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Shooting Gazette November 2019

Shooting Gazette is the ‘local paper’ for the global shooting community, and is put together by people with a burning passion for the sport. Driven game shooting's finest journal reflects the pure thrill of standing on the peg on a crisp winter's morning. Stunning photography and the best writers in the field ensure the sumptuous pleasure of shoot day is represented in all its glory every month. With the leading gundog section in the sport and a wealth guidance on every aspect of shooting, from where to shoot and how to be a better shot, to buying a gun and etiquette, no stone is left unturned.

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from the editor

Many people bemoan the loss of summer’s warmth as the nights draw in and temperatures fall. But I’d like to think I’m not alone in enjoying being outside at this time of year, when the weather can be inclement. I was on holiday in the Vale of Mowbray recently and, one evening, was enjoying some dramatic skies and views of the Yorkshire Dales and North Moors in our cottage’s garden when I began to ponder the resilience of those involved in game shooting when storm clouds gather. We took in some wonderful landscape – much of it managed for shooting – during our short stay and I hoped we’d drive past a shooting party and catch sight of smiling faces outside for the day and loving every moment. As Alfred…

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don’t miss this month

Sir Thomas The name Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton might not be familiar to you but this most modest of men has had a huge impact on our daily lives. The abolitionist, social reformer and founder of what would eventually become the RSPCA was also a keen game Shot, and his sporting life makes for interesting reading, as John Clements explains. Christmas gifts OK, OK, it’s only November but I hope you will forgive us as we do have to start thinking about Christmas here at Shooting Gazette. At least start thinking about thinking about it. We have dedicated four pages of this issue to fieldsports-themed gift ideas, from the sensible and practical to the fun functional. If you’re starting early we hope our guide proves useful.…

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news update

NRW licence changes “a disaster for rural Wales” Countryside groups have reacted angrily to the decision by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to withdraw licences from a number of predator and pest species. The new licences, which came into effect in early October, have several significant changes, including the removal of rooks from any control. It is therefore now a criminal offence to kill a rook in Wales. Justifying the decision, NRW, which issues the licences, said: “In light of legal advice we concluded that some of our General Licences were not lawful”. On the subject of rooks, the NRW noted: “Findings from the UK Breeding Bird Survey suggest that in Wales, rook populations have significantly declined in both the long-term (by 60% between 1994-2017) and in the short-term (by 50% between 2007-2017)”. In other changes,…

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readers’ letters

Praise for the Kennel Club I read T. Thompson’s letter in the October issue regarding health-testing of labradors with great interest. It was very interesting and highlighted the increasing importance of only breeding from dogs that meet the Kennel Club’s criteria. The whole business surrounding canine health testing can be very daunting, especially to the occasional breeder or a potential puppy-purchaser with only a fleeting knowledge of the subject. I have received an email from the Kennel Club advertising its involvement with the CombiBreed DNA health-test packages available for 13 pedigree breeds. Most importantly for gundog owners is the single cheek-swab test for labradors that covers the five inherited conditions the club feels are most important. The CombiBreed test is not only amazingly simple to complete but is also relatively inexpensive considering the peace-of-mind…

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we need to understand our opponents

A little like the Brexit debate, the machinations of Wild Justice and the League against Cruel Sports (LACS) rumble along endlessly, attacking shooting and legal predator control using guerrilla-style tactics. It is only a matter of time before they move these tactics to conventional, parliamentary full-frontal warfare. They have already started with their massive attack on the rearing of game birds. No doubt they will also make the most of the growing pressure within the EU to ban lead shot and bullets, with Waitrose not selling game shot with lead from 2020. In contrast, I suspect most of your readers will conclude that the shooting press is mostly reporting Wild Justice and LACS activities and possible countermeasures on a piecemeal basis. Worse still, there is too much preaching to the converted. This…

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win a pair of dubarry boots

THE AUTHOR of the Letter of the Month will receive a pair of Wexford boots from Dubarry of Ireland (RRP £325). The knee-length, side-zip boots with bellows for ease of entry – designed for both men and women – are handcrafted from waterproof DryFast–DrySoft breathable leather. The high quality of the boot is reinforced throughout with an insulated Gore-Tex lining that wicks moisture away from the foot, ensuring the wearer remains dry and comfortable all day. Dubarry’s new hard-wearing durable outsole gives maximum grip whatever the ground conditions.…