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Weird gadgets are my favourite gadgets. Sure, there’s a big place in the world for Apple’s iPhones and Watches, but they’ll never compare to a 3D printing pen, a robot vacuum that can map out your living room or a speaker that talks back – the inventions that truly reach for the future, even if they do end up fumbling it and soiling themselves in the process. When it comes to weird gadgets, one company is more bonkers than the rest of tech combined: Nintendo. Now the maker of the Wii, the Virtual Boy and, erm, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is back with one of its most extraordinary creations yet. The Switch is a console that can supposedly do it all, allowing you to play the latest Zelda or Mario wherever…

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our month

I’VE BEEN GETTING LOST IN THE WOODS I’ve got a new cyclocross bike so I’ve been hunting for a GPS device that can do simple off-road maps, as well as being compatible with Strava so I can see how far behind Deputy Art Editor Ross I am. Enter the Suunto Spartan Sport. It’s a watch, so I can use it all the time. It’s also slightly confusing to use and laggy. But setting up routes is easy, while the big display and ‘breadcrumb’ tracking are great out in the wilds. Doesn’t make me faster than Ross, though. Chee-Chiu Lee, Brand Art Editor I OUT-PACED AN AMBULANCE Using technology, I should say, not speed. I do a bit of volunteering as a Community First Responder for London Ambulance, and sat-nav fiddling can easily lose me…

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hot st uff

HOT FOUR #1 NOT THE SAME, BUT SUITABLY DIFFERENT LG G6 We loved the G5’s modular weirdness, with its ability to slot in a spare battery, an audio DAC or a handy camera grip. We didn’t ever use it, and neither did anyone else, but it was a refreshing idea. The G6, LG says, is back to straight-up high-spec superphone and no unusualness… and then does a big Disney-style wink to camera. The screen of the G6, it transpires, is extraordinary in that it’s an 18:9 aspect ratio – taller, or wider, than most phone screens, depending on which way you’re aligned. To what end? A pub brag, mainly, citing a better-than-QHD resolution of 2880x1440 and a 5.7in display that fits in roughly the same shell as the 5.2in G5 screen. It…

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superstar smartphone

Vertu Constellation £tba / • Underneath the leather… …it’s actually a well-specced phone. Its screen has the highest resolution of any Vertu device: WQHD, or 2560x1440, spread across a 5.5in display with crystal sapphire glass on top. That gives it an enviable pixel density of 534ppi – right up there with the best phones in the world. It runs on a Snapdragon 820 processor, which while not the absolute latest is still impressive, and has 4GB of RAM. There’s also a 12MP camera, 128GB of storage, dual SIM slots, a 3200mAh battery and fast charging. • But that’s not where the money lies… The OS is skinned Android, but the outside is skin of cow and lightweight anodised aluminium, while even the ‘ear pillow’ is hand-polished “for optimum acoustic performance”. But the real exclusivity…

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FINE ART FALLOUT You’ve been in a relationship with Bethesda since, what… 1994? When you met at the launch of The Elder Scrolls? Maybe you had a rocky patch recently when she flirted with mobile games, but things are looking rosy – Fallout Shelter is finally on Windows 10 and Xbox One, and Prey is due in May (see p27). So, uh, don’t you think it’s time you made a serious commitment? Like, with one of 13 limited-edition Fallout 4 fine art prints – from £69 at Cook & Becker ( You know what they say: if you like it, you should put a frame on it. NEWS FEED LOW LOADER This blue marvel is Gita, a luggage robot from scooter supergroup Piaggio. Load it up with 18kg of your stuff and it’ll either…

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1 Troublemaker £9.99 / iOS With its minimal UI, the Troublemaker synth might not smack of a TB-303, but it kicks out similar sounds. You also get a 64-step sequencer, AU compatibility, and a slim chance it’ll lead to you joining The Prodigy. 2 Printed £1.99 / iOS Bored of Prisma? Sick of turning snaps into sort-of Van Goghs and Picassos? Then try Printed instead, and transform your photos so they resemble anything from vintage posters to ancient comic books. 3 Hater £free / iOS, Android A dating app for curmudgeons, Hater wants to match people on the basis of what they hate. Which sounds a bit too much like Tinder crossed with the comments from a YouTube video. 4 Peek Launcher £free / Android This launcher fills half the screen with a number pad, helping you filter your phone’s apps…