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Stuff UK April 2018

Stuff inspires and nurtures a passion for gadgets. We make them look amazing and explain in a fast, confident and unfalteringly entertaining way how they will enhance our readers’ lives. Stuff is a celebration of the new, the innovative, the shiny and the cool. It’s pure gadget joy.

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Can you keep a secret? I didn’t actually know that much about robot vacuums, HDR formats or how to fly a drone without crashing it before starting this job. And as my battle-scarred DJI Spark will attest, those piloting skills could still use some work. But the one thing I did have down from day one is a love for vinyl. When you grow up idolising every scrawny gang of misfits to grace the NME, an addiction to the black stuff is pretty much par for the course. Even though it’s a faff to play and more delicate than your average Points of View correspondent – and demands the constitution of an ox to move between flats – there’s something special about sticking on a record and tuning out of everything…

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our month

I DISCOVERED I’M A CLOSET HERBIVORE Growing vegetables outdoors is so last year. There are acres of hydroponic fruit and veg farms stacked vertically under London’s streets, and I wanted to bring the same tech to the space under my stairs. So I installed a Click & Grow Smart Garden 9, which uses LED lights to photosynthesise its specially designed lettuce, basil and tomato plants. The lettuce grew to an ample size within a month, and I’m just waiting for my tomatoes to ripen. Who needs Waitrose now? Guy Cocker, Global Brand Director I… HAVE A LOT TO LEARN ABOUT PRECISION DRIVING Tennis balls balanced on traffic cones might sound innocuous, but they’re my new arch enemy. Driving Jaguar’s new E-Pace around an off-road circuit sounded simple enough – but although it was affectionately…

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hot stuff

OPEN WIDE Both S9 phones have a 12MP lens that can switch between f/1.5 and f/2.4 apertures. The S9+ matches this with a second 12MP lens with a fixed aperture of f/2.4. What does this mean? Both phones can vary the amount of light they let in for more reliably good shots. HOT FOUR #1 MAKE NINE A DOUBLE SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 & S9+ Mr Whippy with a Flake on top or not? No disrespect to ice cream that’s been funneled out of a cardboard box, but it’s not even a choice. So it goes with this year’s two new Samsung Galaxy phones: the S9 and S9+. While the S9+ has a new dual-lens camera that’s been upgraded from last year’s superb Note 8, the S9… well, its fingerprint scanner is in a different place…

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ninty’s cardboard box of tricks

Nintendo Labo from £60 / nintendo.co.uk Cover your Switch in cardboard with Nintendo’s latest innovation… • Ooh, you’re a card A cynical Mario-hater might sneer that slapping a premium on cardboard is so very Nintendo, but we disagree: Labo is the Japanese giant returning to its toy-maker roots, and it’s brilliantly inventive. Each contraption (or ‘Toy-Con’) is assembled by following kid-friendly instructions on the Switch’s screen. With the Joy-Cons or console inserted, they spring to life and become tactile, digitally augmented toys. • Steerly beloved To get your head around Nintendo Labo you’ll want to pick up the Variety Kit. It contains a selection of Toy-Cons, from a telescopic fishing rod to motorbike handlebars. Most straightforward of all is the wheel-less RC car (right): once it’s constructed, the two Joy-Cons attach to the sides, and you…

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tech you can build

Ubtech Jimu Robot AstroBot Kit With this kit you can build three robots – AstroBot, Rover and Astron – or design your own using the free Jimu app. Each bot is kitted with IR sensors, flashing LED lights and a speaker that can spit out programmable quirky sound effects. £190 / apple.com Tech Will Save Us Synth Kit Designed to help youngsters discover their inner Gary Numan, this DIY synthesizer is easy to put together and can switch between three electronic styles. It’s a great way to introduce kids to music, circuitry and bleepy-bloops. £25 / techwillsaveus.com Raspberry Pi Zero W A computer for the same price as a few pints; there aren’t many better bargains out there than the Raspberry Pi Zero W. And the addition of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi means you can squeeze an already…

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nike epic react

NIKE’S FOAM TECH ABSORBS ENERGY AND THEN RETURNS IT TO YOU £130 / nike.com A pair of very colourful running shoes. What’s the big deal? You’re not looking at just any pair of very colourful running shoes. Meet the Epic React Flyknit, Nike’s genuinely innovative new trainers. We all like to think that deep within us lie the baffling stamina levels of Forrest Gump, but the fact is, running is flippin’ hard. With a pair of Reacts on your feet, though… well, let’s just say Wile E Coyote wouldn’t stand a chance. Oh yeah? Well, this is the first running shoe to incorporate Nike’s proprietary foam tech, which is designed to cushion the impact of every stride better than ever before. This fancy slab of foam, which makes up the shoe’s midsole, simultaneously performs the…