Spider Magazine Stories, Games, Activites and Puzzles for Children and Kids

Spider Magazine Stories, Games, Activites and Puzzles for Children and Kids

April 2020

Stories, poems, and nonfiction articles are carefully selected to encourage students to read on their own, drawn along by bright illustrations and detailed drawings by famous children's artists. SPIDER also offers fun ways for young readers to practice critical thinking skills with riddles, puzzles, and other games. Grades 2-4

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4 min.
doodlebug & dandelion movie birds part 1

“WELCOME TO BIRD-TRAINING camp, movie lovers!” a young woman hollered to the crowd of students gathered on the grassy, tree-bordered field behind Pine Nut Elementary School. She had dark skin and dark glasses and a handful of colorful folded cards. She wore a nametag that read “Bird Expert Emma.” “Today you’ll go behind the scenes with Blockbuster Bird Stars and get a glimpse of how we train birds to perform in the movies. You’ll each work with a different bird and a different trainer. I’ve got your assignments right here!” The field was sectioned off with movieland bird training experts showing off for the crowd of mesmerized kids. Emma began passing out the folded cards. Dandelion Pinkley turned to her brother and with a thrill in her voice said, “This is my destiny,…

3 min.
the amazing chickens of madame frissette

ONCE UPON A time, on a tiny farm, there lived an old woman named Madame Frissette. She lived alone except for her chickens, Clarice, Clara, Claudia, and Molly. Madame Frissette loved her chickens. Clarice, Clara, Claudia, and Molly loved her back. Alas, love doesn’t pay the bills. One day, the tax collector came to the farm. “Madame, you must pay the taxes due on your farm,” he said. “The King has declared that more taxes are needed. All citizens must pay an extra share.” “But monsieur,” said Madame Frissette, “it is only myself and my beloved chickens. I have no money to give.” “I am sorry, Madame. I do not make the laws. I only enforce them. I will come back in a week. If you do not have the money, I will have…

3 min.
a sweet deal

A LITTLE BROWN-AND-WHITE bird flies across the East African grassland. Her sharp eyes scan the tall grass. She lands in a grove of trees and listens. What’s that buzzing sound? Bees have built a hive in a big hollow branch. The bird loves to eat beeswax and juicy bee larvae, but she’s too small to challenge a whole swarm of bees. Luckily this little bird has a secret tool for getting that delicious meal without getting stung: humans! She’s a greater honeyguide, and birds of her species have been guiding tribes in East Africa to honey for thousands of years. The honeyguide flies back above the tall grass, looking for humans. When she finds them, she chatters loudly to attract their attention. The local tribes know that this call means the bird…

3 min.
the hoot and holler hat dance a folk tale from ghana

A NANSI THE SPIDER was once very handsome, with eight long legs, a round little belly, and a stunning head of hair. He was also very greedy and hoarded everything in sight. Alas, his never-ending appetite eventually cost him his hair. It happened at harvest time. “Make yourself useful, dear, and go help your mama pick the corn,” Anansi’s wife said to him one morning as he lounged lazily in his web. “Ugh,” Anansi groaned, for the mere mention of work made his tummy growl. Nevertheless, he grabbed his hat and started slowly on his way. To his dismay, the path was hot and dusty, and tasty tidbits were few and far between. Only the thought of Mama’s delicious bean stew kept him going. By the time he arrived, all he could think…

5 min.
emma and the honey thief

“ QUICK, EM, GET the pie tins.” Emma reached across the basket of beans she had just picked and grabbed two shiny tins. Her mother pointed to a dark creature skulking at the edge of the garden. “Now,” her mother ordered, and Emma clapped the pie tins together. Bang-clang. Bang-clang. The raccoon stared curiously at Emma, but did not move. “Young raccoons sometimes forage during the day,” her mother said. “I guess this one’s getting braver.” She took the tins from Emma and banged them louder, whooping and yelling. The raccoon scampered back into the woods. “He’s after the melons this time,” her mother said. “I just hope he leaves the bees alone. The honey is almost ready to harvest.” Emma glanced down the hill to the hive her mother had set up in the spring. It looked…

1 min.

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