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Shooting Gazette December 2019

Shooting Gazette is the ‘local paper’ for the global shooting community, and is put together by people with a burning passion for the sport. Driven game shooting's finest journal reflects the pure thrill of standing on the peg on a crisp winter's morning. Stunning photography and the best writers in the field ensure the sumptuous pleasure of shoot day is represented in all its glory every month. With the leading gundog section in the sport and a wealth guidance on every aspect of shooting, from where to shoot and how to be a better shot, to buying a gun and etiquette, no stone is left unturned.

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from the editor

Christmas comes but once a year they say, but I’d like to think December’s issue is an early present to you from everyone on the Shooting Gazette team. It’s been yet another busy year and I hope you have enjoyed the journey with us when you haven’t been out pulling the trigger, working your dogs, waving your beaters’ flag or fulfilling any other shoot-day role. Is there such a thing as a Gunslip Finder General, for example? We’re unable to bring you the Knowsley Hall shoot feature this month unfortunately, but we still have a game shooting heavyweight in form of Belvoir Castle to sink your teeth into. The Leicestershire gem is instantly recognisable and the images from the day alone will pull on your heartstrings as they did mine. The…

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don’t miss this month

Game for grouse When people think of grouse thoughts naturally tend to lead towards the Glorious Twelfth. But how many would entertain the thought of heading on to the moors as late as December? Adrian Blundell has forgotten more about grouse than most will ever know and it was he we turned to for reasons why even in late season they are still king of the game birds. Doggy downtime It would be terrible to forget about our four-pawed friends at Christmas time and in this issue Wendy Bardsley explains how best to include your gundogs in your Christmas plans and why – albeit temporarily – they should be able to use Christmas as a short break before it all starts again. Just don’t wear them or yourselves out!…

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news update

Over 100 peaceful protesters gather in Harrogate ahead of Packham speech BBC presenter Chris Packham was greeted by a protest from members of Yorkshire’s moorland communities when he arrived to give a speech at the Royal Hall in Harrogate in October. Moorland communities made their feelings loud and clear to Mr Packham, stressing that misleading statements and actions by the TV presenter and others are putting their way of life under threat. Mr Packham is well known for speaking out against driven grouse shooting. The presenter, campaigner and co-founder of the pressure group Wild Justice was met outside the Royal Hall, where he was greeted by more than 100 members of the public who depend on moorland activities for their livelihoods. The group were protesting against what they see as unjust attacks. They held…

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stuffers can be a gun’s best friend

John Dunk’s interesting letter about the issues raised by Guns being helped by stuffers (October issue) arrived just a few days after I had enjoyed an excellent day at driven partridges which also happened to be my first experience of shooting with a full-time stuffer. Looking back, I can record several observations which are relevant to this debate and which I should like to share with your readers. My stuffer was an active countryman who was keen to observe for himself how this shoot operated. I therefore had an extra pair of eyes with which to spot approaching targets. However, as this was my first day this season, such help was probably not needed. He was also able to assist with quarry identification, which may well have been necessary, given my…

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win a pair of dubarry boots

THE AUTHOR of the Letter of the Month will receive a pair of Wexford boots from Dubarry of Ireland (RRP £325). The knee-length side-zip boots – designed for both men and women – are handcrafted from waterproof Dry Fast-Dry Soft™ breathable leathers. The high quality of the boot is reinforced throughout with an insulated GORE-TEX® lining that wicks moisture away from the foot, ensuring the wearer remains dry and comfortable all day. Dubarry’s new hard-wearing durable outsole gives maximum grip whatever the ground conditions.…

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readers’ letters

Perazzi provenance help required I have owned a Perazzi MX8 over-under No.xx260 for some 25 years, which is unusual or perhaps unique in that it is covered with exquisite engraving of the highest quality, consisting of game birds in perspective and relief engraving on the trigger guard and bottom of the action. The engraving is signed by D. Hudson and would seem as though the owner purchased an ordinary MX8 and then had it specially engraved. It is also engraved with the initials 'SCO', but as it is obviously not that model, perhaps they are the initials of the owner? I would emphasise the engraving is of the finest quality and equivalent to any previously viewed by myself. The bottom barrel is Perazzi multi choked (four supplied) and the top barrel full choked.…