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Sound On Sound UK

August 2021

Sound On Sound is the world's best recording technology magazine, packed full of in-depth, independent product tests, including music software, studio hardware, keyboards and live sound (PA) gear. Every issue also includes SOS's unique step-by-step tutorial and technique columns on all the leading DAW programs, as well as insightful interviews with leading producers, engineers and musicians.

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13 min
four tet kieran hebden

Kieran Hebden has been one of electronic music’s leading producers for more than two decades. His 2003 breakthrough album Rounds made the UK albums charts and was featured in many ‘album of the decade’ lists. The curse of its success was inspiring the term ‘folktronica,’ a non-existent scene clumsily invented by journalists, and which has haunted him relentlessly for two decades. He has consistently jinked his way out of the musical pigeon holes thrown his way by the press ever since, perhaps most surprisingly by releasing two live free jazz albums with legendary jazz drummer Steve Reid. And, of course, writing some of electronic music’s most critically acclaimed tracks and albums of the past decade. We are speaking in the depths of lockdown 3.0, and since the first lockdown began he’s…

1 min
hotone audio ampero £349

PROS • Amazingly small for the facilities that it offers. • Seems well built. • Can act as an audio interface. • Sounds good. • Easy to operate. • Fun to play through. CONS • Needs to be placed on a hard floor before its EXP1 pedal can be switched on/off reliably. • The EXP1 pedal status LED is hard to see. SUMMARY The Hotone Ampero is a compact and highly capable amplifier and multi-effects modelling pedalboard that crams a high level of functionality and a wide range of emulations into its diminutive form-factor.…

12 min

U-he CVilization Eurorack Module If you use software synthesizers, the name U-he will be familiar to you. Their virtual synths — Zebra2, Diva, Repro, Bazille and Hive 2 — are highly successful products and their effects are well regarded too (Satin, their analogue tape emulation, is a regular on my mastering chain). The announcement of their first Eurorack module is quite the event then. The first surprise for me, was that CVilization doesn’t capitalise on U-he’s reputation for synthesis. Instead, it is a digital utility module with an impressive list of functions: scale quantiser, step sequencer, matrix mixer, sequential switch, sample & hold, slew limiter, quadraphonic panner and more. The system is built around four DC-coupled inputs and outputs that accept CV and audio signals. The Mode switch at the top circles around the…

8 min
neuratron photoscore & notateme ultimate 2020 notation software

Engraving and scoring applications like Sibelius, Musescore, Dorico and Finale are one of the wonders of the modern age for musicians. The ease with which beautifully proportioned, accurately laid-out scores can be generated and manipulated would have been unthinkable even 50 years ago. At the same time, they can be horribly labour-intensive, and copying existing printed music is particularly tedious. That’s where PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate, the subject of this review, comes in: it’s essentially optical character recognition for music. The software provides a flatbed scanning interface, imports PDFs and other graphics files, and accepts handwritten symbols through touch-enabled tablets and laptops. It then extracts pitch, rhythm, lyrics, guitar tab and more, turning it into live notation data. That can be passed on to Sibelius (directly), to other notation applications via MusicXML…

4 min
dacs clarity headlite 3+ four-channel headphone amplifier

British manufacturers DACS don’t rest on their impressive laurels; the company’s designers are always looking for ways of improving and enhancing their products, and this is ably demonstrated in the latest iteration of their four-channel headphone amplifier, the Clarity Headlite 3+. I reviewed the third-generation Clarity Headlite 3 in June 2018 (www.soundonsound.com/reviews/ dacs-clarity-headlite-3) and the 3+ is identical in its structure and most facilities, so I recommend reading that earlier review for more detail. But as an overview, like its predecessor the Headlite 3+ has four completely independent stereo headphone amplifiers with duplicated output sockets on the front and rear panels. Two pairs of inputs (A/B and C/D) are provided on the rear panel, each pair being switchable for -10dBV or +4dBu nominal input levels, and these can be used as…

11 min
orchestral toolstallinn sample library

“Estonians believe that in singing, we have power.” (Tõnu Kaljuste, founder of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir.) For the Estonian people, the power is political as much as musical. In a massed vocal workout to end them all, 300,000 Estonians (nearly a quarter of the population) gathered at a national song festival in May 1988 to assert their right to independence, joining hands to sing patriotic songs which had been forbidden since the post-war Soviet occupation. Faced with this non-violent ‘Singing Revolution’, the Russian leadership eventually capitulated and formally recognised the independence of Estonia and the other Baltic states in 1991. Orchestral Tools’ latest library aims to harness some of that vocal power, albeit with a slightly smaller line-up. Recorded in the Republic of Estonia’s capital on the shores of the…