel kind, there’s a ravenous anticipation among the staff akin to that of wolves finding stray deer. Given the chance to try out Yamaha’s new Wolverine X4 was something we welcomed with open arms and a heavy right foot. We were ready to treat it like the BATFE treats Branch Davidians, but our inability to snap, burn out, blow up, or otherwise return the vehicle to Yamaha in pieces with a heartfelt “oops” and shrugged shoulders earned this UTV some well-deserved respect. You may remember our coverage of the Minigun Motorcycle in Issue 30, which was built on a Yamaha R1 Superbike chassis. Since its builders chose the aforementioned…

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unusual suspects

It took us five years to make this Damascus blade buyer’s guide happen. Why so long? Was it insane amounts of procrastination? Nope. That’s just how long it took for the price of this specialized steel to go down enough for companies to offer them at quantity. While some custom knifemakers still charge “unobtainium” prices for them, most production knife companies now have at least one Damascus model that fits in the more reachable “limited edition” range. Why so expensive? Damascus is a combination of at least two different types of steel that — after many time-consuming and expensive processes known as pattern welding — forms a single piece with distinctive wavy layers. Named after the Syrian city where it gained a worldwide reputation, Damascus steel is actually a modern recreation of ancient…