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Stuff UK July 2018

Stuff inspires and nurtures a passion for gadgets. We make them look amazing and explain in a fast, confident and unfalteringly entertaining way how they will enhance our readers’ lives. Stuff is a celebration of the new, the innovative, the shiny and the cool. It’s pure gadget joy.

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As someone who was born in June, I have a love-hate relationship with international football tournaments. I love that taking the afternoon off work to watch sport while intoxicated is a legitimate way to spend your time, and I hate that I dedicated my last birthday to England v Iceland. Watching that fiasco on a brand new 4K telly did nothing to elevate a thoroughly awful experience, but I’m a little more zen about this summer’s World Cup – partly because my expectations couldn’t be lower, but also because there’s now loads of other stuff to watch in Ultra HD. That’s why we’ve dedicated this month’s Stuff to the best TVs and projectors money can buy, and the greatest 4K shows and movies you can watch on them. So if you’re looking…

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our month

I NEARLY LOST A DIDDY DRONE IN WALES The Ryze Tello is mainly an indoor toy, but I couldn’t resist taking advantage of a sunny day in the Welsh country – possibly the first in its history – and letting the Tello take to the skies like grown-up drones do. It was all going brilliantly as it somersaulted through the air, right up until a breeze rolled in. Fortunately, the Tello lived to tell the tale, but there was a moment as it was floating towards a field when I could have sworn the sheep looked as concerned as I did. Matt Tate, Hot Stuff Editor I JUMPED OFF A CLIFF TO TEST A RUGGED CAM Some bright spark at Panasonic UK had a crazy idea: to launch the new Lumix FT7, a camera…

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hot st   uff

HOT FOUR #1 AN OLD SQUEEZE, REINVENTED HTC U12+ First they came for the bezels, and that was alright ’cos they were only getting in the way. Then went the headphone jack, but we’d been meaning to get some Bluetooth cans anyway. Now it’s the turn of physical buttons to hit the floor, and we’re wondering whether the HTC U12+ has finally taken things too far. As the first phone-maker to go big on dual cameras and a metal unibody design, it’s probably fair we cut HTC some slack – especially after last year’s genius U11 and its gorgeous ‘Liquid Surface’ glass design, which shimmers with a different colour depending on the lighting. That’s back in an even more resplendent form with the U12+, alongside all the latest supercharged internals and a camera…

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it’s always sony in thrill-adelphia

Sony XZ2 Premium £tba / sonymobile.com Pure on-paper power doesn’t always equal a great smartphone, but the Sony XZ2 Premium is so loaded with tech that it probably wouldn’t get past airport security without a pat-down • Power aplenty With a sizzling 6GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 845 CPU running things, the XZ2 Premium should handle the most challenging apps slicker than a greased-up weasel on a waterslide. And its already roomy 3540mAh battery totes Sony’s Smart Stamina tech to keep it ticking along all day. • Dark forces The Premium’s huge sensitivity range – up to ISO 51,200 for photos, 12,800 for video – means its Motion Eye dual rear camera (which packs 19MP colour and 12MP monochrome sensors) should delve deep into the darkness to make low-light photographs shine. The makers claim it’ll…

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CAPITAL PRETTY What better subject for a spread called Gigapixel than the world’s first eight-gigapixel timelapse panorama? Taken from the top of 1 Canada Square in Canary Wharf, this ‘gigalapse’ stitches together 6240 photos snapped over a 24-hour period. A 45MP Nikon D850 was paired with a 300mm f/2.8 lens, producing an image you can scroll through in time and zoom right in on without losing detail. We picked out a game of five-a-side football happening miles away. If you scroll forward to 2am, you’ll probably be able to count the abandoned kebabs. Have a go at lenstore.co.uk/vc/24-hour-london/ NEWS FEED STAND CORRECTED We’ve long been baffled by Nintendo’s decision to give the Switch a kickstand yet hide the power port on the bottom of the console. So thank the gaming gods for the thrillingly-named Adjustable…

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tennis kit

1 Björn Borg Truman Track Jacket White We can’t guarantee that wearing this jacket onto court will allow you to channel the skills of the Ice Man but, you know, worth a try. £70 / bjornborg.com 2 hearO This is a Bluetooth speaker that used to be an actual championship tennis ball. Its new job means you should probably avoid whacking it over the net. £60 / hearospeaker.com 3 UA Performance Headband If you can rock long curly hair and a headband, you’re already halfway to being an iconic tennis player. Lessons come later. £8 / underarmour.co.uk 4 Head Tennis Sensor This sensor attaches to the butt of your racquet and tracks every shot. Paired with an app, it can even show you a 3D animation of your serve. Sampras never had that. £90 / head.com 5 In/Out A classic Fruit Shoot advert…