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The best-selling sea fishing magazine in the UK. Covering the seas around Britain and all the fish that inhabit them. Sea Angler magazine is essential digital for true followers of the beautiful art, covering deep sea boat action through to shore fishing. Sea Angler brings together the complete package providing reviews of the latest rigs and exclusive offers for the world's best brands. As well as engaging the biggest names in the sport to provide you with their tips and tricks to catch the best fish! Covering the seas around Britain and all the fish that inhabit them. Sea Angler is the best selling sea fishing magazine in the UK. Whether it’s: baits, rigs, poles, marks, setups or equipment you are interested in, you’ll stay abreast of all the comings and goings with a Sea Angler digital magazine subscription.

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THERE IS FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS FOR BASS ANGLERS WITH THE reinstatement of a bag limit expected from October 1. Bass campaigners were predicting that the EU Commission would propose at least a one bass a day bag limit for the rest of 2018, and expected it to be approved in late September or October. Those predictions proved correct when, on September 4, an EU Council regulation was adopted paving the way for anglers to take one fish a day, subject to the 42cm size limit, until December 31. All that needs to happen now is for the regulation to be published in the official journal of the European Union and it becomes law three days later. By the time you read this, that piece of red tape might have been…

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master the mud

For many sea anglers, an ideal venue must offer easy access and consistently good fishing. The small village of Aust on the eastern bank of the Severn Estuary boasts both of these attributes and many more. Located between the two Severn crossings, and ten miles from the major city of Bristol, Aust is the home of the Veals League, organised and run for more than 25 years by Steve Ace. It’s no surprise that the estuary banks of this South Gloucestershire village are used for the popular league because they have proven to be one of the most consistent match venues that the Bristol Channel has to offer. Records show that Aust has been producing some tremendous catches of codling in the winter since around 1985, while there is an abundance of flounders…

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need to know

GETTING THERE Leave the M5 at junction 15 taking the M4 heading towards South Wales. Leave the M4 on the next junction 21, which brings you on to the M48. Exit the M48 at junction 1 and take the first exit on the roundabout on to the A403 heading towards Avonmouth. There is an immediate right-hand turn that leads to New Passage road. Follow New Passage road to the seaward side of Aust. You should see large fields of long grass between the two Severn crossings. Follow the road to a lay-by suitable for parking and easy access through gates over the creek. TACKLE SHOP Veals Fishing Tackle, Gardiner Haskins, Brunel Rooms, Straight Street, Bristol, BS2 0JP, tel: 0117 926 0790.…

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are you up for a challenge?

FEW VENUES IN THE UK GIVE YOU very deep water within casting range of the shore, but on the west coast of Scotland a 50-yard cast from some marks will potentially see your lead weight sinking down into depths of more than 300 feet. This is certainly possible at the various rock marks in the Sound of Mull, which separates the Isle of Mull from the Scottish mainland. While the area offers fantastic fishing for pollack, coalfish, spurdogs and thornback rays, the main attraction for visiting anglers these days is the mighty flapper skate. Often still referred to as common skate, the flapper skate, found in the UK’s northern waters and bigger than the blue skate of southern waters, can reach weights of over 200lb. When targeted from the shore, this…

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why you should give this a go

Last October, myself and friends Terry Pendlebury, Adam Wyness and Liam Gunn went up to a loch mark near Fort William for a two-day trip. The weather was up and down for the duration, making taking baits out in the kayak very hairy at times, but this did not affect the fishing. On the first day, it took just two hours to catch our first skate, but unfortunately a hook-pull in the latter stages meant that our ideal start had to wait a little longer. Our joint efforts were rewarded at midday, though, with Liam landing a fine male skate of 102lb after ascrap lasting at least 50-minutes. Things were hotting up but, as often happens, our session was soon cut short when a local logging boat appeared just a few hours…

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silver ghost hunting

TRADITIONALLY, AUGUST AND September are the prime months for targeting thin-lipped mullet around the South Coast when large shoals of these silver ghosts can be found in the local harbours. An opportunity not to be missed came about when I heard a whisper that thin-lipped mullet were very active in Lytchett Bay, part of Dorset’s huge Poole Harbour. A few days later I was heading west to meet two dedicated local anglers, Shane Inman and England junior international Riley Price, for an evening session in the lower reaches of Lytchett Bay, near Upton. A prime area is near the Turlin Moor estate where the channel narrows near the railway line. TACKLE CHOICE Tackle-wise, Shane and Riley were both using a 9ft 10/30g spinning rod along with a small fixed-spool reel loaded with braid,…