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Culture et Littérature
Reminisce Extra

Reminisce Extra March 2019

Get even more "time capsules" of life from the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's filled with reader-written stories, pictures from the past, embarrassing moments, ads from the Old Days and much more!    Relax, Laugh and Remember.   Reminisce EXTRA is delivered in between your issues of Reminisce.  

United States
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tell us your story!

WHERE WERE YOU? Unforgettable events such as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landing on the moon remain forever etched in our minds. Our series starts with the moon landing, so tell us where you were when it occurred. Label your story “Where Were You?” PORTABLE MUSIC Long before boomboxes, Walkmans or iPods played, kids slipped a transistor radio into a pocket to kick out the jams. Were you a fan? Did you upgrade as music players improved? Where did your music take you? Label your story “Portable Music.” CHILDHOOD AWARDS Did blue ribbons adorn your bedroom walls? Did trophies fill the shelves? Whether you excelled at science fairs, chess club, sports or something else, we want to hear from you. Share your flair. Label your story “Childhood Awards.” SUNDAY FUNNIES They made you laugh until you cried,…

1 min.
decisions, decisions

Springtime is probably my favorite time of year. Deciding what flowers and vegetables to plant—and which to grow in the ground or in pots on the deck—is my kind of anticipation. One problem: I currently envision a row of hollyhocks right where my husband was planning to install a bed of asparagus. What’s a couple to do? Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship knows the answer to this one—compromise. Many of this issue’s stories involve skillful people using their wits to achieve a successful outcome. Paul Mayer, for one, was in the service in Illinois when he met the woman of his dreams. But when he was transferred to Germany after they married, Paul lobbied for his wife and child to join him rather than leave them behind. Read their…

1 min.
we get letters!

You write, we read. Sometimes you send suggestions for doing things better. And sometimes, your letters just light us up: “I may be only 27, but I have loved your magazine for years. I have fond memories of doing crossword puzzles with my mom while I waited for the school bus.” —Calliope Luedeker, Flagstaff, AZ “Because of your magazine, I have met such wonderful people to reminisce with about the good old days.” —Patricia Vivardo, Cary, IL “I can’t find the best words to thank you for using my story. You really made my day.” —Lowell Collins, Umatilla, FL…

2 min.
1939 time capsule

Nazi Germany invaded Poland on Sept. 1; Britain and France declared war on Germany two days later. (The U.S. remained neutral.) Albert Einstein warned President Franklin Roosevelt about Germany’s plans to make an atomic bomb. Car manufacturers tempted Depression-weary buyers with the promise of convenience: Packard touted factory-installed air conditioning; General Motors offered the Hydra-Matic, a fully automatic transmission. Batman debuted. Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz hit theaters. And New York Yankee Lou Gehrig said goodbye to baseball. JAN. 1 William Hewlett and David Packard, Stanford graduates, start a technology company in a Palo Alto, CA, garage. JAN. 5 Amelia Earhart, right, is officially declared dead after disappearing in ’37 during an attempted flight around the world. FEB. 10 John Ford’s Stagecoach premieres, making John Wayne, bottom right (who…

1 min.
gibraltar in cleats

Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig played first base for the New York Yankees from 1923 to ’39. On May 2, 1939, after playing in 2,130 consecutive games, he took himself out of the lineup because of muscle weakness caused by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). What else do you know about the legend? 1 In which two years was Gehrig named the American League’s most valuable player? 2 Gehrig was the first American League player to do what in a single game? 3 In what year did Gehrig win baseball’s Triple Crown with a .363 average, 49 homers and 165 RBIs? 4 This nickname honored Gehrig’s strength, endurance, and ability to play through pain. 5 Gehrig’s accomplishments were often overshadowed by what two fellow Yankees who batted before him? 6 When Gehrig retired in 1939, what was…

1 min.
1939 tops in entertainment

~ ACADEMY AWARDS ~ OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION You Can’t Take It with You Columbia BEST ACTOR Spencer Tracy, Boys Town BEST ACTRESS Bette Davis, Jezebel SPECIAL AWARD Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs One statue and seven miniatures presented to Walt Disney ~ SPORTS ~ MASTERS GOLF TOURNAMENT Ralph Guldahl KENTUCKY DERBY Johnstown INDIANAPOLIS 500 Wilbur Shaw WORLD SERIES New York Yankees over Cincinnati Reds (4-0) NFL CHAMPIONSHIP Green Bay Packers beat New York Giants, 27-0 59TH WIMBLEDON CHAMPIONSHIPS Men’s Singles: Bobby Riggs, U.S. Women’s Singles: Alice Marble, U.S. Men’s Doubles: Elwood Cooke and Bobby Riggs, U.S. Women’s Doubles: Sarah Fabyan and Alice Marble, U.S. Mixed Doubles: Bobby Riggs and Alice Marble, U.S. ~ PULITZER PRIZE/NOVEL ~ The Yearling Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings…