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Stuff inspires and nurtures a passion for gadgets. We make them look amazing and explain in a fast, confident and unfalteringly entertaining way how they will enhance our readers’ lives. Stuff is a celebration of the new, the innovative, the shiny and the cool. It’s pure gadget joy.

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Considering how artificial intelligence is supposed to be one the many harbingers of humanity’s doom, it’s a near-on constant source of amusement to me just how rubbish the likes of Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri can be. And if you think they’re a bit on the ditzy side now, it’s worth remembering just how far they’ve come. I still remember a day with the iPhone 4S before its release. In attempting to test out Siri for the very first time I ended up shouting at it in the middle of a crowded London street in a futile attempt to get it to tell me the local cinema times. Thankfully, Apple’s voice assistant and its new rivals have drastically improved – to the point that you’ve got a tough choice when trying…

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our month

I HUNG OUT WITH SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH IN VR Virtual reality has allowed me to slay zombies, step into the cockpit of an X-wing and become the Batman. However, my experience with the medium peaked this month when I sat down with a 3D hologram of Attenborough to mess around with fossils. He’s the star of a partnership between Sky and the Natural History Museum for a new interactive VR experience, Hold the World, which will be available via the Sky VR app later this year. Matt Tate, Hot Stuff Editor I TRIED SOME IN-EAR OVER-EAR HEADPHONES The Nuraphone concept is all about audio that’s tuned to the individual user’s hearing response. Part of this involves combining in-ear buds with over-ear shells for the bassy stuff, then mixing the two together to match your…

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fitbit versa

22 PAGES OF THE BIGGEST STORIES FROM PLANET TECH Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch was like an experimental debut album, with a blend of promising ideas, one or two killer hits and a lot of rough edges. But it hasn’t taken Fitbit long to hop back in the studio and emerge with a surefire mass seller. With a crowd-pleasing design, 50m waterproofing and a tempting price tag, the Versa has a set list to woo both devoted Fitbit fans and smartwatch dabblers. And runners will be happy that you can now store up to 300 songs offline. You’ll have to put up with a three-month Deezer trial for now, but fingers crossed Spotify announces its arrival further down the line. FitbitOS has had a spring clean too, with a new dashboard to show your…

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hands-on with the fitbit versa

Mark Wilson Features Editor Fitness bands are like ice bucket challenges, Oscar selfies and England World Cup failures – starting to feel a bit 2014. Even if the latter is more of a recurring nightmare. Found yourself craving something with more features than a band? You’ll want a smartwatch… and that’s where the Fitbit Versa comes in. Essentially a cheaper version of the Ionic, it won’t blow you away with its build quality, but the Versa’s rounded edges and square face could be a bigger hit than its angular predecessor. Thanks to new features coming in FitbitOS 2.0, the Versa should excel in the software department. On-board music storage is a winner, as is the nifty new dashboard. There’s still a lack of apps, though, and Fitbit still hasn’t announced which banks will…

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think of the children!

The Fitbit Ace wristband (£80) is a new child-friendly tracker with a parent-friendly price tag 1 Alta-native facts The Ace looks a lot like a Fitbit Alta but with a smaller strap, which makes sense as it’s designed with the aim of making youngsters feel like they’re getting the same experience as Mum and Dad. 2 Plan of a track Like the Alta, it’ll track step counts and sleep, displaying the results on the OLED screen, as well as regularly interrupting your nipper’s SpongeBob binge sessions to encourage the lazy tyke to get up and move. 3 Everybody’s appy While kids can scour the stats they need to see on the app, the parents’ version offers a more detailed breakdown, and they’re able to approve friend requests on their offspring’s behalf. 4 Bezzzzzt of all Kids need plenty…

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samsung 2018 qled tvs

Hanging a giant, wall-eating telly is great and all, but when it’s turned off you’ve essentially decorated your room with a monolithic black square. With Samsung’s new range of 2018 QLED TVs, however, you can smarten up your lounge with Ambient Mode, turning that space into a virtual art gallery. Or, if you prefer, have your telly mimic your wallpaper so it does a vanishing act. You can pick from a wide range of photos, patterns and colours, all included with the smartphone app. The TV then draws a virtual shadow around the screen’s edge to make it look like a photo frame. Want something more useful? It can also display news, weather and the time. All this uses 40% less juice than when you’re watching TV. Other changes include a streamlined…