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Let the mass exodus commence. No, I’m not talking about huge swathes of the population fleeing as Brexit negotiations continue, but those of you off on your summer holidays, queuing at departure lounges and ports wearing people-cancelling headphones to block out the pandemonium. Stuck here at Stuff HQ, we’re not the slightest bit jealous – and to prove it we’ve gathered a must-have list of the travel gadgets you probably haven’t realised you need yet. We’re so good to you we’ve even added the best budgie-smugglers and shades for peacocking it around the pool like you’re Andreas Möller at Euro 96. There’s no point flying off to paradise if you can’t capture the moment, so we’ve also put together a picture-perfect photo special showcasing the best cameras, accessories and expert tips for…

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I LOVE FOOTBALL; DO NOT DISTURB The World Cup is the greatest show on earth, so I spent the past month transforming Chez Day into a soccerball fortress. That meant installing a ViewSonic PX747-4K projector capable of handling BBC iPlayer’s 4K HDR streams, a Linksys Velop mesh network to fend off any battles for my bandwith, and a Nest Hello video doorbell for telling the Deliveroo driver to leave the goddam sushi on the doorstep while I watch England twat some penalties into row ZZ. Glorious. James Day, Editor I TOOK A TRIP TO THE REAL LEGO LAND Think I’m talking about Windsor? Pah. That’s a pale imitation of what you’ll find in Billund, Denmark: the birthplace of the toy bricks. Not only is there a theme park like the one you’ll find in…

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hot four #1

KEY SPECS Speakers 4 full-range woofers, 1 tweeter, 3 passive radiators Amplification 5 Class-D digital amps with adjustable bass and treble Connectivity HDMI ARC, Wi-Fi, Ethernet Dimensions 651x100x68.5mm, 2.8kg STREAM A LITTLE BEAM OF ME Sonos Beam The Sonos Playbar has been a five-star masterpiece since it first launched way back in 2013 but now, at the grand old age of five, it finds itself the veteran of the Californian company’s ever-burgeoning speaker line-up. Enter plucky upstart the Beam, a curvier and at 65cm (rather than 90cm) significantly smaller speaker. It’s also £300 cheaper, which is enough to buy many, many Kit Kats. The rounded edges and diminutive presence could also give the Beam an edge over its heftier rivals, especially for people with smaller living rooms. It’s packed with the obligatory host of smarts, including built-in Amazon Alexa support, AirPlay 2…

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hot four #2

HANDS-FREE TV Amazon Fire TV Cube Once upon a time, you had to get off of your backside to change TV channels. Imagine! Now you tell tiny remotes what you want to watch. But if even that sounds like too much effort, there’s Amazon’s Fire TV Cube, a box-shaped, hands-free mash-up of the Fire TV, an Echo speaker and a universal remote that can stream 4K HDR video with Dolby Atmos audio. What really sets this apart from its predecessor, though, is the eight-strong arsenal of far-field microphones and beam-forming tech, which means you can bark at it from any direction to have it switch shows and inputs, adjust the volume, and interact with Alexa. IR blasters on four of its sides allow it to chat to your soundbars and various other AV…

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hot four #3

FLY HARD Parrot Anafi Anafi is a remote and extraordinarily attractive Greek island, a quick Google informs us. Untouched by mass tourism, it’s unlikely to be your last-minute summer holiday booking… but if you did somehow end up there, we reckon you’d want to bring along the new Parrot drone with which it shares a name. A supremely compact flyer with four foldable arms, the Anafi will slip into your bag with minimal fuss. Once airborne it can shoot 4K HDR video at 30fps in all light conditions, as well as 21MP stills. A built-in 3-axis gimbal will help de-wobble your footage, while lossless zoom of up to x2.8 means you can watch those Greek bunny rabbits go about their business from above without getting too close. Not the most confident pilot? Onboard…

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hot four #4

BACK IN BLACK (AND SILVER) BlackBerry Key2 Sure to terrify anyone under the age of 16, the BlackBerry Key2 is still rocking a physical keyboard, complete with built-in fingerprint scanner and a new Speed Key, which you can customise for quick switching between various apps and functions. It’s also the first BlackBerry to feature a dual-camera setup on the rear. These 12MP snappers offer better white balance, faster autofocus and improved stabilisation, while the new Portrait mode means you can finally boast about your bokeh. Everything runs on Android 8.1 Oreo, and you can think of the retained headphone jack as the cherry (or berry) on top. A mobile phone revolution this is not; but if you find writing naff jokes in email chains that little bit more satisfying when they’re typed…